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  1. I think you keep it but I haven't bought it so I'm not 100% sure.
  2. I love how long frenzy lasts now post update. It really makes it useful now! It looks like it regenerates after each kill which then creates a nice diminishing return as it takes longer to kill monsters at higher floors. My question is how long does it last by default & how much is regained after each kill? BUG: The app does crash once in awhile now & that cancels frenzy
  3. Totally agree with both @Godlike & @Dragoenlink
  4. I'll be playing around with the various combinations and then hope back to share my thoughts. Just got lvl 31 so I'll still need to lvl up too. Do we get more exp at higher floors?
  5. Okay so I can say with high certainty that if you don't upgrade your cloak then you'll remain stuck at much lower floors! Based on my experimenting the cloak is actually more important in fact. currently I got: skill dmg: +133% regular dmg: +103% armor: +162%
  6. Hey Godlike, I've moved up two positions. Now at floor 350 ... but really it's two positions because you disappeared What happened?
  7. Once you get to higher floors don't bother with leap for gold.
  8. the times you two mentioned is play time or "time since install" ?
  9. A great combo is to have a weapon that can stun, armor that slows down near by enemies, a cloak that revives against bosses, and whirl. Then you get the bosses to slow down an increadible amount and you can win boss fights that you'd never otherwise. But that depends on a lot of luck with the items
  10. Hey Cloudi, I see you on my board. It aint global though, just country specific. You are 9th as I am looking right now. Getting bored as well. Each ascend is now taking way too long. On my last one I got to 302 & now I am stuck on 305. It can't be that I have to restart again after only gaining 3 floors. That's totally demotivating
  11. I'm using the same skills & strategy as you do. My max floor is 305. As for items. It always depends on what i get. I try to find the synergy between the drops.
  12. Can we change country? Is there a global board?
  13. I think sneak peaks would help build anticipations and get people a little more excited
  14. I've focused on skills with my upgrades & armor, maybe because I have been mostly playing actively. But I'll give it a try the other way around. I'll spend my next 900k tokens on increasing my weapon dmg & not upgrading the cloak in my next run. I'll post again after the experiment currently I got: skill dmg: +103% regular dmg: +58% armor: +107%
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