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  1. Game: RR2 IGN: Zerpiron 1. The First Crusade 2. Geoffrey of Monmouth 3. Rhea 4. Cetus (In the 2010 movie it was the Kraken) 5. Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon & Cocytus 7. (Hail) Hydra 8. In the year 1185 9. Roman numeral system and device is the abacus 10. There was an imperial election and the prince-electors selected Charles V in 1519. There were 7 of them: Albert of Brandenburg, Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, Hermann of Wied, Louis II of Hungary, Louis V Elector Palatine, Frederick III Elector of Saxony, Joachim I Nestor Elector of Brandenburg.
  2. I have same problems as you@Stay0Puft. On Windows 10 PC. I usually hold down the left/right mouse button to move the king. When I move the mouse cursor across the insta troop icon, it spawns the troops. This only happens in some raids, while other raids it won't. And this problem only arise for a couple of months recently. Interesting thing is, when I hold and move the mouse across the other icons (spells, troops, scrolls) it wont activate the respective icons. This is annoying as heck. When I need to pull back quickly I usually drag the mouse to the bottom of the screen, right under the insta troop icon. I've stopped using insta-troops ever since, as I don't want to be an insta-troops eater of my alliances and friends. Hope they fix this. @FTB
  3. They even give the wrong name (Aska) for Aki pal. We've never had Aska pal collector event.
  4. I wish the renaming option is available once per year, not just only once. Starting at 1000 gems from the third time, and increase by 1000 gems each time after that. (Am I too optimistic about the game lifespan? ?)
  5. The equipments in PL is Vanity only! It's been a long time since PL stats has nothing to do with what you wear. Remember we had an Unburial Rites last Shaman Cup? No Swordrain or Skull Bonus perk. Keep the hope for a new Pro set
  6. IGN: Zerpiron Game: Royal Revolt 2 Answer: 1. The sport is Skeleton 2. Southampton, in a match vs Stoke City 3. Field Hockey: 11 players, use ball, wear shoes, grass field... ; Ice Hockey: 6 players, use puck, wear skates, ice field... 4. The Knight 5. Those are: Fencing, Freestyle Swimming, Equestrian Show Jumping, Pistol Shooting and Cross Country Running 6. That country is Malaysia 7. Mumbai cricket team 8. That player is Martina Navratilova 9. The cities are London and Mumbai 10. FIFA World Cup 2002 co-hosted by South Korea & Japan
  7. Also a Last Bread Fighter here, great team, great Discord chat, great leader and brilliant members. And I hope there won't be a fun fact: Alliance Level added per year since 2015: 10 It shouldn't continue like that in 2018.
  8. Wish you all a great day and happiness and success in life ! ??? You gals are making RR2 community a better place and keep us men from boring to death fighting each other ? Thanks Flares for holding "Girl Power Cup". Thanks @GalaMorgane and @flaretara and many other ladies for your hard work ! ???
  9. 1. Check the wikia for a full list of benefits that a level 130 have over a level 100 2. Item you get once you reach level 100 can be labeled level 130 but that is a lie, its still tied to your level, and true level 130 items are monstrous 3. There is no point keeping your level under 95 just to prevent losing more skull in wars, if there are at least 3 members above level 95, they will take the beating. And a team with all player below 95 except 3 will not get anywhere. War for low-mid levels is about offensive capability, not defensive, you cant cover all weaknesses in a low mid alliance. So just level up, dont hold. 4. Wars boosts are not that op to make it so important, to sacrifice things. Top players still use WOK as main troops. Invest in alliance donation, not war. 5. Level up after level 100 is not that hard. Try to find xp gear, mark targets, do 20-30 or 40-60 battles a day, dont check forums much, dont watch p**n, focus. Make a goal 5m, 10m, 20m xp a day depends on your time.
  10. Time to build a spell oriented King. I heard blizz and sonic can now reach insane amout of damage. Plus the heal / bomb kick ring and Kaiser, can we survive?
  11. Anyone blaming flares of banning people without reasons, think again. No company would ban their customers w/o reasons, even thinking about it is stupid. Do you guys have proof that those banned players play fair? If not, don't try to complaint of something you don't know. Flares is trying to make the game as fair as possible, you asked for this, now you bash them without knowing anything? I even think Strongsoon just said he is unbanned just to protect his 'reputation'. Who knows? Any proof? And, Mikoukiou? Is this acc anything related to the top 1 Mikou le Tenor? Both from 7.6, top PL scorer...
  12. I think FTB will again explain the reason is to balance the Blood Pump boots
  13. Your work is much appreciated. Many complex games has its own wikia or gamepedia to provide much needed info for players, to maintain a healthy, knowlegeable and loyal player base. Time to make oPelle's life (and some others) easier. He is contributing to the game success free of charge! (Well, some ads. But not paid by Flare! )
  14. Each pro item/pal you equip gives you 1 pro bonus, so the max possible is 10 pro bonuses. Each pro bonus gives you an extra 3% gold, 3% xp, 2% luck, 1% medal boost. It helps in wars with the luck bonus, you open skull chest more often. And pro items have better stats than ubers
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