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  1. I know, but there have been incidents where they have made mistakes (they are humans, even if CM refers to us as mortals, he is certainly one too 🙂 ). Most of the time, if you see their responses are "should" and "if not, it's not intended". It's understandable, because it's different what you want to do, and what the actual result is... especially in coding. Most recently I think you or Neptune or Marinien, got a response, and then replied back, and finally it was corrected again by devs (last months Q&A, Madlen mentioned it). Based on that, I always search for the truth if my gut says it works differently. There are a few not-confirmed bugs or how things work which are floating in the air. I am not convinced on a few things, but since I can't yet prove it, I am not engaging in a conversation, their opinion surely matters more (like Helen's power, on last part of Q&A).
  2. There was an answer about that specifically... but I don't remember if its waves, or what you have "equipped". It should be the latter in my opinion, as I want to control it better, and also, what I have on waves, doesn't mean is what I want at the gate. I've tried on my mini account, I can't get him to spawn anything. You should report it for sure... I can't get anything to spawn, is surely a bug. I have seen Cadmus spawn units at GK, so it could be a bug related to lower levels, or power lower level... not sure. @ManinBlaq
  3. That's interesting, I don't remember any questions specifically about this. But it could be that a % of the morale is used, as everything else gets affected (usually reduced). Would you be able to test with only Medusa's (remove all other units) and then only Cyclops, and tell us the results? It's also interesting if you can pack him up with CD, see if he would spawn / use his tooth more frequently, just for the test, and tell us the variations of that power used. If you run into some weird results, I will do my self some tests.
  4. You know what? Thanks for that picture and link. I did exactly that a while back, using this knowledge to transfer my chosen perks. Then we found out that it does transfer those perks (the main powers - even physical, which is main on shield). I made a report for it, and had I seen or remembered this specific example from CM I would have insisted on getting back my items or some kind of compensation... In any case, that's a long time ago, but I was furious for a quite some time... especially with the 5* titans I used on unique refining, which was also "changed" after the initial release. Meaning I wasted over 20 x 5* titans What we do know, is that the main powers (left side of item), which are perks (right side of item) can be transferred to uniques or general items. Only powers which are on the left side (not rings), can't be transferred. It has gotten really clear and confirmed lately, with more examples of perks being transferred. This could easily be explained as ALL of these examples (health/leadership/damage) are cursed items as perks. Which means you can have a main and a perk on the same item, if you transfer it as a perk from a cursed item, to your preferred destination. Physical, is a perk in the game (not necessarily cursed), so it is already transferable. And yes, the extra resistance or perk is always calculated.
  5. It's difficult to determine when hits/damage/demo are calculated... I don't like this aspect. As a whole, everything works ok, but its difficult to actually see the "fight". Many games, when you hit its clear, here we have some formulas in place, which make calculation difficult and results blurry. In the past few months, we have gotten a more clear understanding of how these things work, but there are still so many details we do not know. It doesn't matter usually, but if you really want to have the edge, you should know how everything works, to built your heroes or plan your raids that way imho. It's what separates elites, from good players, in my version of elites. It's not "clearly" when you don't know the mechanics 100%. If damage procs with demo at the same time, then it's possible that the structure can get 50% and then damage takes care of the rest, it just so happens it is destroyed. It's also possibly that damage kicks in first, then demo with a split second ruling (like the fails we see over the gate broken). There could also be a bare minimum of demo, say below 10% or 5% health, in fact so the 50% doesn't keep an endless loop of damage and never destroying the tower... If demo result of 10% is 5k damage, but hero does more than 12k damage, it could be that damage overrules it, or demo = damage in this case. I can think of many ways, that things work. I like to be more open, than to be definitive. There are so many explanations, it's probably better we ask a question. Having said that, your test and explanation, might also be true.
  6. I've noticed a difference with different amounts of stun, possibly with AS too... The devs never confirmed it, but they should be checking the effect, now that we have found general evidence. I like your explanation of demo or/and with fb, it makes sense I guess, and isolates the problem to demo alone, but with bugs, anything is possible. Well if demo works as Marinien said, they should not stack, and why should they? It makes demo OP, replacing the actual damage makes more sense in my opinion. However, like I said earlier it should be 50% + the damage or the fb damage if they would stack together without the bug. I don't think that is particularly hard, we have a lot of units that do different set of damages.
  7. It takes 50% IF it procs, at the % you have on your hero demo. Interesting theory by dumpster, if you had 100% demo, you would NEVER, destroy any structure. Which is why 75% is the best cap out there, of all the perk caps. The 50% of structure health, is separate/irrelevant from the proc chance, which is like all other attack perks. its also arguably, not optimal to max it... which is why 15-25% works fine, maybe 30-40% max. I never use more. You hit a structure several times, its bound to proc (% is per *hit*), even few times on same structure... so it cant benefit much more. Think of a structure with low health, which you can destroy with your raw damage, demo actually *wont allow* that, and practically you don’t need it. If you ever get a guy lower than 100 level, test his base, with and without demo (dont use powers/units)... you will see the difference. Comments above, do not take into consideration the fb bug, for understanding how demo works alone.
  8. I didn’t notice so much in the past, but the 50% seems to be the case, and you can check it easy. It is regardless of your damage, and acts as a % of you demo. I dont think it depends on anything else, except say AS which was confirmed affects are perks on swing/hits. The demo/fb should not happen (it destroys the structure on hit regardless of remaining health - even at 100%). This means it basically doubles/triples that 50%, which makes sense how fb multiplies damage, and how demo works alone. However it was confirmed it should not proc together, and if they do, I assume it should be the damage+fb effect plus 50% demo... not demo x fb, which makes it 100% or 150% Demo does nothing to the gate/GK.
  9. No. The bar of morale just fills out faster. Did you use Bia on one of those tries, and not with the other hero ? Healing them, also might give you the illusion you mentioned.
  10. I have experienced that part of missing the "x" a couple of times on my second device (galaxy)... it might be an ad problem. Are you experiencing it 100% of the time, or from time to time?
  11. It's actually so deep, it relies on a lot of things. 1) 120 ambrosia is 11-12 gems, not to mention the rest of the deaths 2) Ambrosia is needed for raiding, not just 1 raid because I go all beast on a setup. 3) Unless you get like cursed items, at all levels, you can't really keep up with no resistances. You already have to wear like vest/boots and shield... I'm nor saying I will refine weapons with resistance, but I do keep up with these items. I value health for loh, and there is no reason carrying an old cursed DR/leadership cloth, just because it's there. When I level up, I use a few 4* greens, maybe blues if a good hero, and finish my titan 1*. I keep a standard set of rings with cursed DR/resistances and use them for all my heroes (Odysseys). 4) Getting low on health at a tough corner, makes the hero go backwards. I've seen AP go back and forth like 2-3 times at the same spot, and not dying. In those occasions, I wish the hero died. The point of AP, imho is not to look. If I have to worry about time, more than I have to worry about my hero arriving at a GK and stealmate the battle... it would defy the point, it would be even worst, as you can't do anything about it... So at the same time, even if you aren't AP, you lose time, or die, pay ambrosia and move on. 5) It's also a matter of prestige... I like staying alive, and beating bases or Odysseys without dying 6) As you know, this started way back, when you would fill your resources, raid war and get gems at the end... still valid, still counts a lot. There is no logic not do it. I'm a proud free-gem user, it matters more to me, maybe that's the biggest point in our discussion 🙂 As a matter of fact, I would like to see the top10 trophy on spending $$$, just out of curiosity. 7) No resistances, means a lot of loh (less damage) or pheme (high CD). I can't afford both of these options for my heroes for now. 8) Odysseys Most important, is wasting wisdom on Odysseys... some of those Iapetus or Apollo towers, are like 4-5 times deadlier than normal maxed out towers... its crazy, whats the point I lose my ambrosia and wisdom there, if I can't stay alive. I use 4-5 heroes, I don't refine everyone else, I dont have the time before maxing. I did use Odysseus hero, to go back to his "station" today... I had to go through 5-6 islands, so the 750 ambrosia was not completely re-wasted... he did ok, but it was easy bases. I think he died twice in total, maybe twice in one island, so 3 times in total. He had like 50% physical and 50% lightning... the ambrosia from dying was wasted again. It cut me back from my normal raids. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I got no problem to die and move on the battle, it's not an obsession, but I also don't like it when it happens, for the above reasons. It's also a signal of a good opponent, a good base, or time to check my heroes... I just like building around it. My Cadmus has 35% poison, so does Athena, Helen doesn't have... Hercules isn't full physical (my only non-shielded) and he struggles with tough GK, which is why he is out of the war... Lightning is obviously important, fire is close... but then again Cadmus is 50%, and I can't afford to give him more. I use a damage vest, but how long is that going to last? Perhaps a refined fire, will max him out, and gain a new needed perk.
  12. If you are saying get the CD for those 2 powers to be constant, and then adding potency, I would not disagree. But since he has no potency unique, then you need the two apples, to get some kind of action going, it might work well getting CD up with just a cape, otherwise how is it even possible? LOH gets so much deteriorated (with refines), that you still need physical/lightning the very least for him... pheme is out of the question since you mentioned the two powers, so what's left? I feel its hopeless for him. I really would like to see a full war of Prom, like Calimera uses him... I can't believe she uses him without difficulties. Naturally, she picks the bases suited for him to raid, but still... how can he beat them without deaths, invos or get the GK ? How do you beat tough GK? Raw damage and stun? That's a one way street, you can't beat them all like that... Powers are actually what can be used to take advantage of GK's weak spots... physical is usually maxed on most of the GK's. Athena's that use potency... if 5 powers are selected wisely, can make the battle really easy for her vs GK. I think it's better than stun, but both would help even more. Helen and Perseus can also be good matchups vs tough GK. It's math... try full potency. Over stun, you get faster to the GK as well, since stun doesn't help with structures along the path... which is why I said apples have those 2 perks needed more for the whole battle. More time vs the GK, with bigger powers, can be very effective. One of the ways you can beat those tough GK's. I rank stun 3rd along with FB vs GK, but stun is very easy to max out with just rings and weapons... so people tend to start there. No harm, just getting used to it without actually trying anything else. I wish there was a training ground, where we could test setups @CaptainMorgan, or at least use other hero items/uniques, just for my base, so I can test out more...
  13. But you have mentioned their unique attributes and benefits, which are used by a lot of people... though I disagree, I believe making CD rings is much better every couple of levels, than using a 5* titan over a unique in this case (even Cadmus/Helen uniques are awful compared to a refined item with CD). There are benefits to making a good CD ring, one of them is you can slowly upgrade them while using your other rings, second is you can refine them with a nice perk like demo/fb and only lose a small % and third you can later re-use that 5* or even 3* if you may. That's why we need a use of uniques for the long run, starting now, when most people have a lot of duplicates. On the other hand, if you aren't planning to kill GK (which most of your heroes won't), I value potency over any other perk other than CD... so on a ring, I got a potency/CD ring ONCE, and i still have it in my inventory, since before 131 I think. So an apple, saves you a "slot", you get both perks in one item, and be able to do much more with the rest of your items. If you want to make a hero full of CD/Potency, which is potentially better (but harder) than max CD/Stun, even for GK takedown... then the way to do it with the least possible refines, is with 2 apples. Otherwise, if you have something else on the rings, then it takes minimum 5 refinements to get even close to 75% and 50% potency. Having the two apples, will get you much easier to 75% & 75%... Here is more data on that. Stat numbers are for my level, but % will work for any level exactly the same. A) No apples: Goal is max potency/CD CD 1) Max CD on green (29500) and then making it titan max = 180k 2) Using 3 items (2 rings and 1 cape) = 540k 3) 75% for non CD boosted hero = 740k 4) Refining at max one item, is around 70%. 180k refined can be 126k Total CD = 68% with around 666k (1 refining - lets assume vest with CD) Potency If you don't refine the cape for obvious reasons, you have 4 items left to refine (assume shielded hero) 1) Assume you got a weapon with potency. Max green is around (12k) making it max titan 5* = 74k 2) Refining 3 remaining items, at 70% = 51k each = 153k 3) 75% for potency = 295k Total potency = 57% with around 227k (1 weapon + 3 refinings) b) With 2 apples: Goal is max potency/CD In both cases, you have an apple maxed on your level, mine would be: 106k potency + 121k CD AND 108K potency + 127k CD CD 1) CD cape with same logic as above 180k 2) 3 refinings with same logic as above 126k x3 = 378k As above logic CD is 81% with 806k (so some to spare for level up) Potency 1) Weapon same logic as above 74k As above logic potency is 73% with 288k (my apples are very bad btw) Conclusion, you are more than maxed out in the apple case, with 1 refinings to add what you want. By using pheme (since you are at 75% CD), you pretty much do not need a lot of resistances, which means that you can refine two weapons with stun and gather some of that too. If someone follows the rule of 1% CD = 5% potency then you can work your way for this setup
  14. Any plans to add a chat/message/inbox feature in-game???? Why has this not been implemented so far ? Can we debate on it ?
  15. We do need an in-chat messaging system... a very simple one, it doesn't have to be live, just an inbox thing. Poeple are forced to use 2-3-4 apps to communicate. Generals use more than that, because some players can't use a certain type of chat app. An inbox messaging system, open to all members (not just alliance), is usually a standard. I am not sure why there isn't one, people do communicate in the end, so why make it harder? A person can have it blocked or completely shut down if he wants to.
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