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  1. Treyo

    Let us keep our weapons after ascending

    Oh boy, I totally agree with that Aether!
  2. Treyo

    Level up bug

    Create a support ticket on support site and provide details of your problems. You can create a ticket by going on
  3. Q: How do I sync my account? A: Sync your account by logging in your Game Center/Google Play Account! Q: Does my knight battle while off the game? A: Yes! Your knight will battle against the minions! Q: I purchased gems, but no gems added. What should I do? A: If you have problems purchasing gems, create a support ticket by clicking here. Q: How to get items? A: To get items, play daily and find them while your battling! Q: I found a bug! What should I do? A: If you found any bugs, submit a support ticket by clicking here. Q: How to change name? A: Open Nonstop Knight on your device and go on settings. Q: I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do? A: If your questions isn't listed here, look on support site by clicking here or click here to ask a question by creating a topic. Note: This topic is still being worked on! Come back later for more questions posted here!
  4. Treyo

    Well this sucks

    Yeah, More you play, the more you can customize, for example, changing skills.
  5. Treyo

    Problem with Sync

    There's two different sync, one of them is Google Play Games and other is Game Center. If your trying to sync on iOS to Android, that won't work because Android doesn't have a ability to sync from Game Center account. To sync with Game Center, you must have two iOS devices while Android must have two Android devices to sync.
  6. Treyo

    Problem with Sync

    Sorry to hear this, if you have problems with the sync again, report bugs on Nonstop Knights Bugs & Technical Help!