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  1. If I was new lol never have try this game simple
  2. LOL what? Flare don't have change anything. Same old shit and same old war. BORING.......
  3. Very interesting......impatient to know all the trick and strategie for necromancer
  4. You find pals in chest and can donate to your team. Each members who find a pal up your number. By example Jonny find a owl pal in a chest and donate. In donation page you will see 1 in side of his name and when the others look in beast page you will see the owl is now at 1/50 you and your members must find 50 pals to have the beast mode
  5. This game is dead everyone quit each day and with the Pokemon in Royal Revolt and the new pay to win feature and all the bugs. Flare lose all players they are lucky if it's still like 100k players in few month
  6. Flare just need to add in store in description : Can you catch them all?
  7. Everyone become free player since 3.0.0 lol just a minority I guess still continue to paid flare lol
  8. Nah dracomancer dont attack the gate. They help you to destroy all tower around try it you will see
  9. This game dying nothing we can do about it
  10. Nah just use gold shield and problem solve
  11. Maybe in 1 year at this speed lol
  12. We want more challenge flare give us really hard challenge in the next festival
  13. LOL nice one you can said too don't panic the topic is on fire bring extinguisher and problem solve
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