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  1. Karman

    Trivia nĀ°13: Football Fever

    1. Russia, USA, Brazil 2. Geoff Hurst 1966 (only hat-trick in a worldcup final) 3. France 1938 (Indonesia) 4. Egypt - Uruguay 5. in Sialkot, Pakistan 6. Ocenania Football confederation (OFC) 7. England 8. Germany (1982-1990), Brasil (1994-2002) 9. Brasil 2014 (14 goals) 10. Egypt 6 goals IGN: Krman Game: RR2 I painted country names as their flag
  2. Karman

    Sp on pro ring šŸ’, flare trick us all...

    I've forged my pro ring 24 times and still no luck on finding SP
  3. Omg I disagree with ya'll so much, I've gotten the huge amount of 0 pals on this event so far, be thankful!
  4. Actually fire ninjas were good last time, but they still run ahead and activate skull towers and make wolves howl, thus ruining trategic moves like use Blizzard on them before they affect my raid greatly
  5. What about changing the topic to "Offensive ninjas aren't good at all"?
  6. Karman

    Winning A Ninja Event Battle in less than 40 seconds

    I actually like it because I can use my farmer gear, complete levels and then use gold gear and farm gold outside the event gg ez
  7. Karman

    Brand New Equipment in this PL!!

    I also really like its design
  8. Karman

    To keep the forum announcements or not?

    That's why I said "I don't know if it's no that way now". That's sad
  9. Karman

    To keep the forum announcements or not?

    I know that, the thing is sometimes events are shared on forums or social media even 2 or 3 days in advance, if you check the Alliance Party event announcement you'll see Archimedes used to do that before. I don't know if it's no that way now, but still...
  10. Karman

    To keep the forum announcements or not?

    I still think forum announcements should stay because usually they call them here first, unless they call announcements earlier in the game too...
  11. Karman

    New Pro League Reward

    I also like the new tier system, it seems so far prizes indeed have improved for players
  12. Karman

    Lookin Again part 2

    Hi, unknown Mr. Bubba. What about a misterious team called G&M?
  13. Karman

    New Troop: Banshee

    Fairies or elfs for a future unit sound interesting
  14. Karman

    Variants defense!

    Actually this is another feature that has been suggested a lot of times and nothing has happened yet.
  15. Karman

    Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

    Same goes for pearls on CoF, third open chest should give at least 200, not just 100 at most. Also second chest usually gives 3 pearls and that's just dumb.