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  1. In favor. Fighting should je rewarded with extra chests organisatie experience or....
  2. Anyone tested XP token with this 4x XP? Love this event. Upgrading Conquest Building
  3. My bad. Guardian chest, that is the one I was talking about. Edited topic
  4. IGN: parasite2689 Dear, The event started a few minutes ago. But my chest cooldown is still at 8 hours. I am connected to Facebook and I restarted RR2. P.s. I was logged in when event started
  5. Isn't it so that your own forges count? And they level of donated troop. A.k.a all troops are maxed in my alliance. And I know my forges so... No use for me in this one.
  6. The damage and skills are ok. At higher lvl it may even be verry good. Downside is that Sultan feels a bit slow
  7. IGN: Parasite2689 Kaboom! Sultan clearing the way for the army
  8. IGN: parasite2689 O/S: Android Same here. Last conquest fight. Complete my fight. Then said. "Connection lost" after a few seconds. Back in game. No Victory reward. Fight counted as a fight. This is bad.... Verry bad.... Please fix asap P.s. my internet was NOT the issue.
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