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  1. I got less rewards😐😐. I ranked over 100 at rewards time. And now it show 95. Missed: 1 pro chest and 100 gems.πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
  2. To Flare - Compensation

    i did the same. no more money from me too. and rheir poor answers at mail same to everyone.
  3. To Flare - Compensation

    maybe flare's team dont know how every player did at the event, and gave everyone max reward for their current trophies(for a lot it's lower because wars are close or other reasons). some didn't even get their get the rewards they worked for. aleasy i am a software engineer. i can help your team, which apparently dont now how to save details. it is very easy to create a table at sql for example. here's, one free, for the new year:πŸ™‚ CREATE TABLE Ninja_event_10(player_ign varchar(225),tier tiers,number_of_coins int,rewards_for_player rewards,); you can show this to the team. happy to help. your welcome.πŸ˜€ btw, 2 days late. flare should compansate for that, especially the winners that got nothing extra from them. i think we deserve something more. auf wiedersehen.
  4. To Flare - Compensation

    this game is beautiful but the terible acts of flare distroy the game. really???????????????????????? u think thats what we deserve?? first place after so many fails and everyone get the rewards and first place after all the stress and gems used, get nothing more. if every member get full rewards first should get double then. its not the first time u do unfair things. make me want to leave the game. iam sorry i started to play and iam sorry for the money i spent. good gift for the new year sure. hate u.
  5. To Flare - Compensation

    finaly got first and now everyone get max rewards. we want compensation for first place too.
  6. What will we get as compensation?

    thats right. i am happy to get my rewards, but i think those who did first like me should be compensate as well.
  7. Update 2.7

    If you use toxic cloud it changed 1sec longer level for 14 and 15.
  8. Change at spells

    Thanks for the answer aleasy. Well, i understand the reason of the toxic cloud change, but.. when we upgreded to level 13 and 14 we were offerd one thing and now we get +0.5sec cooldown for each level. And it changes a lot! For me its very importent. It realy ruined my spell and now i cant use it like i did. I wait alot for the cd now.. its lvl 13 for me and its not even kill unboosted froster... i stoped upgrading it in porpuse and other players did like me. I think if you make changes like this, first its importent for us to know about it, you should at least give us the option to go back to lvl 12, where it was much usfull. Cuz if i knew that at first, maybe i would upgrade it already to max(and use it to kill troops too and not just slow them) and not start upgrading other spell. Anyway i would prefer it to be back to level 15 at 12 seconds. But if not that i will realy aprishiate to go back to level 12. Hope it is possible. If not i guess i will just upgrade it to max. I planed my upgarade and i wanted low tc to use it more often and to kill with it. I realy dont like it. Just Another Disappointment from Flare. Thanks for reading.😊 Sorry if i did mistakes with my englishπŸ˜‰.
  9. Change at spells

    Let us go to previus level. U change it after we upgarade and its not fair.
  10. Change at spells

    Let us go to previus level. U change it after we upgarade and its not fair.
  11. Change at spells

    It took me months to forge it and now its 0.5 s longer 😐 and weak.
  12. New update

    Why flare chenged the toxic cloud upgrades?????? Now i have longer cooldown at level 14 only.
  13. Change at spells

    And i cant show u picture of what my tc spell because max total size 1.95mb