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  1. This is very uncomfortable, 40/60. While 20 players are not considered at war, very funny. I prefer the old rules during the 60/60 war, if your members are not active the solution is very easy, please kicked. I know what developers want, ONLY MONEY. 40/60 is about money, because the alliance must be champ and shield if want to win during the war. Fu*king rule GOLD = GEMS GEMS = MONEY who money? I think you now that ?
  2. ErwinPohan

    Throne wars

    i play this game one year on Windows phone, and flaregems don't say the reason close throne wars.. flarebadgems ?
  3. This this is like a joke, no more item or anything in chest pal war, just ONE PAL there. Hahaha, What do you think guys?
  4. "I think after this will be a lot of players stop play Royal Revolt 2" What you comment? yes or no
  5. Rr2 like baby game, like cooking games. New update not help anything for me, I HATE FLARE
  6. LoL, flare games just need money user, more more and more, We don't need new update, just new system.
  7. 1. Gargoyle Nest 2. 8 september 2015 ign: Erwinpohan1
  8. fly like iron man ign: Erwinpohan1
  9. with alliances where I can join ? 


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