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  1. @Madlen A donkey is a @ss its just people use the word incorrectly…. When you say youre being a a** you are saying they are a donkey..... they are synonomous. Yes ppl do use the word incorrectly but that's inappropriate usage not the word itself. (or hate speech which isn't the words but intent) (plus its much funnier the other way as that's what ppl are familiar with). FYI... its a wonderful entertainment for the alliance while waiting for the update... Is your "donkey" the same as everyone elses? Is it BIGGER when upgraded. plus if you have noticed he really hauls-donkey....(sigh … it just has the life sucked out of it saying it that way)
  2. Its not that easy lol … It takes 24hrs minimum for app to clear internal testing with MSoft.
  3. So for a bit of fun ….. what you are saying is... I need to run away from army leaving it unprotected and then.... Make a donkey out of myself
  4. maybe it is super bad if you build army call donkey and try to head out you just get stuck at start
  5. King stops moving when guardian activated and using touch on w10 (drag around) tapping around madly for 2-3 secs it frees up but gets jerky and unresponsive. not calling guardian is fine.
  6. After activating guardian the king no longer moves... randomly tapping around screen getting freed up but 2-3 seconds later. lots of jerky weird stuuf almost unplayable.... not calling guardian like usual. w10 PC touchscreen ign: whatsago
  7. Yeah I tried the ticket and I get the cut and paste response... Maybe Pro league not worth doing till fixed. I wont have to buy gems so that's a plus.
  8. OK … is there anything on this ? I collected and send all the info. Madlen I see some requests with error logs get attention not mine? is it regional?
  9. Yes one person in our alliance has the same issue low account selects fight then kicked out of war instantly not even seeing tent..
  10. whatsa

    Invulnerable basilsk tower

    Or you could just have sync issues in game... I have them regularly theres no rhyme or reason. Well other that server issues.? This is getting worse for me as I think they are scaling back servers and that just causes more sync errors.
  11. I have a bunch I submitted as well .. That may help you help staypuft ( a friend so all good).
  12. Its a ok work around but that's the point I think others and I are making. Its a multistep process and also not everything can be changed colour so it doesn't work for everything. Its a mediocre bandaid but still not easy or complete. Also its a optional use thing so if you wish to invent your own process and not use a simple check box you could do that too? (also my guess is you probably have 30 to 60 slots... many ppl have far more than that)
  13. Right you could do that but a simple check box is easy to implement.( and a one click process) I Like @Dena4 Idea though I just think its too much work and as the wrong image display in BS is still there I doubt they have much time for this stuff. So the addition of a check box like the multi-select for melt already implemented would be a easy change. I am sure there are 20 different ways to do this but really I was thinking simple and easy to do and if its a ***** item just click to flag it. Its a junk marker lol and you know why its there
  14. This is a simple addition ... Basically allow players to tag a item or multiple items in inventory. Then in Blacksmith the tagged items can be seen and melted. Basically once you get a lot of slots 60+ and you have reforged items so multiples of the same and then a third it gets messy and difficult. This way as you identify items you don't want you can tag for later melting or selling. So you can manage your gear in throne room and easily melt in blacksmith.