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  1. Showing the Love for Flaregames

    That is just the best.
  2. We lost our founder AND general!

    Hey @strangerdanger, We will look into fixing this - although there should be nothing stopping one of the Officers from just taking over, since the only extra things the General can do are renaming, changing Alliance Sigil, etc. The "reappointment" of a General only occurs when there is also no Founder in the Alliance, the Founder will be kicked from the Alliance after 30 days of inactivity. If both the Officers are in the Forum, they should get in touch with me in a group message here and I will run through some checks, then promote one to General. Note: if the Founder comes back they will be able to demote you if they aren't happy with the decision.
  3. help me lost all my boost

    How pessimistic!
  4. help me lost all my boost

    It turns out this is an Android only issue, because it still represents the time as a 32-bit number, whereas iOS and Windows use 64-bit. You cannot prolong beyond 19 January, 2038 03:14:08 UTC on Android.
  5. help me lost all my boost

    We can't seem to see this problem on your account, I will message you in PM.
  6. War Improvements

    For 4.0 I would not be surprised if it slipped to April, but we aim to get it out before then. Smaller versions will hopefully come much sooner.
  7. War Improvements

    Version 4.0 does not yet have a fixed release date, as many features and decisions are still in progress. It will take at least a month before we can release it. In the meantime we will not stop releasing smaller versions with other fixes.
  8. help me lost all my boost

    Hey @AliM, we've just checked this out, and it seems that your account is now able to connect to the game again - can you please check for us that this is the case? If not, please try restarting your device completely and see if it then connects.
  9. help me lost all my boost

    @AliM we won't remove the days you've added. As a workaround I can reduce the time you've paid for and give you some refunded Gems, this should allow you to get back into your account. We will be fixing the actual problem on Monday.
  10. help me lost all my boost

    It is true that this can give an unfair advantage. We are not currently treating it as an exploit in terms of punishing players, but we will likely tweak the way this works so that it can no longer be exploited in the near future.
  11. help me lost all my boost

    This is not a cap, you've actually reached a date which causes an issue with the OS. We have a fix, but unfortunately we will not be able to resolve it until Monday. Once it is resolved, we will obviously compensate you for the time lost. Once it is fixed you should also have no further problems with prolonging.
  12. help me lost all my boost

    Hey AliM, sorry this has happened, could you please give us your in-game name? We are looking into it now.
  13. about unique items

    @Hellslord Reforging a Unique Item whenever it is available to forge is not an efficient idea. Unique Items are forged in a different way to other items, they do not gain bonus stats based on the item you use to forge, instead they are always brought in-line with your current Ascension Level. This means if you forge it every level, you will only get tiny changes. If you forge it once every 5 levels or 10 levels you will see big changes.
  14. War Blessings, trophy imbalance.

    Hey Stuart - thanks for the suggestion, a more level playing field for 1 week in 3 might be a good change. We will discuss it here. Could you let me know your in-game name, and also which version you are playing? Also what is the task you are being asked to fulfil?
  15. The current system of rewarding you for winning a War with blessings you have to pay for is indeed not ideal. A change here is under discussion, but may take some time before the system is altered (if at all).