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  1. multitouch not working in fights w10 PC

    thx yes I did open one.... (still waiting on response) No luck the input still wonky ... all other apps are fine. Basically if you are swiping king to move him and tap screen for spell either the spell doesn't work or the king stops moving and then it takes 2-3 seconds tapping around to get him moving again.... so every spell troop button hit this is the outcome. its basically unplayable, (and a full reset of PC done too.... same response) lol though fruit ninja with all ten fingers works great! Ok I cannot see a thing on screen but at least it works. Honestly I think its the game getting confused about touch .... is it a touch or touch converted to mouse equivalent?
  2. Lol the latest w10 update has nerfed multi touch in rr2. (maybe) just in battles pinch to zoom works on base but it locks up king running if you try to use a spell or gosh call a troop by tapping that at same time (other apps all ten fingers work just not in RR2) One thing I did notice is on attachment it states setting up duosense which it did not before.... so there may be a driver change in the setup of multitouch that is causing this. but either way its a core driver / app issue to be resolved. Note: It appears like the input is being interpreted as a mouse input rather than multitouch. This is the behaviour in non touch enabled apps or programs not RR2 which is multitouch.
  3. Lol the latest w10 update has nerfed multi touch in rr2. just in battles pinch to zoom works on base but it locks up king running if you try to use a spell or gosh call a troop. (other apps all ten fingers work just not in RR2)
  4. Guys it can never be fixed... and you need to deal with this on some level. Maybe we could have a player block option. everyone gets one block.... and it runs for 24hrs and then its free to use again. you can only block a person in your attack list. it doesn't fix it but a repeat/obsessed offender will eventually move on.
  5. err ummm snooze... scratch... oh spedge again he must need medals ... meh now where was I?
  6. pro shop will remain like last week

    Really changing every week makes far more sense..... That way with 5 sets it comes up once a month so waiting is not too long, Monthly well that's 5 months for an item? lol really? Actually I would like to see a far larger selection of gear... There is no advantage you cannot buy the gear with gems so just have 10 gear items for sale or more? So more items to buy and quick rotate means in a very short time you can get the item you want. Really they need to stop the BS chance shyt here …. the crystals are earnt and the gear for sale ….
  7. Question about Luck Perks

    Each perk is applied to the unlucky bit what they show is the effective % not the simply added values% so for any chest that's the amount of unlucky that get converted to luck. see this page enter your items in calculator and you will see you effective luck conversion as it is displayed in your total for gear. http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Luck Note you can get more than 100% ? well that's not possible is it? it like subtracting 10% ten times from 100 you are left with 35 so the effective reduction is 65% (or conversion to luck in this case) so that's what they display.
  8. WE are spike our pals are chester (see looney tunes)
  9. About war and trophies and other gibberish

    it can be frustrating …. so I get your point ….. but there needs to be some openness in the structure to allow players to be creative and evil lol. its part of the challenge.... if they lock everything down to a cookie cutter outcome then the whole thing becomes boring. So I guess I am saying you need to look at strategies to deal with it …. just like you do if people using a particular spell always beat your base... your need a strategy for that too. generally the problem with this is related to gold loss 99% of the time so plan your upgrades save chests until needed and leave them no gold if they do attack
  10. About war and trophies and other gibberish

    But then you have gold, trophy and medal hunters? so really it does not stop the raiding..... and in honesty it wont stop you! Its about raiding so …. relax use the attacks as a way to see where you base is weak. Spend your gold ….upgrade you stuff, ignore the rest. I get raided regularly by a 130 in a lvl 80 ally.... do I care? not really Honestly if you are wasting bread doing retaliatory attacks then you don't care about gold that much lol.
  11. Game shuts down?!?!?

    Had two lock ups.... close and restart and no good session appears to be locked on server too …. 5 minutes and then it works again
  12. About war and trophies and other gibberish

    Two sides to every story though... In some cases the trophy loss lowers the player and then they don't get targeted as much as the COF is less. but yes adjusting your trophies is painful …. though obviously less than getting less gold per raid? I would look at upraiding higher allys as you can do quite well with that too.
  13. Aska Event for all Players

    Though it is a bit sad as they play the luck far too much.... The one time offers have helped as you can wait and get the pet if offered directly. Thing is its a strategy game so luck should be a dalliance not subvert the process. people who like luck play mindless slots games. I think they still have a way to go to make sure luck does not undermine the core components of the game. many of the items like pets could have been like dungeons things you earn unlock as well as be lucky with.( or shock horror offer a way just to buy like pro league) Note: The biggest problem is that the luck algorythyms are wonky from player to player as well. I consistently get more of one thing than another, my friend gets the opposite of me? Now is this luck? not really it just makes it more broken as there is nothing a player can do to earn or fix and buying options most often are underpinned by the very luck system that was not giving you the items anyway. Lol its really sad they don't see this … I bought 5 individual pet chests not one pet … I was curious? as my pet luck is horrible so is the luck even if you pay.... so don't pay is all I can say.
  14. Then I would say you just found two allys that need to merge
  15. Pro Phoenix cup

    I really dont think its a big issue.... They have been nice enough to post this ahead of time for everyone .... so if they may a mistake then fine it happens. if you want to be abusive then I am sure they can just not say anything and you will have nothing to complain about.