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  1. Congratulations to the winners! It would be fantastic if all the participants in this amazing skin contest receive from flare 1 gem as attendance prize. 🙊🙊🙊
  2. A Bugatti here please! And daily donations we lost for connection issue. 😤😤😤
  3. Finally I'm able to log in again. WHAAAAAT! A chest for compensation??? To everybody??? We lost an entire day of donations and now I have to play poo poo lg in 1 hour. Diamond lg has gone. My chests have gone. My patience has gone. Only fuming 😡😡😡
  4. Hello @Sasch, it is time for extending boosts in sleeping lion ally 😱😱😱 I've lost pro lg (only played 3 lvls) and diamond lg, we lost mass hysteria lvl4, daily donations, chests, daily chests, ... and now we are turning into an open base ally! We can't spend millions to activate all our boosts again. And we are loosing dracomancers and trioxin towers. Holy cow...help us!!! 🦁🐮🦁
  5. Bye bye pro lg, bye bye mass hysteria lvl4, bye bye chests, bye bye daily festival, bye bye diamond lg. i hope to wake up tomorrow morning and realise it was just a bad dream. 😭😭😭
  6. No way to connect to your server. Now it is more than 2 hours that we (sleeping lion ally) are experiencing this issue. Wake up Flare! I have to complete pro lg and collect crowns for daily festival. And I'm not the only one. 😱😱😱 Thanx
  7. A turtle guardian, definitely! ❤️🐢❤️
  8. I still can't search for players. I'm losing my chance to use insta gargoyles!! I'm really getting nervous now. 😒 Flare pleeeeease fix this issue!
  9. Still no way to use the player search engine. Disconnection issues are not solved yet. Not just for me but for other members of my ally as well. IGN: Lord Barnot OS: iOS 10.3.3
  10. I get disconnected as I try to make a player search. 😩😩😩 iOS 10.3.3
  11. IGN: Lord Barnot Gimme your Xmas jumper, Phoebe! Go Donkey gooooo!! Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël 🎄🎁🎶🎵🎶🎶☃️💫🔔❤️🎅
  12. Mom...sleeping lion is trying to stall us 😭 We didn't try. In fact we stalled you and shadow fell in our trap. And you lost 1st place 😜 Yes...we are a little ally as compared with you and we do not have any experience with top allies. We are in top tier cuz we play well (same as utopia). Lesson learned here. I suggest to learn humility lesson there. Before returning in "our" tier, we will keep having some fun with you, queen elisabeth!
  13. Maybe they did not take into account our works just cuz of possible copyright issues. I used 2 pictures from www to create my drawn. There was no copyright on these two pictures but you never know. Also the shoes were nice but converse trademark was too much visible. I agree with @Jesper. Please give us better written rules next time. Thanx.
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