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  1. You are right will see in few days
  2. Same connected to Facebook the pal you obtain is very low. Same at 8 hour you don't get any pal. After 3 of 4 day I got none and probably many player have the same problem
  3. You quote me? And you talk to a guy name Warriornator? You confuse me with someone else. To come back to the subject. You are satisfy with only 2 pal a month ok you don't need much to be happy in a life. Please tell me you are more smart than that? No? It's a joke right? You come here to tell us 2 pal a month is enough? You like what Flare do?
  4. Up your défense what you think. We can't do anything about this just accept that happen sorry
  5. Can you read correctly? It's not the way how donate we don't know is only the pals are not present in the game. You found 1 pal on 20 chest if you are lucky. I guess is less than 1%. Flare must give us at least 30% chance to find pal in chest and not like 0.00000000001% you understand?
  6. Not clear what the problem? You enter the portal and fight on the island. After each victory you fight the next island and so on......
  7. @Cromka1 wow you like your throne? We not disturb you? Do you want we give you the entire world? Sorry oh master to existing on this planet. We can breathing? Oh sorry master we did not know this game was created for only you. Accept the apologies oh master ok guys tomorring we all quit its Cromka game oh master sorry to be in your game Seriously who is this guy? Your head is not too big? You have a serious problem of ego wow i think in your bubble world you are the king and you must give us order and all .You are a flare team members no choice or you lick very good their ass
  8. Don't worrie we know you don't care. How your alliance can support you when they know you have scrap the game? Oh no true you spend money to give them gems to support you.Poor guys I complain them
  9. And again one more mistake from flare today. Ridiculous
  10. I think with the bad move of flare some will follow you soon......
  11. It's your answer to us? Don't cry baby? Fuck you. You are satisfy to scrap this game? You joy is on top now? You are happy? The record of player in 3,499 will be very high tomorrow
  12. New shop with uber chest and a discount of 90% still won't attract customers and Flare make bankrupt and everybody are happy
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