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  1. I believe something that lets you get close to 50 floors of the one you ascended from would be cool, but it's true that's a clicker game for you. I like it, makes me more involved if I wanted a game where it doesn't matter if i'm there or not I would play something like a set it and forget it clicker game, what drives this one apart from that is it's need for you to be involved and that I Appreciate and love about it.
  2. That sound Amazing! but Doesn't it kill that "I earned this kill" feeling? Still neat exploit,
  3. I ascend as soon as a boss kills me more than 3 times. This is how it goes for me anyways, (I usually Keep Killing Bosses Until an Impossible One Has been triggered because those are the most likely to kill you and where the real fun Starts) Get an Impossible Boss and see if I can kill it like I would any normal mob. If I can't I try to use my skills to for example using skills a certain way like Whirl with the Shield Rune or Double with the leap rune to get around the boss and a Clone with the heal rune to try to squeeze out a kill. If I can't kill it I use a Frenzy potion and kill it that way my last chance. If I still die then I ascend because the further you get the more Tokens you Get the Stronger you become for the next ascension. Good Luck Friend and keep trying,
  4. It's very true what the gentleman in the video said, but I feel like this is very rushed, It did not mention the ascension system or anything, then again most people who this video is for don't care they just want to get to the down to the point and see if they will download the game or not. Nice Video
  5. Hello I'm a huge addict of this game but Before I buy anything I would Like to know a few things. How does saving work with the game? How does it save a file on Apple? How does it save a file on Android? It the save only local for Apple? Is the save only local for Android? Will my purchases be stored if I delete the game and want to play it again? Will my progress ever be deleted for any reason? What happens if I buy the dragon bundle, and I die? Will my dragon die too or is it like an item? Anyways Great Game and I hope I get a reply, Awesome game you guys, I just hope the game saves in a proper place because I don't see anywhere where is saves to the cloud, google playstore, facebook, or anywhere else.
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