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  1. I think the suggestion I would make is a general one about pro anything. There are many pets regular with a similar pro equivalent. The abilities of the similar pets needs to be better by a reasonable amount or its not a "PRO"" pet. take phoebe and tammy ? Phoebe has less healing on average not very pro? eris and Archimedes etc, eris has less range less stun less piercing and a tiny bit of lightening is not better. The problem is they are not pro but just a variant on a normal pet and often with shortcomings that need workarounds. So in essence just another normal pet? Honestly A super version of the regular would have made pro pets desirable … not a questionable use case. The implied naming and cost to get is in not in sync with the abilities. Simply adding one additional thing to the base pet would have been simple and better than whats there now. diversity could be done at the normal pet level and pro versions available as not all will have an equivalent, but those that do should be unquestionably PRO. Note: this is implemented in pro gear which is always X levels better than the uber equivalent offered so PRO is applicable in this case. So in summary... I would suggest looking at the normal pet equivalent as asking the question... Is it really PRO? The reality is they are not... but that's something for devs to discuss about structure and strategy I just don't think the scope of what a pro pets should be was well defined in the beginning. @Madlen
  2. whatsa


    They would have a more consistent reward across players with a 30% lower pearl cost per forge. Luck is wonky at best and not consistent across players so its not a great or consistent offering. Using luck is like saying We have an event and if you are lucky you can join and get benefit? It doesn't inspire excitement as the outcome is wonky or a non-event.
  3. whatsa

    Thinking out loud...

    Ya see its all not that simple... I think is mostly annoyance and not really unfair.... you never hear boo when they are crushing others lol. Sure theres a bad match every now and again but if a high team is at 154 then they will be at bottom again if that where you were … so ? make a choice up or down? Maybe lvl should push you high in that range at least everyone would know where they are hiding.
  4. The 50% is not a issue if the skulls rewarded for an attack is appropriate for the king attacked 130 king could be 1300 + 650= 1850 attacking a 100 is 1000 +500 =1500. a big problem is from 95 king up you get max skulls so the worse the disparity the worse the situation gets . it does not scale well.
  5. whatsa

    Thinking out loud...

    If a lvl 70 got that then they are not really playing... a 68 in ours got 350. because they all play.... and not a lot of towers taken maybe 6 over all the days. Really I think you need to look at the normal allies you see and your team participation and decide the best level for your team to have fun. Yes there still could be the odd bad one but that's life I guess.
  6. whatsa

    Thinking out loud...

    Sure you can have a bad match maybe the lvl 70 was not playing conquest so low.... but you know they will be up a level next time. Personally I would sit at the bottom of a range not the top as I am sure there is some matching going on. so if you are at 199 then hmmm … I would say getting stuck with the lvl70 likely. I get the annoyance but also its a best match of teams ranked in division that rarely will equate to fair and balanced. Just the least inequitable groupings.
  7. whatsa

    Thinking out loud...

    Honestly theres lots of levels … so if you go too high then you are just too high. why can you not get top rewards not being a top team? well that's because.... Anyway you have choices....
  8. I agree its a bit wonky …. That's why I suggested do away with the old system and skull perks. just make it king level x 10 and the 50% (so 1300 skulls max before bonus ) Then at least the low players don't bleed skulls like a high player
  9. whatsa

    Conquest tier rework

    I don't think its necessary to tie them together they are two separate events/ alliances could choose to do one or the other exclusively which is great. I do agree its broken.... but that's war. I just hate the idea of tethering a broken system to a new system... At least the new on its own has a opportunity to leave the old shyt behind.
  10. This is long overdue... please Happy to beta test it...
  11. Change this to ME or others option selecting others gives an alliance list and select name. so goto the locale of a team mate.
  12. whatsa

    Pro League Bugs?

    There are lots of players still having issues with Pro league. I hope Flare notice this and give it a lot more attention as many are not happy with the low priority it seems to get.
  13. whatsa

    How to achieve: Surpreme Victory in Conquest

    The last calc is unclear to me 6 and 3 what? (or is that thousands?) I do notice the display of ultimate victory is not that clear.... meaning my victory is clear but my loss is not so clear
  14. whatsa

    war season improvement

    Really I thought changing the whole skull perk thing. Make skull perks a magic perk that lets you select a perk or a couple spell perks or whatever. the % is just the level for that boost/ Then make skulls a calc king level x100 plus war boost. It makes less skulls for stronger teams attacking weak more skulls for failed attacks for weaker and encourages upfighting. Much of the issues are the matching a stronger team has stronger boosts better skull perks and higher players Theres nothing there to even bother fighting other than a war chest if close. But its a odd thought of mine
  15. assigning players as SCOUTS (as needed … simple check box) This would disable players from starting new attacks (joining is fine) (there are always new players and people learning the game so this allows it to be managed and players who are learning do not do silly things) - otherwise its perpetual frustrated team leaders? Option to Block players joining for battles underway This allows generals to set the battles that are not to be joined and the open ones can be joined. Change the points system for battles Get rid of skulls Call it scalps if you want. 100% equals king level x 10 plus the 50% Benefits: upfighting has a purpose less disparity if facing a high level team. (so don't just give up) A good defense has a chance this way as low players may not get much off high but high get a lot less attacking low players (simply disable skull perks and substitute the calc for base skulls ). Change the tech tree options Place 50% energy and 50% more much earlier in tree/ The game is a drudge at best.... speeding things up earlier and more generally available would help. really It should both be hit before the second day ends without selling you children for gems. Battle display stats screen change Should display two sliders Skulls lost till supreme defeat... as well