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  1. Yeah I don’t think the dev team is on this anymore.
  2. Every time you ascend you will lose all your item and coins. The only thing left is your miles stone collection over the course of the run. Good luck
  3. What can we do as players once dedicated this this game?
  4. I would love to see this game evolve some more. Yes there are some issues but I believe you guys can do it. Can you please tell me what is the roadmap for the game? Are you guys still developing this?
  5. So are we still taking suggestions or is his game done? Because i still play as normal.
  6. So I am wondering how to turn the pets off to my knight can play by itself? Anything?
  7. That’s wild. 114 ascensions? I have only ascented twice and I am on level 1208.
  8. The video is still crashing when I want to watch the ads not when the mystery box comes up to watch it. Name is Dark Knight
  9. Same here. The app always closes once it plays for a few seconds. But when the mystery box comes in is plays just fine but sometime it still crashes out. The main once that crashes are mobile strike. Ingame: Dark Knight id: A2EC2CC7 version: 1.6.2
  10. Interesting. I am at level 482 and I like the grinding aspect of it. I really do not have to do anything beside let it run, collect the money chest and only upgrade my weapon and defensive only. The cape is just there waiting for my attention. I do not use frenzy or the revive potions. I stay with the skills I have obtain. Beside that I have ascended twice. I do not know but its different for everyone.
  11. I have ascended twice and I am on level 212 currently 1-2 hitting enemies.
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