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  1. Bro as i said i am using daily month gem chests . Which is around 700 Gems i can save .Others i donate.Yes you can handle it on defense but on offense . For Example Ariadne without better gear one charge from Minotaur slice her like piss through snow. I am winning most battles with perseus some wins on odysseus but other heroes losing all the time if i dont pop some invos. Just bought one epic itm chest got 3 common and one green for hercules. lost 150 000 for almost nothing . With this overprice is it not worth buying .
  2. I was complaining about that i cant afford item boxes . And enemies are not based on trophies but on level so pls you are spender dont comment if you dont know situation.
  3. So dont know how u got some Gold,Eternal and legendaries are you talking about when you are no spender and i am little spender . BTw those epics even green ones are behind mine level about 15 levels so my blue items which i got from epic item chests (which i cant afford now) are incredibly weak.
  4. I dont know what are you talking about . I get items very rarely from winning battles. Maybe 1 from 20 of battles . green or common. U are tellin that you haev one god item,few eternal, and most legendaries. So tell me how u get that because i never god anything good from winning chests and most equip of my heroes are green one. You mention u used 300 Gems on Invos so that mean you are huge spender bro.
  5. I am not complaining about sticking with spenders , i am complaining about that i cant afford item chests while saving for upgrade .I am saving up 700 k +/- 2 days to upgrade 1 tower .If i use some of this gold to buy some chests i am getting some common/green crap. I understand gold nerf . But i dont understand rise price of epic item chests which spenders are not buying. I think game shouldn be about that who spends more gems . Look at Shakes a Fidget (the old very popular game with million of players and u know why ? you can spends money but it was also very attractive game for no spenders to little bit spenders ) u can buy mushrooms which will give u a certain amount boost against others. But this game is just about: Buy gold,buy ambrosia,buy books,buy workers,buy GOLD Armor,buy skill slot without an effort . If you are a millionaire u can just literally do 500 Levels in one hour . At the beginning game was attractive to no to little bit spenders but now ? .... Pay2Win
  6. I used to be in top 40 now 150+ . After the Gold nerf when i got the 110k now i get around 55k . And because of rise of Item Chest and Chest (by 3X of its amount!) i simple cant afford that means i am very behind on my items based on my level .I lost about 200 trophies just because of failed attacks even on lower unbuffed players because i cant afford to buy items on my hero and upgrading my troops.Seems this game is just made to suck your bills out of people pockets. This new system is unplayable to players which is not buying tons of gems . (having the daily gem pack though) (Reducing income by half ,Rise the price of chest by 3x,Boost defense which seems unbeatable without invos now )
  7. Good Guy Matchmaking

    I Cant Agree with you rain the Higher levels are almost all huge spenders (talking about those who are already 65+) which have blessings on ,Unlocked already HYdras,Griffins, 5 Blessings on and usually have all defenses like 5 levels above than level 50 for example make it almost impossible to defeat . Dont you see the top 10 people they are all 70-100 level who spends more gems=higher level= have a better chance to keep them at home . Try to see it from the other side . Try to attack a player 15 levels above its almost impossible not to use atleast 2-3 invocations .Then you earn maybe 10 trophies but you lose it imeditally because a few high level players crush your defense like slice through the bar of butter. Theres a lot more benefits being a high level than being a low one.So stop seeing things just from your perspective Sorry for bad english .
  8. I am already in Blue sorry .But thx for the invitation though .
  9. The third trophies update is really sucking , the second one was bes,t all people were complaining about trophies loss but everything that needs to make this work is not giving trophies for unsuccesfull attack. But now 1 trophie per win ? This means that we are not getting gems for big trophie changes , and even if top player (5500 trophies) will stop playing for year i wont catch up with him because of 1 trophie per win .( i am currently 3530 Trophies now btw) . ----------------- Give me back the second rework, reduce the gem dmg skills,delete reward for unsuccesfull attack,but let the reward be 7-10 per win. BTW: THIS UPDATE 1 TROPHIE WIN -4-5 TROPHIE LOSS MEANS I MUST WIN 4-5 BATTLES FOR LOSE THIS MEANS ITS SAME AS AT THE BEGGINING NOW BUT THIS IS WORSE BECAUSE THERES NO LADDER CLIMBING ,NO GEM REWARDS ,NO POINT IN PLAYING THIS GAME BECAUSE PLAYER STAYS ON SAME POSITION IN LADDER
  10. Hi guys, started 15 days after game release and still climbed to front of the ladder . Now i am in guild King of The Hill ( position 16) but looking for another guild because Lack of Blessings I am looking for aliance ,which has Blessings always ON and in top 20. Thank you