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  1. The thread where the developer replied TL;DR - Yes for now it only provides you with the ascension points when you build them but the developers are hinting that it will be useful in the next update.
  2. Oh its 5? Sorry, got it wrong. Yep, the number on the top right hand corner of your game screen!
  3. Nice! That's really informative and helpful. Thank you!
  4. Make sure you have the alliance hall of uranus (get it when you're level 3). Click on the icon on the right hand corner with 3 helmets and select join an alliance. a list of alliances that are open will be provided, just pick one and you're g2g.
  5. Thanks! Just tried it with 7 perseus and alliance buffed warriors. Got my butt kicked.
  6. I just unlocked Gorgon Reef today and was wondering whats the difficulty like? My Perseus is currently level 6 with generally green gear, have level 2 warrior and siren. Will it be too hard for me?
  7. Ah I see! Would be a nifty feature to have though
  8. In the Alliance FAQ, this was mentioned How do I go about testing their layout? Can't seem to the find the function/button to do so.
  9. It will be really beneficial for players if they can review a log that shows Who attacked your island Win / Lose Stats of attacker (i.e which hero, what units used) Replay Will really help with improving our defense.
  10. In the Beginner Guide section, this was stated. My question is, how does hero level affect my island defense? AFAIK, heroes don't actually defend the island, it is done through the structures/buildings. So hero level acts as a stats modifier to the structures?
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