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  1. Of course there is a round factor. You cant see decimals. The color upgrade (when its 4* and changes color), is a much more variable factor in fact. But it evens up when you see it as a whole. The rounding factor you mentioned for low valued perks (like damage) is visible. Its there when you do 1*, 2* or 3* too. But its not significant. In my opinion. You tried max forging on the first levels you entered the game? 🙂
  2. Like I said... give me any example, I will predict the perk, the range, the value, the final item, product what ever. Better yet, tell me what item, values and perk you want... I will tell you what to find! Me and dumpster give you facts, try to be a bit positive, and you will at least see what we mean.
  3. Still nothing is random... unless you want it to be. And there is NO range, that part is not random... dont be stubborn.
  4. What ever the range, the result is the same, based on %. It does not change. Its like cooking, what ever you put - you will cook. Only once? 🙂 In any case, I have the only way to convince you. And even that will be hard. You find ANY items you want, forge or refine them, step by step... I will tell you the outcome. Deal?
  5. I have included that... have you read my post? The result of the forging and the refining, is NOT random. There is a range of values for every item “born”. If you want to call that “random”, fine. however that has nothing to do with our discussion here. When you start forging or refining, you have all the data, and he outcome is always “constant”, “stable” and analogically the same.
  6. Each power? If I understand this right, yes there is a set % of increase for each perk/power. We know all the correct %. My explanation works with all perks. What else?
  7. You are telling me, and it sounds that you know it. But I really don’t understand what you are saying at all... Whats the increase? Whats the 0-5% Whats halved?
  8. I don’t blame you. You said its random. I say it’s not. I explained why, because you asked for proof (which I asked you first). Please give me the random part? Explain more. I am willing to hear, maybe I learn something new today!!!
  9. I haven’t left anything out or skipped a passage. But if I have, maybe you can help me if you know. Which one are you talking about, help us out! Where is your analysis? Please don’t make meaningless posts, out of spike. You can disagree, it’s your right, but if you make 4-5 posts just because you don’t like the answer or don’t agree with it, is exactly the reason why I wanted to explain. If anyone feels like my post is a load of cr*psh*t, do tell or add a “sad”. I would really appreciate the debate. But if it looks even just “logical”, give it a like - I for one prefer by far that, instead of “what someone feels or thinks” without evidence. That’s someone who thinks knows everything. I am here to learn and improve. I love learning, and what I know is either from the devs or the members. I do check for myself if I can. I would love to hear an answer from the devs too! 🙂 P.S. I am sure. Are you put?
  10. Archimides

    low skull level difficulty

    Have you leveled up recently a few levels? Is the difficulty that you die often? Or not enough time?
  11. You know, that's typical of you 🙂 But in my case, I back up everything I say, with proof. I have gathered data from numerous forges and tests, since forging started. If those pictures are not proof for you that I can plan what I want (since all perks are equal as I wanted them to be), you don't know how this works or how it is possible to get those values/numbers. I'll try one last time, not for you but for the community here. Anyone is free to think what they want, the only problem is when members don't back up their theory saying "its always like that" which miss leads people to have a negative view, on an otherwise perfectly working basic forging system. a) Those items are all on level 131. b) On level 131, max amounts end of November (before new changes and update) were around 18k on green 1* (18300 was max I saw). I specifically only showed items of this sort of values (CD, stun, speed attack, resistances) which work on the same values. Other perks can be different and trickier to calculate precisely. c) When you MAX forge those values (always use 4* and 5* titans), you could get a value of around 98-100k. d) When you refine any item, you can see the original perk, no problem. With that, and calculation you can easily see that a new value would be for example 11200. That in turn can get you with MAX forge, around 62k. That's a 62% on original value of perk and refining perk (today as we speak, it's more). e) You can't see the hidden value, but it's treated exactly as the original perk. This was mentioned by Chris and Captain Morgan. Why? Because both these perks, are max forged to titan 5*. You then have 2 titan 5* and both the perks when combined, will get the same exact treatment as they are on the same item, which is a refining silver. So this means they will end up the same. Refining a second time, means your new added perk has been forged to normal titan 5* and will only get to gold 5*. Which means it "missed out" a whole line of forging on silver color... and that is indeed LOWER value in the end, not to be confused with a random value. At the same time, the two original values, are again treated the exact same way (a new line of gold forging), and this will result them in getting a reduction, meaning it will go down to 52-53% of the original value you had (98-100k) Now getting 18300 or 18000 is very rare, even if you buy chests daily... that's random yes 🙂 Naturally I can't wait around to get 18000 on all my items, but those rare ones that I do find, I use them on my GK. That's how you can get 62k approx on those two values you see there on my Perseus boots. For the non-max values or close to that, I may not use max forging on titan, which of course gives me a lower result. But if I use 17000 CD and forge it 4* up to titan 1* and then use 1* titans, I could get it to 90k. That would result in refining around 57k if I max forge that, or 52-53k if I don't max the titans again... that's the result you can see on the other items (the non-boots). So max titan and max silver = 61-62k, max without 5* titans = 52-53k To conclude, all the values are based on what you have and what you use. It can't be random, there is no point to use a system when you don't know the outcome, at least by trial and error. Why would I use my best item to refine it, if I can't get a similar *best* outcome. That would be crazy. That would be rewarding any player that just picks up a 14k CD green ring, or a 75k titan 5* CD ring, and forge or refine it to get a higher random value than me... Even the refining transfer perk system can be 100% if you know what you are doing. You get a random perk, if you don't know what you are doing. Values are standard, even for unique forging/refining. there is a range based on the unique level and your level. Uniques have given values specifically, just like all the other items (a range of values). You can blame FG all you like, but they work on the correct principles. They might make mistakes, but above all, they try to make a logical and fair system. An unfair system means people will stop playing. I know it takes them time, but they always follow up in the end. I wouldn't be playing, if the math didn't add up... Do you have any proof? Because unless you have some similar evidence, I won't take your word for it, that "you know its always random".
  12. It's not random. It's based on the values. Show me proof, and I'll eat my hat 🙂 It does however change a bit if you have old items (there used to be cap, then removed and then in last update the values changed again). Assuming you max out boots with resistance, and you max out an item that you will refine to it again with resistance, they will both have the same value in the end.
  13. Archimides

    What should i expected?

    Thanks for the confirmation!
  14. Archimides

    What should i expected?

    The problem is really getting a unique with 1 extra perk. And then checking with a silver and a gold, what would be the difference? As far as gold items are concerned, they are definitely not worth it while you are leveling up. But when you max out, you can definitely take advantage of making your heroes more powerful. We were sitting on the same level, probably more than a year. If we had this system, you would be busy for life... even not maxing out items, it can take like months to make all heroes with gold items... assuming you will raid some crazy, and at some point, upgrades will be complete to focus on that. Silver on the other hand, are hands down (with the new numbers) more than essential... I am losing CD so fast on my main heroes, that I am starting new items on the level, and adding CD at least. My only worry is what to do with them later... and the fact that upgrades are delaying... powers/units at least.