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  1. Seelview

    Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    Ingame name seelview, alliance King of the hill
  2. Seelview

    Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    As my Perseus dives into battle Saying fuck your troops let them be stone And as his Okeanos consumes your cattle I'm saying "stop mooing motherfucker, your moo point stands alone"
  3. Seelview

    New Year Raffle

  4. Seelview

    Winter raffle!

  5. Seelview


    BXYEDW available until 09.12 Ign: seelview I'd like to add that the last day that I did not connect to this game was the day before I started newcomers, if you want your daily titan points, use my code...if you do it you will also win the lottery and find your true love within 72 hours.
  6. Seelview

    Chest video issue

    The videos of Last empire war dont work anymore, the ones that require to click 'watch' at the beginning Android,wi-fi
  7. Seelview

    Something I noticed

    A semierect penis. Feel free to talk about it ?
  8. Seelview

    ors 4 A few questions

    Well my silo is full so even if I do tap "collect all" it shouldnt matter, it says "ambrosia maxed, go to war"... here's a screenshot to understand what I'm referring to... the ambrosia from olympus gathers and is kept for me to use it... the one from islands dissapears
  9. Seelview

    ors 4 A few questions

    I do not want to start another thread so I'll ask here, Alysea I hope you will see this Does the gathered amount of ambrosia from ambrosia islands occupied with heroes resets on every connection? I mean for me it does but is this normal? Actually it seems to reset on every disconnection, then it gathers until I connect again and if I dont use it, when I disconnect it goes back to 0...
  10. Seelview

    orh 2 Trophy system

    No, it is not fair for very active players. Because 10 fights×3 trophies=30 trophies which can be lost in a single defeat by a weaker enemy...I win a couple of gems but the trophies go way down. So what I'm getting is that the current system encourages inactivity...because I complained before about the defense, the more I upgrade the towers the more trophies I lose so it must get weaker...
  11. Seelview

    ors 4 A few questions

    Yes I got a pretty good amount of gems from the epic chests... but they were not so free, the chests cost coins, coins come mostly from battles, battles take time...of course flare doesnt want my time, but my money, understandable... but my only payment option is through debit or credit card...and I have a Maestro one, not accepted by google play...I tried to buy a gift card, couldnt, google failed something, "try again at a later date"...I know it's not your problem, I was just saying. Thanks for you response Alysea
  12. Seelview

    orh 2 Trophy system

    Amen brother BaldrTheReborn! But I am fairly sure the explanation "you were attacked while you were attacking" is bullshit... Yesterday I won 3 fights in a row without getting trophies... ok, while I fought, someone attacked me and I lost 3 trophies while winning other 3, compensating... but 3 times in a span of 7-8 minutes? Seriously? And before that I had like 3 or 4 hours with no attacks... it was said very clear, your ascension lvl would dictate your want to be high in the ranks, you need to be high in lvl... and high in lvl are the big want to keep up with them? Spend the same or more... And I find this fair for a free game but give those who are very active a chance, maybe we will determine the spenders to spend more?
  13. I noticed some unannounced changes so... What happened with the free ad chests, a few days ago i would get one/hour, now I get one or two/day When/why did you nerf epic chests... a while ago I would find a pretty good amount of ambrosia, now for 300k coins i get usually 5-6 dominance and 40k coins, fantastic deal! Also I used to find some stray germs in them...absolutely nothing now. "a few questions" ... actually just these two.
  14. Seelview

    Regarding trophy loss

    Alex... after I upgraded my heroes temple to lvl 7 everything was ok, I could gain trophies as I attack alot and didnt lose too many trophies on defense... but now after I upgraded all my troops and almost every defensive building it's a disaster, as much as I attack I can't coop with the loses... this I cant understand, why does my defense get weaker and weaker after every upgrade?