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  1. Black Magic

    Black Magic + Flute is super powerful. Some players will stay forever on combos of 1912 and always will say bad things about what they don't know. Its the cause of Flare is always fucking the defenses. People don't try new combos, cry, say all is over powered and Flare fuck who invest on defenses instead say them they must try another ways. Congrats to Flare developers for the respect you have with us. 😒
  2. dragon animation

    many seconds lost because those useless animations...
  3. Black magic perk. How many points = 1 morale?

    Just to know, with 4 perks, a good forged BM can kill any high forged arblaster in one shot. Also cannons and frosters...
  4. Zombies Invasion!

    19 ogres on image IGN: Lucio Segalla
  5. Trivia n°5: All kind of questions.

    1. In which country is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? Norway 2. How many people have walked on the moon? 12 (twelve) 3. Which music group has received the most Grammy Awards? U2 4. 1,024 Gigabytes is equal to one what? One Terabyte 5. The teddy bear was named after what famous American politician? Theodore Roosevelt 6. Who was the first queen of England? Mary I 7. What does the Japanese phrase, "domo arigato" mean in English? Thank you very much 8. What is the tallest building in the world? Burj Khalifa 9. Where was the very first Hard Rock Cafe opened? London 10. What is the world's largest active volcano? Mauna Loa (Hawaii) 11. What is the third most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere? Argon (Ar) 12. What is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables and salt? Kimchi
  6. Trivia n°2: Animals from the Sea

    IGN: Lucio Segalla 1. 70 years 2. Dolphins 3. Electric Stingrays, Electric Eels, Electric Catfish, etc 4. Tiger pistol shrimp, topping over 200dB. 5. Sponges 6. No. Of the over 375 different species of sharks found in the world's oceans, only about 30 have been reported to ever attack a human. 7. Shortfin mako shark 8. Anemones 9. Sand lance is an example. The interesting aspect of the sand lance is its habit of burrowing into the sand or gravel of the sea bottom 10. One drop of venom from the Marbled Cone Snail is powerful enough to kill over 20 people.
  7. Forum Event: New Year Lotto!

    IGN: Lucio Segalla 07-09-18-29-37
  8. doomgate

    Why doomgate lost 30% of life and bombs on lv8? In low levels its the same percentages.
  9. Server update 08/27/2015

    Doomgate lv8 has 70% of life and bombs now.
  10. Mummy level up and pop less knights?

    Ok, thanks
  11. Mummy level up and pop less knights?

    Hi Lisa, Nokia Lumia 925 Windos Phone 8.1 This happens all the time. I put a mummy in the first wave and kill him with the hero . Every time out 10 knights. I made a video where you can see clearly what I say. Please watch.
  12. Mummy level up and pop less knights?

    My mummy pop 10. I tested several times. Windows Phone
  13. Mummy lv7 = 11 knights Mummy lv8 = 10 knights How to explain this?
  14. Simply ridiculous. Another error of Flare