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  1. On Cursed Unique Chest

    Thanks, we'll look into it. It should actually be impossible to get the same one, so it must be a bug.
  2. On Cursed Unique Chest

    I noticed via the other thread that you cursed several Unique Items - did you do them so that 1 or more were stacked at any point (particularly the chest in question)?
  3. 3.9.5

    Thanks for all the feedback, regarding chat: we will certainly be improving the chat readability in the next version we release. This version was focused more on getting the functionality of channels and receiving notifications in chat working.
  4. On Cursed Unique Chest

    @Infamous you got the same item as the one you cursed to make the Cursed Unique Chest, or you found a new one?
  5. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    @iamGodMAC @olympyumarius, we have just released a version which should be fixed. Would be great if you could try it out.
  6. On Cursed Unique Chest

    It will not be the same item.
  7. On Cursed Unique Chest

    It will be just like finding a new item at your current level.
  8. Cursed Unique chest and my first task

    It will take you more than 1 War to fulfil this task.
  9. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    Thanks guys, this seems to be an Android 5.0.1 only issue, there will be an official announcement. We will also fix the Alliance Council messages soon.™
  10. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    @iamGodMAC can you please confirm that you also have Android version 5.0.1, and which device?
  11. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    We have found the issue, a new version will be released shortly for Android.
  12. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    Thanks for checking. Please contact the support team here:
  13. version 3.9.5 logging problems

    Hey @olympyumarius Could you please try deleting and reinstalling the app?
  14. Multiple Cursed Titan Chests

    This is definitely not intended. If it's seen again, it would be good to know the accounts which have been affected so we can look into it.
  15. In game private messaging and world chat

    We are not currently looking to implement a full messaging system until much further in the future (if at all), because it does mean very large changes to the infrastructure of the game. However, we will slowly be moving toward a better chat interface, with some new functions at least, in the near future.
  16. New trophy system effecting low levels BADLY

    @damon665 thanks for the info - could you let me know the name of the low-level account? At the moment we only have less than 500 players between Ascension Level 1 and 10 with 0 Trophies. This is not much different than it was before, considering it also includes people who stop playing after building the most basic defense, but we will continue investigating what you have brought up.
  17. Titan Chest Expiration?

    @Dheth which task did you have which didn't carry over, and how much progress did you make?
  18. Trophy System

    @HOLYDIVINE we will never change the way the higher level players are also able to take Trophies from you. They are only able to take large amounts if they have way fewer Trophies than you. In the past we did this and it was not good, as I mentioned in another topic: We have also previously had it that high level players were not matched with lower level ones, and that meant they could never attack a low level player with lots of Trophies, and so could never make it to the top of the leaderboard. Just to clarify that: the highest level players could never reach the top of the leaderboard. At the moment, it is a benefit to level up, and that is how it should stay. All players are able to attack both weaker and stronger players, regardless of their level, but having a huge amount of Trophies means that even high level players are able to win a lot of Trophies against you. Glad the other changes seem to have had a positive effect
  19. 3.9.2

    It seems the update didn't fix this correctly, we're working on getting it fixed.
  20. change upgrade defence

    If you have far too few Trophies for your level you will no longer gain Gems when people attack you (it's not related to the attacker, only the defender). It slowly reduces, the less Trophies you have.
  21. Trophy System

    As mentioned in this topic, there are changes coming.
  22. Something is wrong with the game

    This is the other side effect of Trophy dropping. On the way down they dump lots of Trophies, on the way up they take lots of 25 Trophy wins.
  23. Hi all, Thanks for the above post @Infamous. The advice given there is all correct. However, as I always mention, we do discuss suggestions criticisms and changes all the time, and take the problems very seriously. That said, we plan to make some more tweaks to the balancing of the Trophy system in the near future. I would very much appreciate feedback from all of you once these changes go live, particularly if it is measured, constructive feedback, and not knee-jerk reactions to the patch notes. The changes are planned to: Reduce the feeling of loss from multiple attacks. Reduce the amount of Trophies that a single person can take from someone else, so that players are not so heavily affected by low-Trophy high-Level farming. Prevent low-Trophy players from winning large amounts of Trophies without beating a defense. Reduce the Trophy loss when failing a battle (or being disconnected), which should also make it more difficult to drop Trophies quickly. Improve the balance towards active players, rather than passive, defensive players. More details on exact changes will come when we are finished testing and the update is finalised, but feedback on the above points is welcome. Obviously, the tentative tweaks will be reverted if they are seen to have a negative statistical or gameplay effect, or lead to exploits.
  24. change upgrade defence

    Perhaps we can do something about the Gold farming.