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  1. New War Boost: Freeze Gate

    It kinda makes sense, considering that if your units don't take down the gates as fast youll have more time to take down towers nearby. But I feel like the situations where this would make a difference would be very rare. Point is, different war rewards = good
  2. Name change

    To add to this. If you don't like what he named himself you could definitely ask flare if they'll help, they probably will, especially if other players might find it less-than-classy.
  3. If the matchmaker didn't place teams together with very close amounts of fiefs, some teams would be at a pretty unfair disadvantage. If the matchmaker did, your idea would be moot because the team with the most fiefs at the end of the war would usually win (like normal).
  4. make 3 rows for inventory items

    I had the idea of having 8-10 columns and scrolling down instead of sideways. Your display is already in landscape, may as well use it.
  5. Gate Protection

    I think units target whichever unit is closest, so units can't ignore the king if there's no other troop that's closer
  6. Update 3.9 - Collect all button

    They could simply have a "collect all chests" button, but I agree that the current button could include chests. Because why wouldn't you collect it anyway, right?
  7. Revamping Sniper Hideout

    True, that works too
  8. Revamping Sniper Hideout

    But.. but.. morale! Jk Increasing the fire rate as it's leveled up could help with it's uselessness, you should be able to stuff more than one archer in a tower after all.
  9. New Cannon War Boost

    Have to agree with that
  10. Needed New 7 Morale Troop

    I posted a unit exactly like this awhile ago
  11. New Cannon War Boost

    Make a new troop with the same stats/art/animations as the paladin, but obviously not available to build.
  12. New Cannon War Boost

    I still don't. Just make the paladins not come with any boosts..
  13. New Cannon War Boost

    Helluva lot less OP than the other cannon boosts..
  14. Pro League improvements

    Here ya go
  15. Pro League improvements

    For me as well
  16. New Pal: Turtle Pal

    That's cherry picking
  17. Make the Pearl Reward move up when you forge an item

    In other words, when you forge something, the value of the item forged should go up?
  18. New Spell: Sandstorm

    Easy to do with raycasting on enemy units. Basically, you stick an invisible shape (like a cone or pyramid) on an object (base facing outward) and whatever the shape collides with is in the object's line of sight
  19. suggestion about battle reward and forge

    He's right, it's been suggested at least 3 times before lol But hey, the more the merrier amirite?
  20. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    You may as well get the popcorn out now lol
  21. Gala please provide more dev feedback

    If the past posters are accurate, he/she doesn't seem to care much for doing the stuff their job entails... Like a janitor getting told "hey, you should clean stuff", him replying "I know my job", then proceeding to not clean things. But I'll give it more time before saying that that is definitely the case
  22. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    I see what you did there
  23. Basilisks shouldn't be allowed by the gate

    Concurred! So the best solution is... Towers should stay dead if they are destroyed lol Actually that would be very interesting..
  24. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    I'm glad an admin got to see this, though I feel bad he had to slog through all the useless comments. As he said let's keep it civil. Meaning let's turn back to the actual issue since arguing about each other's virtues and vises doesn't help anything. @Nicomagne, congrats, the admins know about your issue. There's not really much more you can do you except reinforce your case by adding cases that you deem are harassment, and maybe emailing flare for an update every once in awhile. Paying out the rear will probably help too.
  25. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Non-sequitur much? Edit: It doesn't matter. You'll see what you want to see; if that's people unfairly attacking you and your righteousness crusade, thats what you'll see. I've already made my points clear.