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  1. Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

    Zeus - King of Gods
  2. Black Weekend Raffle!

    Zeus - King of Gods
  3. Attack speed increases damage of a hero too
  4. Yesterday i attacked you and u appeared on map right after that so its like i beat u twice in just 5 mins
  5. Holding 9k fame is impossible

    Based on ascension level, yes. Not sure about prestige. Im lvl 114 and maxed out prestige and currently on 13kxxx cups. I dont farm much so not sure whats the trophy cap
  6. I have sold every single titan and godlike items i got after the update, they are crap compared to what i have already got.
  7. Area damage

    I have a question, i know Potency increases power (damage) of spells and invocations. But how does it have effect on support spells for example Spindle, Bia, Helen's Beauty, Styx and Asclepius?
  8. Titan Item disappeared

    Yeah i would do the same, everytime i get good titan items i take a screenshot as a evidence to send ticket to FG in case of disconnection
  9. Titan Item disappeared

    Happened to me a few times, lost a lot of godlike items and few titan items, they are not as good as the ones i already have so i didnt mind reporting.
  10. (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    Wondering when enhancements obtained in an adventure come into effect? Is it after when an adventure is finished? Or after all 5 adventure are finished?
  11. Prestige lv 26

    Nvm, the celestial boost expired 😁
  12. Prestige lv 26

    Yes, for the normal battles i still have 4, but for the adventure battles, i only have 3 keys to open chests. Will take a screenshot when i do next adventure
  13. Prestige lv 26

    Maybe replacing +5 dominance boost by 30% off Odyssey adventure cost!? Also, there is a bug with celestial boost that gives +1 key to open chests after battles, there are only 3 keys given to open chests in this adventure. It was 4 keys last adventure. Have FG changed this?
  14. i'm not sure if this is a bug after the update 'cause i noticed before the update i could get over the limit of ambrossia which an island can produce (20% of 300 is 60, this means an island can produce 360 ambrossia at max when celestial boost is active). In the photo the islands can't produce more than the limit.