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  1. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    We don't plan something like this for 4.0 because that + leagues would be too much of a change at once, and we would most likely end up with an unstable game. However (!), we do have plans for something similar later on (but not straight away, so don't hold your breath).
  2. Could the donation reminder separated?

    Would you guys prefer (would like multiple opinions) if it didn't flash at all when the Alliance can be upgraded? I tend to find people want to get rid of the flashing and spend all my Alliance Gold, so this would be my preferred solution. Anyone have an argument against it?
  3. Olympus Rising Wiki

    If the project is taken up, we will be happy to (within reason) provide assistance. I believe the previous admin was @Crabz, but maybe others have access.
  4. 4.0 Anticipated Features

    I hope to keep you guys up-to-date with previews as they become possible.
  5. When's it coming?

    Greetings humans, It's been a busy week, but I've finally found some time to come answer the more important question you guys are wondering: when's it coming? First off - the complicated nature of this update means that a lot of preparation is required on our side please bear with us; Version 4.0 is still coming! As some of you may know the Official Birthday for OR is coming on 12th May. Beginning next week we will be performing several scheduled updates in the run-up to the birthday and the release of 4.0. As you all know, version 4.0 will bring War Seasons to OR. This means that before we can release, we have to prepare and schedule several updates very carefully, in order to make sure the War System remains intact and no major issues occur. The first of these updates will come next week, this will be an infrastructure update which has very little bearing on you, the players, except (!) it means that in the War starting on 2nd May, you will be able to win the War Blessings for free, for an entire week. You will, however, not be able to prolong them. This is necessary to set the playing field for the first War Season to begin. After this War is over, the Birthday arrives, which will include another Challenge here in the Forums, as well as some in-game goodies. In this week we will need to perform another update, which will be the final preparation for version 4.0, and ensure that the War Season schedule and the current Wars sync up, and the first Season can go smoothly. Also important to note - there will be a 2 week break in Wars at this point. This is again necessary to prepare for the Seasons. It is also necessary for us to do this update so that we can send the version to be reviewed by the platform holders (Apple, Google, and Microsoft). Finally, the most important date: unless something goes wrong, or we run foul of the platform holders, Version 4.0 will be releasing before 24th May. We will release it as early as we can before that date (which depends a lot on the platform holders), but May 24th is the latest we plan to bring it out. The first War Season is currently scheduled to begin on 24th May. I will be back with more information soon! Your friendly neighbourhood cyclops - Captain Morgan
  6. About the Game and Changes

    Hey guys, KeenFlare is the dev studio responsible only for RR1, RR2 and OR. We use the same in-house engine for all games, but as others have pointed out, OR is using the Universal Windows Platform, which enables us to use one version for all Windows devices. We also use a different ad provider for our videos, and changing this is rather a lot of work. Both of these things lead to the several discrepancies between RR2 and OR Windows versions.
  7. About the Game and Changes

    Thanks for all the feedback! Some good stuff for us to work with. The quest menu was changed to make sure that it would still run on older devices, especially ones heavily affected by Apple's slowing down of older models. The old menu was actually almost the slowest menu in the game, so it needed changing. It's not really possible for us to have two different menus for different devices without spending quite a lot of extra time, so it's unlikely that would happen any time soon, but the feedback is appreciated! It's also cool that you noticed the changes to starting resources and especially the amount of Ambrosia we give new players, we definitely made an effort to speed new players through the first part of the game without feeling the need to have to pay out money or wait too long to progress. We will also be making quite large changes to the initial tutorial in version 4.0, so we will take your feedback into account. Thanks again!
  8. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    As promised, here is the full list of winners (I will add new ones as we sort the remaining missing videos out)! Prizes may take a couple of days to hand out. Please be patient With 0% and kills (4500 Gems): Infamous AK47NAPC Tomasz76 Neptune HADESv2 Dheth Artemus Heroesflorian GGOODD Halduron Nemetor shauryawrath With at least 1 kill and stopping Hades (3500 Gems): K7moda Avi Areisp Eswat StuartMc1 UFC WarriorPrincess714 C0sZ OTTIN JohnrisinG Kababloet Jttn gianni13 Maya80 Deragous ataide OKG86 ZeeeZ Slinks Davejr1200 Lithgow Pouria MAV79 NOVAKK 79158687289 Barin777 KMLGR KingRAWANA Ifikratis RudraSain03 Stava2 Archimides Severine GodOfCyrus Mavros666 Macros666 Shivaravi Opalion Giannnotto Buda Dez123 JesusChr4st Hussam Skorpio deus Kayoda REDQUEEN1 ابو سيف Samir RyanPlegics Georg6 medurbanipal bn1987i Maz5 Meto3 Conquererwrld Negan Aboyoumna Maz5 Smartsmart FreezyPopp houda3 Gtffee Olympus Vickrus Hell Lord Old ahmsh103 ma4kqueijo ajpsegundov SaBZIRO dumpster DarthVader Vlladius Rollwitdapunches Exty Kratos1979 THē-Bə$t 4 ThË BƏSt هيلالا هناوهيت هواوي llHellgirlll Ripper420 Edufrancia LordGrayland doomlord786 NymNymeria Maya80 Bugghy Praveeninja AlanWen hesham777 Gilrael Jewelmania Rastapopulus RedDevil Valentinos Goetterverehrer Sborne Lucille nikkarter OdinGA Leonardo7 AchillesJax Arcos TheSicilian PlumDijon nurkany7 alina Prebsie zemalkawy4evet SheepSh Acmon7 InkCrow Chungoctu wizjiss Cahetel Brand505 Rubk Inmotale Crepuscula Khello IIIDanteIII Armaan shirazi95 Zoraawar AlinCristian Strike17 ram12345 Brogdar Asd0011 Sina MoonlightWolf Cloud177 Armin13591024 ANISTHEWARRIOR Raghanos Sonechkosan Zoyah Hosam 🌟princess sahar🌟 Mohammad...Arman arash pb 🔥 Dragon 🔥 Aatif79 NaN BetoBetun Arnab Texastwister Isjerryhuang Mahakalddestroyer Gandalfd Trikaal Tomaxo Lizzuk Validus1 John_Wick Sisifos With 0% but no kill (1500 Gems): IngerDigital Managing to stop Hades, but no kill (500 Gems): DungeonMaster tako LUNG shirazi95 Cyrusthegreat goddessjodi Iyadhh MrCouPer Ennayer liviu84 Abarati RUGAL Aviroop Samir BloodNTears betan1 Vinashak1 vevilos13 GeorgeMichail TheRapture 👊POWERPUFF👊 Ehab Spalato shirokoe1 Milrem7 Sharknado Ducal Ennayer strangerdanger TheGodfather Walid10 Invexis TheSouth NICKY Abstralix Tabri0h purwa1
  9. To captain Morgan!

    Thanks! Have added you to the rewards list.
  10. To captain Morgan!

    Unfortunately, I'm also not able to access that video Perhaps I don't have permission to view it.
  11. To captain Morgan!

    Thanks, you're added to the rewards list.
  12. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    As @Vlladius has correctly pointed out, I was quite lax with my shoutouts. It turns out he managed to kill Hades at only level 84 Unfortunately, I didn't keep good note of which players killed him the most, but feel free to inbox me if you think it was you. I think someone managed 14. I was mostly concentrated on checking the videos quickly so you guys could start getting rewards. You can also look up the videos of the winners to find out the "best" 0% entry.
  13. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    Here are the official winners (in order of submission), all of whom managed to get 0% progression AND kill Hades! Your 4500 Gems each are on the way. A special shoutout to @InkCrow who managed to kill him, despite being only Ascension Level 85, and IngerDigital who got 0%, but didn't quite manage a kill. I will post a full list of participants (so far) and rewards tomorrow. Good luck deciding who takes home the Trophy...
  14. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    I have finally finished reviewing all 207 videos! Rewards will soon start arriving but, again, bear with us, as there are a lot of rewards to give out. Those of you which I have either quoted or messaged about providing a new video or link, don't worry we will sort your entries out and you will get your Gems. I am still waiting on responses from: @Jose8a8a @abhhh There will also be an official winners post arriving soon. Thank you all for taking the time to beat the %$*£@ out of Hades.
  15. Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    This video seems to require permissions to view. Please send a shareable, non-private link.