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  1. I,m Doina , Leader in Garibaldi!!! In CONQUEST Can,t to upgrade WT or build other in last 1 hour!!!!What happend????
  2. i write yesterday after Pro , a English tichet, to support . flaregames. They ask me today about MASS Hysteria, what level we want, how much time is active this boosts.Looks like they don.t know much about this subject.So , is delayed solution, and we have Conquest War, NOW!!!
  3. Hello!!! I,m doina leader to Garibaldi. in 22,01,2019 after Pro league (my alliance make more than 45000 points) but not receive PRO BOOSTS MASS HYSTERIA -LEVEL 4, NOTHING,. WHAT TO DO?????????? We fight a lot in PRO LEAGUE and now we have ,, 0;; Boosts to FirebolT Towers!!! My team is very dissapoint, and tomorrow we have Conquest WAR.
  4. I,m leader of garibaldi (doina) and after pro league (22.01.2019 , my alliance don,t receive pro boost for firebolt tower level 4.We make 45,000
  5. I play this game for few years. but i never felt so stressed.And not just me,all team members.t for - 7 days - all the time to be online for can move or for fight. or to coodinate!!! - you should think : we play for fun when we have a little timeČ™ alot of us have a family, friends , job , can ,t be online all the day and night for can help team. Many members of my alliance (,,old,, in this game)want to quit , due to lack of time. other are dismayed and dissapointed because don,t understand how to play in Conquest war -the game was not explained enough(alliance Stronghold an conquest war) - We must spend a lot of Alliance donations, and Alliance can,t grow up DO SOMETHING ,PLEASE!!!!!
  6. i know about gameroom, play there , i try and there but not work, because not come the upgrade 3.9.
  7. I can,t play in Windows 8.1,but why can,t play RR2 in facebook/ facebook gameroom in other devise??? when will be upgrade in FB???
  8. Is dishonest , subscription for alliance, it is not a game based on how good you are in strategy, or if have good team, is about how much money you have in card Q!:((((( And if not play on phone have O subscription
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