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  1. Krakenof1999

    ors intercategorical 1 popsalot

    Mistake? Hummm ok lol confuse the word festival with war lol. It's like someone talk of salt food recipe on a food forum and someone come from nowhere and give link to topic of sugar food recipe. He ask a question of festival and she give a link and suggest to read about war season lol ok nevermind. Mag is always confuse and never understand the other topic. It's not a big surprise after all. Ok if she like to be a troll why not and If everyone like that I have no objection please continue the topic
  2. Krakenof1999

    All Information,Video and more about Royal Revolt 2

    Keep your good work very appreciated some player help the others
  3. Krakenof1999

    if you were a new player

    If you have a second chance to restart the game after know more about flare. Probably the good advice not waste your money on this company Its the best advice you can follow
  4. Krakenof1999

    hero items Why are some perks shining and some aren't?

    Because they are unique you cannot find this perk on normal items like legendary you transform in uber you can look the wiki to see all uber items and unique perk
  5. Krakenof1999

    Shortcomings in the War System

    Disappointing flare don't have change anything with 3.0 and I guess don't have the intention to do it anyway.
  6. Krakenof1999

    Version 3.0 - Birthday version

    The update is awesome maybe just the pets aka Pokemon I don't like but the rest to have more level of building and new stuffs like heal tower or necromancer, the beast,etc.. but just like that I don't like the grinding part. Take a lot of time to get a pal in chest maybe many month for some alliance and for alliance who have 2 team or 3 who know is a pain in the ass to get them this update is far to be perfect but is ok
  7. Krakenof1999

    Time for few question (Spoiler Here)

    For the necromancer can take time before everyone have them maybe in 1 or 2 week the time players do throne room and academy by the way nice question. Interesting to keep a eye on this topic to know if we can learn more later about necromancer and the beast
  8. Flare gonna find a way to make a.shit scenario like they always do
  9. Krakenof1999

    Festival Coming? Any Guesses?

    This time give us top 10 in the matchmaking it's not enough hard lol
  10. Krakenof1999

    Let's discuss version 3.0.0

    3.0? Really? And what this time flare gonna nerf all? Lol
  11. Less grinding more challenge less grinding more challenge less grinding more challenge.........
  12. Krakenof1999

    New Defensive Building: Mines

    Love it you dig a mine and the hero pass on it and boom hero piece everywhere lol
  13. Krakenof1999

    RR2 Birthday Is Coming

    Bring a tournament between player in each division and the winner become the champion with a lots of privilege and power