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  1. Karman

    Research - seriously?

    My humble opinion: 1- Heroe Cooldown is indeed a useless tech now, paying around 16k wisdom for it feels like a rip-off 2- Having just one tech as starting point is strange too 3- Wisdom costs are still way too high, we've been pointing this out for several conquests already and still it doesn't get changed, and you're doing something wrong by ignoring it. I still think the tech tress are totally wasted due to this, you can make creative tech trees if you want, but it doesn't matter if teams end up researching only 5 technologies. In my team we have level 7 university and there were a couple of technologies costing half of our total capacity...
  2. Choosing the wrong path in the beginning would be way too punishing, I prefer the way the tech tree is done now, but it needs a shift: Increase research time to 6 hours and reduce the still high wisdom prices.
  3. Karman

    Pro Festival

    I thought the same, I'm getting raids with absurdly low gold for a festival. Oh, and when it has good gold I have to beat Phoebe, which I can't with my gold gear. Then most raids in this festival feel too polarized, and that's not fun at all...
  4. Bad luck has nothing to do with it, I don't think it's possible for almost everyone on forum and in my team to not get a single pal.
  5. Winning Diamond League, completing all dungeons, getting the bronze crown in Pro League, having over 4k trophies and joining my current team Genie & Master
  6. Karman

    troops tied up for 24hrs by one enemy

    I think it's a fair strategy too, in my team we used it very well for 2 days, it was fun
  7. Karman

    5 Days Left, All Rewards Won. Yawn

    Same here, our conquest was over after 3 days
  8. I'm curious about this too, maybe Madlen or a dev can answer...
  9. Karman

    community manager answered Wisdom costs for Research

    I seriously thought about making a topic about this issue and it seems someone else did it before me. I totally agree with this. The wisdom cost per technology is insanely high, Flare told us they'd give us a bigger tech tree, and that sounded really interesting, I was looking forward to exploring that tree, but we ended up disappointed because we were only able to research 5 technologies in the end, 40k wisdom can take up to 2 days to get
  10. Karman

    Energy Slow To Restore

    Sounds interesting, but maybe a more balanced value that would be reasonable for Flare is 1.25 times the energy
  11. It does sound like a fair change, I support this
  12. Same here, I opened more than 10 chests and didn't get a single pal, it was the most disappointing pal event yet ?
  13. If we're gonna have a bigger map, I hope the energy needed to move is greatly reduced or we have a way higher max energy, otherwise that big map will be wasted a bit because energy will be an even greater limitation, I know we have a lot of days to play, but it's not like we're just going to explore, we need energy for fighting too. I'd like to discover this new bigger map, so please consider that
  14. Karman

    Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

    Actually if they remove alliance gold costs they'd most likely also remove the alliance gold reward. But you know what? It's fine, what we spend is way higher than what we earn. The new resources were created for a reason, they should be the only costs in conquest, because for me it was a pretty negative surprise to see that we now had to invest alliance gold in the new game mode.
  15. Karman

    Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

    Thinking we'd get 40M per player was too naive from your side, in my team we always knew it was 40M overall, but indeed I think that reward is too low. Rewards in general were better this conquest, but for 8 days of checking the game constantly they can still improve, particularly the alliance gold received should increase if we keep that as a reward (and we should).