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    If I Can Choose Graphic Quality

    There are several reasons why mobile games don't have graphic options while PC games do. Mobile developers target a variable portion of devices that can play them as far as graphic quality. For example flare might say "80% of devices should be able to run this game fluently". The reason why they do this is because letting you select detail required more resources. You have to generate LoDs, new textures, you have to deal with shadows, you have to tell it what to do if there's too many units on screen, and so on. That takes up extra storage space too, and longer load times and space and time is much more a premium on a mobile device. Also, a much higher percentage of users have phones that can easily run games like this (but many phones will struggle with something like anti-aliasing). Computers have more space and faster storage access, and they usually have much higher budgets for their games. However, they are much more varied in hardware, and many fewer people have top end components. If you cater to only either the high end or low end, the market for you is very small. So then, it's worth it to develop the extra resources for graphics options.
  2. It might just be a display bug
  3. QuantumApocalypse

    Blue ticks in Player chats

    Such a feature is called a "read receipt"
  4. QuantumApocalypse

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    Exactly... The game is an unnecessary chore. Why play if you don't have fun playing and there's no downsides leaving?
  5. QuantumApocalypse

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    This is the primary reason why I'm not playing. The progress is a pittance compared to the time I have to put in.
  6. QuantumApocalypse

    Friend Code for who already play this game

    They should changeover the friend code way less often too, or not at all. So annoying to have to go back and forth making sure it's right, having the game close and then seeing it generated a new one...
  7. QuantumApocalypse


    I haven't heard anything, but haven't been too active lately. I think I'm about ready to quit, games just not fun anymore.
  8. QuantumApocalypse

    Lost Connection at PL

    Aw geez, never thought of that one before. I never considered my stable 120mbps internet to be the issue! Pfft who woulda thought?
  9. QuantumApocalypse

    [New] List collection- ideas & feature requests

    Easy solution. Make a table, screenshot, upload the screenshot?
  10. QuantumApocalypse

    [New] List collection- ideas & feature requests

    Can I try organizing this into a table on Google sheets or something, and can you post a link to it at the top of the post? Would make it easier to read on a phone
  11. QuantumApocalypse

    Can we get any communication on Suggestions?

    It's not that I don't think Flare is reading our suggestions or talking about them, and I can see that some them are even implemented. But the lack of transparency with what goes on in between is frustrating. Just do what warrior said and make a list of what's being considered. Edit: looks like they already did.
  12. QuantumApocalypse

    "fyi locked topics"

    @Madlen No, bad idea. I'd rather see necromanced topics, than new ones with the same thing, minus prior discussion. It's pretty common forum etiquette; search and post on a topic, even an old one, rather than make a new one. And now all those discussions are pretty much lost, or at the least, can't be continued. I recommend changing them back. Pulling *****, bonehead stuff like this is why people don't like you Flare..
  13. QuantumApocalypse

    Can we get any communication on Suggestions?

    Honestly, just a "?" on every post that they actually read would be awesome. Takes 5 seconds and proves they were there, and it doesn't set any expections on whether the idea is feasible or not. Just a mark of acknowledgement that they could expand on later if they feel like it.
  14. A tower that looks like a chess rook. Charges for a time, then spawns a random crowd of units, the size of which is dictated by the tower's morale. Level the tower to increase its morale and therefore, the size of the crowd that the tower can spawn. Start at maybe 8 morale, go up to 20 or so. All units except monsters can spawn and they take on the boosts the alliance has active. Boosts could increase health/morale of the tower, buff spawned units, make the tower do some damage on its own, heal passing troops that are allied with the tower, etc.
  15. QuantumApocalypse

    Suggestion: tower that spawns units

    Sounds like a problem with other towers being OP, not mine. And those towers do damage while mine does not. You're essentially sacrificing a tower for some extra units. So it depends on your defense and strategy whether it will make your base stronger or weaker.
  16. QuantumApocalypse

    Suggestion: tower that spawns units

    Yeah I didnt know. Not everything has to be original, if it works well in one game I see no reason not to bring it another. A lot of players that play rr2 don't play OR, and vise versa
  17. QuantumApocalypse

    New Boosts

    These are really, really OP but yeah, some are good ideas. Just need to tone it down a bit with the effect magnitudes
  18. QuantumApocalypse

    Skeletons as troops

    It ´╗┐hurts to read on mobile devices
  19. QuantumApocalypse

    Skeletons as troops

    Why are you using giant red letters
  20. QuantumApocalypse

    Castle Guard Wardrobe Slots

    I think you misunderstand, he wants save slots for waves. So you can switch between A, B, C, etc for waves, similar to the king's wardrobe. The reason is that, players must manually change their units to make the most of what boosts are active. And changing that is really annoying for a lot of players, even if it isn't annoying to you.
  21. QuantumApocalypse

    opinions of the community

    Move the forum in-game is the best solution. In my experience, forums that can be easily accessed without leaving the app have magnitudes more participation. No one likes leaving the app and switching back and forth, especially since phones will usually require you to restart the app every time you go back into it if you leave for more than a few seconds
  22. QuantumApocalypse

    Suggestion: Players be more polite / Flare do not overreact, be helpful

  23. QuantumApocalypse

    Ads don't work (again)

    About 60% of the ads that play don't give out any reward, which wouldn't annoy me as much if I could simply exit them and try again but I can't even do that. It's always the ones with the blue progress bar on the bottom (like the stupid "bill wizard" one). Tell your provider to get their shite together would y'all? They're just ads, it isn't exactly rocket science... Edit: I think I lowballed that estimation, it's probably closer to 75%, 3 in 4 don't work.
  24. QuantumApocalypse

    Why are you complaining?

    By hiding half your face? Lol ?
  25. QuantumApocalypse

    Surprise event poll

    I don't think an update is considered an "event", especially considering they barely released 4.0. it's probably a festival.