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  1. I've seen all those islands, and can tell all tower placements just by looking at the map
  2. I feel I wanted an overview of the perception of the people about the ninja event, thus I've made a poll to understand the opinions and where ninja event could be improved.
  3. Hello! I've checked the entries and from the following users I need the following information to have the rewards delivered. @LacunaC Game needed @Cmrlian Game needed @Jesica Game and IGN needed @deivitheking Game and IGN needed @Menjivar Game needed @Lordx100pre Game needed @juanjesusof Game needed @erazmoe Game and IGN needed @Askald Game needed @Chieuta IGN needed| @OfajlaStara Game and IGN needed @Lugs Game needed @Razput Game needed @Guidoder1 Game needed Please PM this to me by Monday afternoon (1 pm GMT) to gain thee rewards and avoid losing them.
  4. Probably no more double posts?
  5. Moving this to Bugs and Technical Help Section.
  6. Hello! Please note that all the answers will be approved by me and visible a few days after the trivia event is over. This is done to ensure, that answers are not stolen from participants. Also, do not forget to add the name of the Game you play as well in order to have the gems delivered. Thanks for understanding!
  7. Hello! 😀 Ready to get moneyed? Well then now is your turn as the trivia is back. As usual a short brief on the rules - Rewards 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Special Reward: 100 extra premium currency (Something which sets your entry apart from the rest ) Deadline 11th April, 2019, Thursday. 6 pm GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. Questions 1. Which international event was started by Pope Urban II’s sermon at Clermont in 1095?2. Which 12th-century historian wrote the first detailed account of King Arthur?3. Of this group, who is a Titan? – Zeus, Rhea, Hades, Hercules, Gaea.4. What was the name of the sea serpent that was supposed to devour Andromeda as an offering to save her parents' kingdom?5. Who defeated Minotaur with bare hands?6. What are the five underworld rivers?7. If you cut off its head, two more grow back. Which animal does this describe?8. When were windmills built in Europe first?9. In medieval Europe between 4th and 12th century which numeral system was used and which device was used to do calculations?10. Who selected the then Roman prince, Charles V? Wishing everyone good luck! PS - Feel free to clarify any question via a direct message to me. Regards & Cheers, KK
  8. I think wars definitely are much more fun that ninja events, but then as said earlier, war individual rewards are not up to the mark, and there's that annoying CoF and scrolling during wars. So even if you were to apply same rewards for war, I don't know if it would be well-liked as wars sometimes get quite stressful.
  9. Q2 Would it be possible to order the list of members in a war by trophies as it is in the alliance menu. Currently in wars, it is all scattered, randomly.
  10. To remind, calling someone selfish is provoking and disrespectful, so please avoid this and engage in a healthy, fruitful discussion. I see the current schedule as fine, or would maybe shift it to Thursday to Tuesday rather than existing Fri-Wed, because day 2, 3 and 4 are often the moving days and would rather keep it on weekend. 6/6 battles isn't all that's there, sometimes there are multiple fronts, at times there might be a situation to appoint champs, and often not a very simple exercise. My personal experience, I see a lot of champs refraining on weekdays and would champ mostly on weekends, exceptions there of-course. PS - Let's be on topic and not indulge in name-calling!
  11. Cannons are pretty good in dragon combos or with archers, they help take out towers which complementary units like frosters cannot, example, LT, while frosters would take care of other units in the path. Initially cannons used to attack necromancer's skeletons too which in fact severely hampered cannon's ability making it underpowered, so I see it is fine as it is, making it very important to use a complement. The only reason I could provide is 'balance' and little logic as to mortar itself being less of a 'living unit', rather moving structure spewing bombs.
  12. Will keep the answer short to not deviate from topic, in fact blessing is often counter-productive for me , I often need to die in war to be able to use tw again lol, maybe I'm out of touch, or raiding too high..
  13. Any intention to add new scrolls? I feel I need a good complement to TW 😜.
  14. This is true, cannons only attack mortars and monks while used in offense, while it attacks all troops in defense. This was done to balance the game, and use cannons as something that eliminates towers.
  15. I feel festivals are too short, could be only me, but a few days longer would iron out differences in festival currency earned by players, and could get hold of at least 2 items.
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