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  1. Thanks guys. I think we will catch up with the rewards 😉. Lost 22 hours
  2. 34. You can look on alliance name or call sign
  3. My alliance Pobeda31 did not enter Conquest. Submitted request to technical support. 5 hours game going, no response.
  4. And two more things. On FAQ "Can player block opposite team?' answer "YES" If less than 24 hours left, 3 players can block others in narrow places. In other places number very. Tower construction not going on pause under attack. You only can finish it after attack (if you lucky. Lol )
  5. Identify Tower guards on the tower list. Make Tower Guard know he or she was assigned to the tower and which one. Also make warning when her tower attacked
  6. I like the sentence in conquest guide. "This activity required lots of communications". Some examples. "Rooky09 move to the field 123". Rooky09 - "Sir I am on the other side of the map sir". "Rooky09 you are next to me in the tower with 3 other players" Rooky09 - "No sir. I am 18 hours away from you. It's a Ghost In that tower :)" I think tower guard need to be identified on the list of tower. Rooky09 don't even know she was assigned to the tower, I am not talking about which one. Another event. Attacking tower. My name on the list changed to the "Tower Guard". Looking on the enemy's name - "Tower Guard" No button for fight. 23h 59m later score 0:0 Tower disappeared, banner "War lost" I am on same place on the horse. Sorry donkey. If it's a bug I will take a credit for it
  7. The one of the reason you get multiple attacks- amount of medals you have. I did attack several players 9-12 times a day. They had 350-450 medals. Sometime sending them messages I will return trophies and did not take any gold. Bank was full. I understand it's irritating, but it's a game. Keep your Gold low
  8. The best is distribute players levels, trophies and strangs on 8. If two players 120 level left, (240 total) their strong bases will be 30 level. This is If alliance have less than 8 players left in war
  9. New players welcome to spend 750 diamonds, but they can not enter the game, if throne room less than 10 level. And yes this money for nothing. You receiving "0" and "0" and "0" on play, "0" on items, "0" on upgrade. Flare can say "you can enter when you rich Throne room level 10" but by than Kings will have many free tickets
  10. I never complain here, but it's time. Players see sign " Participating in pro-event requires pro tickets" . You getting the ticket for 750 diamonds. After this you have another notice : Participating in the pro-event requires Throne room level 10. So Kings spent 750 diamonds can not enter Pro event if they have Throne room level less then 10. You have to spend 750 to know that!!!!!!!!! I am sure flare have a reason for Throne room level 10 and I hope only kings with this level can purchase tickets and diamonds will be returned to players who can not play. I know 4 and 3 in our alliance.
  11. To me Flare should make this kind of alliance can not make more than 3 fields.
  12. Every war and Ninzya event Delta5 And don't forget your Beast effecting your enemies. It/s even
  13. Yes Flare. And don't forget remove animation Fire bolt towers - it's damaging me too. Everybody here forget what the Beasts for. When I creating Mummy I notice creations doing damage to enemy troops. Nobody complaining about it lol. Creation of Beast effecting you? Poor KINGS. May be you need to play Solitary?
  14. Is the gear perk effecting Pet spell? Ex: Paldrons shield increase increasing Bunny's spell?
  15. 20% building time it's 1.4 days from max 7 days. No need maximum 3 days for the event. And 3 days too long. I vote to keep 2 days
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