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  1. I did for months ….. I even followed videos and did exact starts and its just not the same massive health loss little to no recovery spells often don't work I had used 3 complete sets of spells in lvl 3 and tower still there lol had to hack down losing most of hlth. Now I just stop playing its pointless every now and again it works then if I stop and try later its broken. I had one pro league couldn't get anything lvl5 -10 failed … lvl 11 started working and aced it lol. Meh … I just think its shyt but nothing I can do and I will hate the game more if I try.
  2. Try having constant sync issues …. lol they looked at my issue and just say Oh well theres sync issues.... nowhere else in game for me but screws pro league. try running back to tent no health and no damage incurred... two shield spells and health doesn't move... The worst I had was 1/4 health and dying at tent after 20 secs of nothing... So as much as I feel for the rewards issues its really not that important until the sync issues are addressed.
  3. Heres the best idea... 1. find war code highlight and delete. 2. release new game 3. see hole in offered events 4. create completely new event.
  4. I noticed the SV changes and could not see where the 11.25 skulls is derived from Its just a wonky example as if its one player ok 112.5 that means nothing really? Sorry its just not very clear
  5. You know this would work too lol. Well you are all so important to us we rushed it through (cheeky devil)
  6. I see this all the time and really its complete … well you know Here is a 130 king in a 72 alliance And my rewards as a 125 king in a 64 lvl alliance I just don't see how this is even reasonable even equal trophy would be biased. I see this with lvl80 allies too at times and its ridiculous
  7. @Madlen Gosh that was quick service
  8. This would make things so much easier... Sharing a video link of a recorded fight. sharing other bits of info easily. It doesn't even need to be hyperlinks just the text that can be copied and pasted into browser So it can be a simple option without a complex editor display mode. It would help in other areas like alliances with different character sets so copy and paste that Like 2 Chinese alliances in war how do you clearly say which one when you cannot type the characters?
  9. RR2 - whatsago 1 The Crusades 2 Geoffrey of Monmouth 3 Rhea 4 Cetus 5 Theseus 6 Styx, Lethe, Archeron, Phlegethon and Cocytus 7 Hydra 8 In the year 1185, in the former village of Weedley in Yorkshire 9 Roman numeral system and device is the abacus 10 There was an imperial election and the prince-electors selected Charles V in 1519. Albert of Brandenburg , elector of Mainz Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, elector of Trier Hermann of Wied, elector of Cologne Louis II of Hungary, king of Bohemia Louis V, Elector Palatine, elector of the Electoral Palatinate Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, elector of Electorate of Saxony Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg, elector of Brandenburg
  10. I don't think in reality the 2k would win... but you can use some good strategies to limit loses. We tie up 10 low players with one 4k king so it works both ways. we had a low team and I solo attacked 2 towers one fight on each and killed both in under 8 minutes. But as you say make deals and work with another to secure your goals.
  11. Every phoebe has a strength level for a king level … this is adjustable ... you could make a lvl80 kings phoebe have a health of 10 and change nothing in all the other king levels. If it should not be effective till a 95 king then don't make it effective ? I just don't see how this is hard its just balancing.... The best intentions in this game will always be nerfed by pay to win so just balance the behaviour at the levels. If you make it take 6 month instead of 3 months guess what in 6 months we will have this discussion again rather than three months. lol it needs to scale better thats all. And the next version will nerf it anyway so the new stuff is better. lol we know this. The other option is to nerf the entire high level ally bias. let them have the slight boost advantage and that's it …. then the balancing would work better.... and those poor match ups less of a issue. The game is shrinking so bad matches are only going to get worse not better.
  12. Right but that's about balancing in both cases.... so the simple and easiest solution is fix the balancing
  13. Right but the issue with Phoebe is about balancing not lvl..... Then by you own argument high lvls with 4-5 phoebe should experience exactly the same problem if the balancing was the same.... problem is its not. The rewards are keyed off king level so they all are getting less other than pal or guardian count (actual strength is nerfed by king level again) I know some complain but whats missing is the three wins in a row and now at a high level … but its not my fault lol. I do get there is some mismatches but that's addressable in my opinion with management of what your doing.... or accepting not every conquest is a win. If you don't pay attention to whats happening to your ally then yes be prepared to get whooped.... just like too many feifs in war. And my advice to any low team caught out in conquest …. If you cannot beat them ……. them ( hmmm food for thought and I don't mean change alliances) @LacunaC The problem is a few narcistic people think a low ally getting 16 chests is getting the exact same reward. This has never occurred and never will as the rewards in each chest is proportional to the king. So yeah I am probably getting twice as much as a 100 king already. Its just self serving drivel I don't think it has any merit other than a personal gain for a lvl 80 whiner... not you of course. Should lvl 80 allies get double the daily chests because they watch ads harder? I get it but honestly the fights low players fight are just as hard for them as yours are for you maybe more so. so whos earnt it?
  14. Yeah it was fun I guess they wanted a shyt fight lol. But cudos to them for putting up a good fight. (even if they are bogans)
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