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  1. OK that was one of the clueless attempts at a clue in a while...
  2. lol if its a elephant wheres the ears lol …. something would be there Ok this is my guess.... Its a trojan horse because its an invention. And monks pop out as special ability.
  3. lol if its a elephant wheres the ears lol …. something would be there Meh I vote for a mythical guardian.
  4. I still notice problems with unit speed since the intro of guardians it does not function consistently as it did before. this is without guardian active as well.
  5. whatsa

    Forum Community Member of the Month

    Its completely unbiased... and who would know better I nominate ME … for being willing to say the unpleasant yet remain borderline acceptable. Its not a easy feat and sometimes the distasteful aspects need to voiced to truly understand issues. Its not mean or negative just honest. So whatsago is just super in my unbiased opinion …. woohoo
  6. One player in my alliance reported that he cannot collect free ticket with a lvl 8 building. collect ticket is displayed but pressing button disconnects player. ign Microgo
  7. @Madlen A donkey is a @ss its just people use the word incorrectly…. When you say youre being a a** you are saying they are a donkey..... they are synonomous. Yes ppl do use the word incorrectly but that's inappropriate usage not the word itself. (or hate speech which isn't the words but intent) (plus its much funnier the other way as that's what ppl are familiar with). FYI... its a wonderful entertainment for the alliance while waiting for the update... Is your "donkey" the same as everyone elses? Is it BIGGER when upgraded. plus if you have noticed he really hauls-donkey....(sigh … it just has the life sucked out of it saying it that way)
  8. Its not that easy lol … It takes 24hrs minimum for app to clear internal testing with MSoft.
  9. So for a bit of fun ….. what you are saying is... I need to run away from army leaving it unprotected and then.... Make a donkey out of myself
  10. maybe it is super bad if you build army call donkey and try to head out you just get stuck at start
  11. King stops moving when guardian activated and using touch on w10 (drag around) tapping around madly for 2-3 secs it frees up but gets jerky and unresponsive. not calling guardian is fine.
  12. After activating guardian the king no longer moves... randomly tapping around screen getting freed up but 2-3 seconds later. lots of jerky weird stuuf almost unplayable.... not calling guardian like usual. w10 PC touchscreen ign: whatsago
  13. Yeah I tried the ticket and I get the cut and paste response... Maybe Pro league not worth doing till fixed. I wont have to buy gems so that's a plus.
  14. OK … is there anything on this ? I collected and send all the info. Madlen I see some requests with error logs get attention not mine? is it regional?