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  1. Edward the 7th

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    Hi guys, 1. Concerning the new mode: It seems a lot of fun and a fresh wind in this old game. The main flaw i see is it's time consuming. A lot of time. One week in August can be fine, but a whole week every months and we should all quit our day jobs. So overall, not recommended more than once in half a year. 2. Instructions. Oh well, needed to learn everything as we play. this issue at first looked bad. But I guess that if there were enough detailed instructions, then they would be written on a 150 pages book and nobody would even bother to read them. So, maybe learning by the intuitive way is indeed better for a game. 3. Managing campaign: Nearly impossible for the leader alone, unless he's online 24/7. So an alliance needs quite a few generals to take over when they are online.Many things to think of, so the generals are very busy as well. 4. Communication: Yes, very difficult to do over the alliance chat. My suggestion is to add a "message mode", same as SMS or whatsup, to be possible to instruct individual players. Short messages can appear like openable bubbles at the player's icon. 5. Troops identification: Opponent's troops can't be identified unless they are in a war. A wandering soldier only shows it's IGN. This is wrong, because to evaluate this soldier's data we need to write down he's IGN, then to exit season mode, enter players list, make a search for this IGN, then exit search and go back to season mode. Clumsy. Very clumsy. 6. Alliance gold: It seems like anything you do in the season costs huge amounts of alliance gold. Maybe for a few top alliances it's not a big deal, but for the rest 99% of the alliances in the game, bankruptcy is their end, because members will run away without sustainable boosts. This must be dealt with and changed. Cheers, Edward
  2. Edward the 7th

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    IGN: Edward the 7th Game: RR2 1. Russia, USA, Brazil 2. Geoff Hurst 1966 (only hattrixk in a worldcup final) 3. France 1938 (Indonesia) 4. Egypt - Uruguay 5. in Sialkot, Pakistan 6. Ocenania Football confederation (OFC) 7. England 8. Germany (1982-1990), Brasil (1994-2002) 9. Brasil 2014 (14 goals) 10. Egypt 6 goals
  3. Edward the 7th

    POLL: What perks you mostly like?

    Well buddy, you are 2.5 years too late to use this quote as a reference. The game has changed a lot since then.
  4. Edward the 7th

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    IGN: Edward the 7th Game: RR2 Answers: 1. Skeleton 2. Southampton conceded by Stoke City the longest goal. Begovic scored from 91.9 meters. 3. a. Number of players 20/16, b. The location ice/grass (gravel, turf), c. The Ball Puck/Ball 4. Knight 5. Fencing, freestyle swimming (200m), equestrian show jumping (15 jumps) and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200m). This last event is now referred to as the laser-run 6. Malaysia 11 medals, no gold. 7. Mumbai 41 times . (New South wales was 46 times, but not always with 4 players) 8. Singles: Steffi Graf, 13 times. If we include also double and mixed teams, then Martina Navratilova 16 times. 9. Mumbai + London 10. Maximum was at World Championship 2002, South Korea + Japan (both had 10 venues, so 20 in total). Second is Spain 1982. 17 venues , 14 cities Alternative answers to get more gems: 1. You ride a small sled down a steep frozen track while lying face down. You can go up to 5g acceleration during this. If you stay on the sled long enough in these conditions, only your skeleton will arrive at the end. That’s why this sport is called Skeleton. 2. Mexican side Pachuca scored a winning goal against Monterrey. However, Victor Guzman's 93rd-minute winner was also notable for the fact that it was swiftly followed by what surely must be the longest post-goal celebratory bellow ever recorded as the Univision commentator went into meltdown. Over 14 seconds of pure, unabashed lung power. Whoever he is, the man's a human foghorn! 3. Biggest difference: The field hockey stick is more convenient and better than ice hockey stick at breaking someone’s head. 4. In real life, the piece is a queen. No king can eliminate her. 5. Fencing is Jumping over a fence. Freestyle swimming is just taking a bath, show jumping goes into a puddle, running and shooting is a kids game. 6. United States. Biggest tally besides the gold. 7. At 1964, Pakistan Railways beat Dera Ismail Khan in Lahore. 851 runs!!! 8. Roger Federer's run of 65 consecutive appearances at major tournaments came to an end at the French Open in 2016. Feliciano Lopez is currently on a run of 60 consecutive appearances. In the women's game, Ai Sugiyama appeared in 62 consecutive major tournaments, while Francesca Schiavone's streak ended on 61. 9. Australia rules the ICC tournaments J 10. Do pronounce it: Nijhniy Novgorod, Russia 2018
  5. Edward the 7th

    "no controls" bug

    OK guys, by the time flares solve this bug, my hair is going to become grey. So luckily i have found a solution by myself. Here it is: For touch screen tablets only. When "no controls" bug occur, you should start force manually minimizing/closing the game window (you do it by passing your finger from the top of the screen downwards). But just before you force close the game by getting to the screen bottom (actually already at the middle of the screen, when it starts to reduce in size), you move your finger up again, leaving the session of the game on. Everything starts working again. Cheers guys and hope it helped. Edward
  6. Edward the 7th

    "no controls" bug

    Hi guys, Since more than a month ago i started to experience a "no controls bug". You are in the middle of the raid, going good and then suddenly all the controls stop responding. No spells, no troops spawning, no insta troop, no scream, not even the pause button.Nothing. The only thing that still works is the king's movement... So you can only wander with your king, watching all your existing troops slowly killed and the raid time slowly slips away. Even the raid summary controls don't respond. The only thing left is to manually restart the game. It happens randomly (nothing special i could press by accident). It happens approximately once in 7-10 raids. During regular raids, no problem, but during a season or ninja, it's frustrating. OS: Windows 10 Device: Surface 4 tablet. Has anyone else experienced this bug?
  7. Edward the 7th

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    You are wrong. Blackie event is super important, especially for free players. The announcement came too late. Nobody have started melting items the night before.Therefore, even if you were ready with enough stuff to melt, you had no chance in the world to complete all the items melting (unless you spend zillions of gems). Also, suddenly for many players the videos stopped working exactly at the same time the event started. So many couldn't even boost the blackie workshop. This made the things even slower and more frustrating. That's a big fiasco to Flares, which adds to all their other "successes" this year. Cheers Flares and a happy new year! lol, this reminds me of a topic i have started a long while ago, but seems very relevant to this event. Sorry flares, just could not resist to mention it, cause it's sooooo relevant:
  8. Edward the 7th

    How long will BS event run??

    Не поможет овцам если единогласно примут решение в пользу вегетарианства, пока волк придерживается иного мнения.
  9. Edward the 7th

    How long will BS event run??

    It will not help the sheep to unanimously decide in favor of vegetarianism, as long as the wolf holds a different opinion. But the wolf-Flares can easily extend this by 2 days.
  10. Edward the 7th

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    One day for this type of an event is a very short time. Free players can boost blackie workshop, but they have no chance for melting all their items unless they use gems to speed each melt. Same for forges with 12h interval. Free players can forge only once-twice at this time. The announcement came too late and many players didn't start melting on time. Flares should prolong this event till the 31st.
  11. Edward the 7th

    How long will BS event run??

    Due to flares outstanding ability to announce events too late, I would expect them to prolong this event till 31st. Melting down high pearl value items takes a lot of time (even with boosted blackie workshop) and one day is certainly not enough for this type of event.
  12. Edward the 7th

    How much gems was used on this battle ?

    Well, that's very respective. I'm Impressed. High loyalty and teamspirit. Huge waste of cash though for just a game, but it's a choice.
  13. Edward the 7th

    Server Update for Gargoyle Nest

    Windows freeze happens because flares devs suck. They should go back to school and learn Fortran. Maybe better success...
  14. Edward the 7th

    Stupid penguin (or developers)

    Ahm... Correction, not the penguin, the devs...