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  1. Finally figured out what caused it. I have a habit if playing game whilst listening to some music, and when the music is played the game sounds are muted for some reason. Now if i decide to watch an ad in game for a bonus or whatever, my phone automatically pauses the music while the ad plays. But when i go back to game the sounds dont come back despite music no longer playing, and the only fix I've found is force closing.
  2. Didnt see this here so.. I've noticed that the sound keeps "stopping" or turning off randomly. It seems to be happening when i have left the game for a while, but can be fixed by force closing the app and starting it again. I have tried turning sound options on and off in-game, but no luck. After force close and restart all sound works fine, for a day or so. Then it dissappears again. This was encountered on the latest version of the game on an unrooted galaxy s7 on android 6.0.1.
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