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  1. If I was new lol never have try this game simple
  2. LOL what? Flare don't have change anything. Same old shit and same old war. BORING.......
  3. Very interesting......impatient to know all the trick and strategie for necromancer
  4. You find pals in chest and can donate to your team. Each members who find a pal up your number. By example Jonny find a owl pal in a chest and donate. In donation page you will see 1 in side of his name and when the others look in beast page you will see the owl is now at 1/50 you and your members must find 50 pals to have the beast mode
  5. This game is dead everyone quit each day and with the Pokemon in Royal Revolt and the new pay to win feature and all the bugs. Flare lose all players they are lucky if it's still like 100k players in few month
  6. Flare just need to add in store in description : Can you catch them all?
  7. Everyone become free player since 3.0.0 lol just a minority I guess still continue to paid flare lol
  8. Nah dracomancer dont attack the gate. They help you to destroy all tower around try it you will see
  9. This game dying nothing we can do about it
  10. Nah just use gold shield and problem solve
  11. Maybe in 1 year at this speed lol
  12. We want more challenge flare give us really hard challenge in the next festival
  13. LOL nice one you can said too don't panic the topic is on fire bring extinguisher and problem solve
  14. Again? They are not tired to scrap all topic? @ShiroKo you must learn to answer in a good way. Your bad attitude start to very annoying honestly it's not the first time you have do that. You answer in a bad way again the guy popup. If you cannot answer or reply in a correct way maybe you should stop answer on this forum. There is a way to answer someone and you don't learn it @majestic0046 and you? You are not tired to repeat the same crap days after days the same shit the same disc the same speech? You too if you cannot learn how to reply or answer on this forum in a good way maybe you should stop answer here. we are on a forum guy and rule number one respect the other and answer in a polite way, if it's too hard for you you can always leave this forum and lets the others who can speak do it
  15. Fun to know the minority have more power against the majority here. Really fun don't stop Flare you dig your own end
  16. What? what the hell we heard today....... Really? not a big surprise from Flare and what we read it's because of one player here. Fantastic!!!! Continue to listen the minority it's super cool
  17. Look all the overacting on this forum it's crazy just a bug wow
  18. Exactly we are just puppets and we must obey. Flare do what they want
  19. New shop with uber chest and a discount of 90% still won't attract customers and Flare make bankrupt
  20. Avatar990


    @All why you can not respect the others opinion. Respect each others here. Stop this non sense. its annoying at the end @William22 @Devilgoh Stop this fight why you cannot respect the opinion of Warrior? Stop all this non sense oh my god......... I am sure everyone gonna be right with what I gonna say but if you cannot respect the others opinion please just don't say annything. If you cannot have proper attitude with other player here. Maybe your place should not be here I understand Warrior of the frustration he can feel If that happen again I hope the others gonna remember you again thanks!!!
  21. Gives to Caesar what belongs to Caesar in other word its not your idea but this suggestion was made 1 year ago before you was born. Look suggestion and improvement section you can find topic who talk about that in the past. If you look carefully Warriornator and Darren suggested that before you. Don't take glory when its not for you
  22. I check and try Final Chronicle really awesome turn based game
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