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  1. Boss hunt SOS

    Yeah it can be tough on both sides of the coin, you can have one player pushing too hard out in front, or not have any pushing at all. The best strategy is to wait about 15-20 minutes between bosses to give the wild bosses a chance to spawn then hit the battle button.
  2. Boss hunt 24 Dec

    I also broke a personal record this boss hunt with 61 bosses killed but it could have been a lot more since many floors had no wild bosses. I reached floor 123 at the finish. For those in my team great job on the final push getting 100 bosses in 3 hours
  3. Christmas raffle!

    In-game name is Salixczar
  4. Battles between knights

    It would have to involve a level playing field of some sort to be realistic. Similar to the boss hunts, where everyone starts with the same gear and bonuses. The only twist is that instead of the team getting each bonus card only that player gets the bonus. Also, perhaps there is a general boss list, but every 30 floors the trailing players have to defeat the number1 player's knight at the level and equipment that the player possessed when they defeated that boss. Seems complicated but I think it's doable, it prevents people from just doing the mystery chest grind as it would be advantageous to be in the lead.
  5. a better hunt boss mode !

    It's a good idea I just believe it is a little complicated.
  6. Deadmau5 invades the Dungeon!

    Is the helmet the only 3 star item in the set? It works really well with the Egyptian cloak
  7. Boss hunt bug

    That's not the point alysea, there WAS a boss hunt scheduled but due to the release there was a programming failure somewhere along the line and the boss hunt was eliminated.
  8. Boss hunt bug

    I had one still before just not sure if it was before or after the patch
  9. Boss hunt bug

    My timer on the boss hunt got reset and now there is no timer until the next boss hunt that usually occurs at 12 noon Eastern standard time. Using my HTC M9 and game is up to date. Username Salixczar User ID FC468B69
  10. Boss hunt Dec 7

    I thought this boss hunt was very easy as there we're a lot of attack speed items that worked well with the reflect damage mechanic. the reflect mechanic is actually my favorite mechanic in these boss hunts
  11. Boss hunt Dec 7

    I don't know that the fuss is all about...I have nearly 40 boss kills so far it's an easy boss hunt. just make sure your armor level is 30 levels higher than your weapon level. EZ
  12. Item Combine

    This sounds an awful lot like crafting which I can agree with, but it should coat gems or tokens
  13. Set Equipment Bonus

    I agree, set items would create game depth instead of just selling every item that didn't fit into the current run's build. This would allow for changing build mid-stream and further increase the diversity of each play through