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  1. suggestion about battle reward and forge

    He's right, it's been suggested at least 3 times before lol But hey, the more the merrier amirite?
  2. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    You may as well get the popcorn out now lol
  3. Gala please provide more dev feedback

    If the past posters are accurate, he/she doesn't seem to care much for doing the stuff their job entails... Like a janitor getting told "hey, you should clean stuff", him replying "I know my job", then proceeding to not clean things. But I'll give it more time before saying that that is definitely the case
  4. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    I see what you did there
  5. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Concurred! So the best solution is... Towers should stay dead if they are destroyed lol Actually that would be very interesting..
  6. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    I'm glad an admin got to see this, though I feel bad he had to slog through all the useless comments. As he said let's keep it civil. Meaning let's turn back to the actual issue since arguing about each other's virtues and vises doesn't help anything. @Nicomagne, congrats, the admins know about your issue. There's not really much more you can do you except reinforce your case by adding cases that you deem are harassment, and maybe emailing flare for an update every once in awhile. Paying out the rear will probably help too.
  7. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Non-sequitur much? Edit: It doesn't matter. You'll see what you want to see; if that's people unfairly attacking you and your righteousness crusade, thats what you'll see. I've already made my points clear.
  8. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    *Falcepalm* I'm not going to look over your "timeline", why would I? 1. Good, why not just revive that topic then? 2. No one is attacking you, you just want to see it that way for some reason. Self fulfilling prophecy. 3. Okay, you brought up a suggestion and people didn't like it. You're not more important than the rest of us... Either change your suggestion to something people will support, or change minds through effective arguing. I have, and I think people were generally in support of it, but flare didn't take it up so I moved on. It wasn't a hill worth dying on..
  9. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Hammerstrike goes up to 20k now? ...Woah
  10. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    It would be fine if they had some damn parameters for the matchmaker and didn't charge you gold to try another player. Currently, imo, the matchmaker is useless. @Nicomagne Dude, here's what I think. You saw this conflict between some player and another and half-heartedly tried to solve it yourself, didn't see immediate results, and came here to the forums. Which would've been okay, but.. Instead of focusing on the real problem, you made this topic about this specific conflict. You should've put the issue (which is players being allowed to attack another too many times per day) first, and then used this conflict as evidence that change is necessary. And of course, you probably should've gotten other cases too to help support your argument. I doubt any of us here have any desire to get involved in this one conflict. You didn't seem like you tried very hard to solve this between yourselves, so why should we do that for you? It makes you disagreeable, even if we generally support the idea of reducing attacks on a player per day. Make that the conversation. Remember, flare doesn't give a flying damn about any of us personally (unless we pay them really well). They're not going to take seriously a topic thats about one single conflict that no one wants to get involved in. Problem: Players can push players into leaving the game by attacking them too much. Edit: ... And hurt flares bottom line by doing so. Solution: limit attacks per day, or provide means of targeting more varied targets. Can we agree that that solution solves this problem?
  11. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Undertale reference?
  12. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    That works too
  13. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Tamper your expectations, this isn't going to be a turning point in anything and certainly doesn't compare to the MeToo movement. This is a tiny ripple in a large lake. Honestly, I don't expect flare to do anything about this case. They're a business, they only care when it hurts their profits. So the best way to change anything would be to get many (as in hundreds to thousands of) players to flood flares inboxes and this thread asking for change. One or two or even 10 players don't matter, but a few thousand that potentially won't spend unless this is changed, will get their attention.
  14. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Sure, but I really couldn't care less whether he apologizes to you or not. I don't think you should either. Apologies are meaningles, especially on the internet
  15. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Geez man, how big a mouth you got? ... Actually, never mind. I don't want to know Screw basilisk towers, honestly. They made the game worse imo