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  1. KKStar

    Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    or maybe *phew* no need to get +1 level on everything for a month. Next: You enter the pro league and forget to play it.
  2. KKStar

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    The following users need to give me their IGN and the game they play to have the rewards delivered - @madjeff22 @EternalAgony @Rinku @nonoguino @ricotess @ErikZG @Minhman @Acacia @Magniman @drFranjoTudjman Kindly submit them to me, @KKStar via a private message by 21st July. Thanks & Regards.
  3. KKStar

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    Hello everyone, I'm almost done with checking, been busy off-late. The trivia rewards should be delivered next week
  4. KKStar

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    Just a few clarifications, . 3. Which was the first FIFA World Cup to feature a team from Asia, and where was it held? Also, all those questions relate to Men's championship only . Feel free to PM me, @KKStar for any other queries.
  5. KKStar

    Phoebe and other pro beasts

    Toxic Cloud is always great vs beasts, especially Phoebe, slows down the initial attack and buys time to kill it quicker. And just watch out for a wolf behind the Phoebe. 😅😂
  6. KKStar

    Videos doesn't give reward

    Surely it will be closed, if any more Off topic posts, still giving it a go if others have any questions about this problem.
  7. KKStar

    Videos doesn't give reward

    This is a post to discuss about Video problems, not Cromka's Warnings. Get back on track.
  8. Hello everyone! ⚽ The trivia is back, and no prizes for guessing what's it all about. So let's get started again! 10 questions, all you have to do is score a goal! Rewards 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Special Reward: 100 extra premium currency (Something which sets your entry apart from the rest!) Deadline 30th June 2018, Saturday, 8 am GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. QUESTIONS - 1. Which 3 countries have bought the maximum number of tickets at the FIFA World Cup 2018 and in which order? (As at the time this post was created)2. On how many occasions has a player managed a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup Final and against which teams respectively?3. Which was the first FIFA World Cup to host a team from Asia, and where was it held? 4. Which is the first match of FIFA World Cup 2018, not featuring the host nation? 5. Where has the official FIFA World Cup 2018 match ball produced?6. From which confederation in football, there were no teams qualifying for the FIFA World Cup 2018?7. Which nation/nations has/have entered the FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals at least once and currently have ODI Status in Cricket too?8. Which team/teams has/have managed 3 consecutive final appearances?9. In which World Cup did the host nation concede maximum number of goals & how many of them?10. Which nation has conceded the least number of goals in FIFA World Cups with minimum of 2 different World Cup appearances? General Note: You must not take into account FIFA World Cup 2018 Stats for the questions above. Wishing luck to everyone ! Regards, KK
  9. KKStar

    Is this math correct?

    Maybe put on some farm gear perks along with skull gear unless you're on the top map 😌
  10. No personal attacks please, if you feel someone is cheating, please report via PM and not in public.
  11. @cr1 Cool down! Please do not engage in verbal brawl over here, or else I'll be forced to assign some warnings. And the same goes to anyone else who'd try to veer this to something off-topic and use provoking/insulting words. Thank You!
  12. Hi there! The older dungeons as you level up and get stronger will start offering less medals, while newer dungeons will offer you much higher medals. The Ogre VI dungeon would offer max or close to max medals. (1336) Hope it helps.
  13. KKStar

    Multi accounter leading (leaked,Evidence)

    If you feel someone is cheating, you can report it to support directly rather than making a forum post and publicly accusing (with half-baked evidence). Topic Locked.
  14. KKStar

    Knights Who Say Ni

    I'm locking this topic now. UberBiff has been warned and sanctions have been imposed, if he continues to use inappropriate language in the future, it would result in a complete ban from accessing the forums. Regards.
  15. Topic has been pinned so that it stays at the top, any duplicate topics will be merged into this one.