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  1. Boost your Castle event 8 Nov 2017

    Okay. Thanks for clarifying
  2. Boost your Castle event 8 Nov 2017

    well for me even the other buildings are not showing any reduced time or cost. Btw, i am on Windows 10.
  3. Ninja Rewards - Bug?

    This time i completed all islands. Missed 100% in 3 of them. But i am getting only 2 Ninjas in-spite of completing all islands. --- SK
  4. nice maintenance...

    Back online. Score did not change. Got the pearls.
  5. nice maintenance...

    was ahead about 25K so hopefully yes. Wanted to gain more but not connecting still.
  6. nice maintenance...

    Not working for me either. Not sure what happens to my score in diamond league. I was first.
  7. Ninja Rewards - Bug?

    Completed 4 islands and had 2 Ninjas. But it reduced to one as i progressed. Is that right?
  8. Chat stops working all of the sudden. Able to chat when we start but then if we donate insta troop, view war stats and do pretty much anything else chat stops working. Have to close the game and restart to chat again.
  9. Unable to play in android phone

    Found out that this happens only when I connect through mobile network. Works fine on wifi. Wondering if there are special settings to be enabled. I have always played in this phone, using the same mobile network. It was working when it suddenly stopped mid game in the same mobile network. It just wouldn't connect now. Connection is on and posting from that phone now.
  10. It was working and all of a sudden couldn't connect just after a raid. I tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the app as well but it doesn't work still. Some problem in server where android devices connect?
  11. Cannot play on Windows

    Thanks for taking time to reply. My issue is not about a new install where you will want to check if all prerequisites are installed. It just stopped working all of a sudden and started working again. No changes done in the machine recently. Not even updates installed. I do have a good AV suite and to check i tried loading other similar games and they all worked fine.
  12. Cannot play on Windows

    Thanks. I had even tried restarting the machine thinking it may be due to the video driver issue. So memory is not a issue. I had & have 20Mbps connection so network wasn't the issue either. Anyway it started working after a while though.