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  1. Healing Tower's range inconsistency (?)

    I think the blue range circle isn't accurate. I've tested it with firebolts and notice that I can be shot just beyond the circle. Same with snake towers. Maybe the same thing is happening here as well?
  2. Augmented reality

    You can get a basic VR headset for like $20 on amazon and that should be all you need. Any current mid to high end phone should be able to run it fine. My Xperia X kind of struggles with it (the game, haven't tried the VR yet) though. Actually this post is what made me download the thing a few hours ago lol
  3. Augmented reality

    That's actually really cool though I think that would be VR (virtual reality) as opossed to AR. I would love to be able to walk around my castle and see my towers and the surrounding lands! I'm not sure if they would actually do it though because RR2 is a relatively old game. Its models/textures/shadows are designed for older gpus so they aren't very detailed and probably wouldn't get the "woah" factor that that video gave. If they were willing to update the assets it would be awesome!
  4. It probably didn't help that I was using a shite emulator but that doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I'll have to try it some time
  5. Small Suggestion on Sounds and Music

    Agreed with this, personally I played without sound much more often than I played with sound
  6. To be honest I found it quite difficult to use a computer. Couldn't imagine playing without a touch screen or on a large touchscreen all the time...
  7. New tournament like pro

    They already have alliance boosts in the pro leagues..
  8. ANOTHER way to balance out gate towers

    I like the idea but I can see some balancing issues. Top alliances will have an automatic advantage, and if it's 1 skull per second, you would have a good chance of getting more skills than you would if you went after the gate towers just from saving the time. Personally I think that attackers should be incentivised to go after all the towers and use whatever time is available to them. Also, with this, players would just go after the weaker players instead of trying to beat the best opponent they can. How would you fix these @LacunaC?
  9. Because, maybe, it wasn't intentional? Landscapes are different since they are pvp
  10. Pro League Items

    I feel like that would be too much choice, which imo isn't good for pro league items. There should still be some randomness for some of the strongest items in the game. Being able to spam the re-roll button until you get the items you want would ruin that. A faster changeover would be appreciated though, like once every or every other pro league. As it is now it's way too slow.
  11. Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

    I never said flare was agile, I just said that's how a game studio should be in order to be competitive. That's a workaround of sorts but doesn't solve the problem. It's pretty convenient if the opponent has a stunning ogre though. Otherwise the troops out the gate just get wiped out. Stopping a king near the gate is certainly a valid strategy but if they break through it will be easy for them to 100% the rest of the raid. Easier to break through, but definitely more discouraging if the king loses. We're not here to discuss grand strategy though.
  12. Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

    This isn't necessarily true. Personally, I think a mobile game studio should be agile enough to try things that may have little data, and remvoe the features that don't work. If it works, players will be more likely to stay, not leave. If it doesn't, the feedback will come and they could simply roll it back. I also disagree with this. Towers near the gate are only collateral if you're going after the gate instead of the towers which only happens if you have very little time. The best strategy is to generally have your towers as far away from the start as possible so if the king loses his army, he has to wait long for reinforcements to arrive. That depends on the specific setup though. And sometimes they may not arrive because towers/units farther along the path can reach across a lane and attack. Of course it's better to have towers near the gate, especially facing stronger opponents, if you want to prevent getting 3 crowns.
  13. Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

    I could support raising the gate's HP The main point is, unbalanced or not, I don't think it's fair to be punished for having a large army at the gate. If I'm vastly stronger than my opponent I should get full rewards when I win just like in any other game. After discussing, I don't think there's a great way to solve that. Maybe along with removing the gate tower problem, a buff to all tower's (or the gate's) health could keep it balanced.
  14. Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

    Possibly true, hence the third option of allowing kings to take down missed towers with the remaining time. Solves your problem. To be fair though, "the game is balanced toward offense" really only matters in the upper-upper ranks. To 99% of players who have plenty of people they can't beat, "balanced toward offense" is pretty subjective.