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  1. QuantumApocalypse

    Ads don't work (again)

    I bet anything it will either not be fixed or it will break again after like 3 months max lol
  2. QuantumApocalypse

    Ads don't work (again)

    I'm on Android, not windows. I've heard ads for windows users haven't been working for months. It's a huge disadvantage if one platform has working ones over another because there's usually a decent amount of stuff in those chests, especially considering they're every 4 hours.
  3. QuantumApocalypse

    Ads don't work (again)

    About 60% of the ads that play don't give out any reward, which wouldn't annoy me as much if I could simply exit them and try again but I can't even do that. It's always the ones with the blue progress bar on the bottom (like the stupid "bill wizard" one). Tell your provider to get their shite together would y'all? They're just ads, it isn't exactly rocket science... Edit: I think I lowballed that estimation, it's probably closer to 75%, 3 in 4 don't work.
  4. QuantumApocalypse


    I know it can be confusing awesomest. Remember, if you need help, just ask me 😛
  5. QuantumApocalypse


    Or just have a life and don't worry too much about getting everything perfectly timed on a game
  6. QuantumApocalypse

    Fog Spell

    Exactly. It would be great to have to sneak yourself and a few monks past a choke point that's locked down by opponent's storm cannons.
  7. QuantumApocalypse

    Fog Spell

    It's different than stun. With stun, the unit can't attack anything and is stationary. With fog, units can't attack enemies within the cloud or while they're in the cloud themselves, but can move and attack units outside the cloud. The effect should have a combination of longer duration, lower cooldown or farther range than stun to make it worthwhile against stun. One perk could add lightning damage to enemy units within the cloud.
  8. QuantumApocalypse

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    Wow! The summoning worked.. kind of lol. Thats good to hear. I hope it makes it into the game as it doesn't sound too difficult to implement.
  9. QuantumApocalypse

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    It'll have to do. *Sets up tiki poles* Here goes. @GalaMorgane, @GalaMorgane, we summon thee! Take these sacrifices, willfully given: a liquid, darker than thy night, infused with thy elements of sodium and carbon; and a triad of great circles of cheese, captured by bread, forged in the heart of thy searing flame of an oven! Take these, o' @GalaMorgane, and answer this call of heroes! Help us, save us, @GalaMorgane, and may all our enemies tremble at your presence!
  10. QuantumApocalypse

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    @AwesomestKnightest I think gala must be summoned via ritual. Did you bring sacrifices?
  11. QuantumApocalypse

    Add Country Flag To A Player's Profile

    What awesomest said, we've been asking for this for years. Since before I came to this forum lol..
  12. @AwesomestKnightest Yeah, it seems kinda gimmicky but I wouldn't mind it just for more cutomization of defenses. Could also have some unique traits like a small amount of pearl production (1 per hour?) kind of thing. It shouldn't require an overhaul either, just attaching an instanced data structure to each tower.
  13. So the idea is to make each tower have slots for items, perks etc that will augment the tower's capabilities?
  14. QuantumApocalypse

    No more time limit in battle

    Then watch the game memory dump when you spawn your 2,637th unit lol
  15. QuantumApocalypse

    "clock in" function for Ninja Event

    They do that anyway, except people need to dump twice if they get attacked and win