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  1. My suggestion is just to let us keep our equipped gear and reset them to lvl1 when we ascend that way we will also have gear progression intop of everything else im not saying they are going to be any easier to get but we should be able to keep them
  2. There nathing to discuss we both playing different game I'm playing a looter and you playing an idle clicker so so it up to the Dev to decide Which audience they want to carter too
  3. That very stupid , people with common sense won't spent money on gems to push a weapon they going to lose once they ascend
  4. Please Aether this would make the game perfect. and too balance it out once we ascend they will reset to lvl1
  5. We will keep ascending to grind out and farm the 3star gear/weapon like I said they are rare enough that we wouldn't stop ascending and we should keep equip weapon/helm/cape it give us a chance to farm and keep ascending to have the different builds (tank build , crit hit build, attack speed etc etc)
  6. You misunderstood what I was suggesting i dont want want to keep my lvl 200 weapon when I ascend back to the first floor. I want to keep the item itself as reset to lvl1 like my characters and lvl it a looting game also , For me gear progression on my character is an important element that Dev are not taking advantage of. I believe it the factor in having a player play for 2-3 week then forgetting about it or not caring and having long term player
  7. i can't think of any reason not too you guys mention ya wanted to make a Diablo style looter but without letting us keep our items we get no real sense of progression or "builds" i suggest when we ascend our weapon/gear get reset to lvl1 and maybe rolled different stats each ascend
  8. I bought the $5 bundle with the pet do I lose my pet like item when I ascent?
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