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  1. Going to put this on the subreddit, thanks!
  2. When will it be my turn...
  3. We've been discussing this in Discord a lot lately. The running joke is that Magma chests contain nothing but Horned Plate. A couple days ago, Magma was issuing me Baron's like it was a fire sale. No Grande or anything, just 3-5 Baron's a run. Now, I literally just get Horned Plate and a medley of 2 star cloaks. We could chalk it up to RNG, which is probably true. But I do agree with you OP, the drop rate on that specific chest seems off. Could be my luck, I have 280 hours total play time, and have received The Freezer once, Snowflake once, The Grande never, and basically nothing from Mammoth. But enough Horned Plate to give every new player one. I'm going to add this to reddit feedback, thanks all.
  4. Can't say I have had this same issue. I ascended twice @ 190-197, after that I was at 208, 223, and now about to ascend at 237. Some runs are unlucky with horrible drops, and you have to ascend early. But breaking into the 220's is definitely possible. I find it easier to get all the stock items from Floor 1 to 200, then I begin pushing with Frenzy 2 or 3 times. I see whats in my chest, and take 1 or 2 stars if they are half decent. I farm for 3 hours. I upgrade that trash to 450. Then I push floors. The idea is it is far cheaper and faster to level trash items, so that in the chests you have potential for something good that is already levelled, thus saving coins.
  5. Keep me informed! Looking forward to reading it.
  6. Agree'd ! Feel free to stop by our reddit where we have a lot of information for new players. On the sidebar you'll find item sheets to help you progress most effectively.
  7. This has been brought up many times and we hope the devs address it shortly. Clearly a bug! Squash squash...
  8. Even with this aside, it still remains that the knight kills mobs exceedingly slower than when active. Right now, I am farming with The Baron. After being asleep for 7 hours, I killed 327 mobs lol. As we know, with The Baron, and 1 shot farming, 327 mobs takes mere minutes.
  9. I have a goldie in my stash not being used, I'll see if I can replicate this when I get home. Edit: Confirmed. I'll add it to our feedback thread @ reddit
  10. This will be fixed in the next update, at the end of the month.
  11. As of right now, it is very easy to cheat. The problem lies in the fact that until a future update, when the easily manipulated exploits are fixed, it's like playing whack a mole. Aether mentioned that some Local's are worse than others, but when you ban 10, 20 more come up. For now, it's more about your personal progression or trying to beat your Friends. I don't have an official statement for you as this was discussed several days ago in Discord, with Aether.
  12. Does linking it to Google Play help at all? This shouldn't be necessary but see if its a temporary solution.
  13. Contact support, it's the best option. http://support.flaregames.com
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