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  1. KKStar

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Let's keep the discussion focused on Conquest matchmaking only please! PS - The battle load-out shows top 5 troops depending upon the total morale in waves (1 Wolf > 15 Knights) while towers and traps are dependent on the gold spent upon them I believe, I might be wrong though.
  2. Ok, just pointing it out for the sake of it, the off% should be 10 and 20 respectively for x3 and x5 tickets.
  3. Tbh, I really don't know what the 'exploit' is but I won't dwell too much into it
  4. I'll write my opinion of the changes - 1) I don't mind in fact it is nice, even though I don't find ninja so rewarding, that is going through the tedious process of logging in multiple times, going through same repeat levels for the rewards (kind of boring), but I don't mind it, the breaks from cq & war would be longer. 2) I love this change, it had been suggested earlier and I am glad this has been implemented . 3) I guess it is good that FG is eliminating or at least trying to limit exploiters in the game, I have no issues, even though I too used to farm the dungeon because it is a quick win, I can get 1250+ medals under a minute so while going for a record or trying to outpace someone, it was a great way for me rather than attack from matchmaker and 'hope' to be able to beat without scrolls.
  5. KKStar

    Bronze League, why does nobody play?

    Partly because there's too much stuff around like conquest, war, so most players aren't really looking to raid outside these events because they're probably tired and 25 gems is no great amount. Also players need not raid for gold, there are too many chests distributed as rewards and 1 free video chest provides ample gold to do daily donation. However I do agree on the fact that activity in general is on the decline :/.
  6. KKStar

    in review Ninjas frozen

    I have merged it into the earlier one since it is the same issue.
  7. Ok, a few days back I was raiding continuously when I noticed something as indicated by the pic below. The ninja right below the timer got stuck there as it is after I killed it with Toxic Cloud, it probably got killed just as it was about to begin its dash animation so this ninja remained stuck there and eventually even blocked a few archers which just stood in front of him as if they were standing in front of a blockade, unable to attack. PS. This occured quite a few times in various battle and wasn't one off. IGN: KK Star OS: Windows 10.
  8. Given so many defensive units that are weak to ice, gargs, arbs, wolves, necros and for that matter howl beast too, I wouldn't mind Viking being resistant to ice. To be very frank, despite being used a lot, I don't really face a challenge against them.
  9. KKStar

    Conquest = deals

    Yep that's one way of striking a deal or by using Facebook or other chat apps.
  10. I actually wouldn't call it heal, but then there's a bump up to full health and the Donkey is there till the health bar runs down to 0 or its spawn time is up. Post this, the hero resumes at the original level of HP (before summoning donkey). Here's a video below. Royal Revolt 2 19-01-2019 22_35_50.mp4
  11. Had to hold the round of forgings, so no event and no indication either of it being no event time, is more disappointing .
  12. KKStar

    periodic reset of the daily league

    It does reset but usually around a big update or when servers were super-unstable.
  13. KKStar

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

  14. KKStar

    community manager answered Trophies calculation ?

    It is likely the person attacked you from matchmaker, it tends to reward you more, but you risk losing more. If you do 0% on any randomly hand-picked base, you shouldn't lose more than 20 trophies, whereas if you do 0% on a matchmaker base then -50 is quite common. Also the opponent maybe lower than his usual trophy range, which is also one reason why he would have got more trophies.
  15. Phoebe is among the better beasts higher up, ofc because it has self-healing and long-range damage, and I believe only Howl apart from it is popularly used. Clearly, employing Phoebe as the beast increases the chances of the raider making a mistake or in trying to avoid self-heal end up getting killed by something else and if it survives, 1 arma is enough to annihilate the whole army built up until then, and things start getting difficult where Phoebe is regenerating, and army is vanishing. Sure, it could be killed by a mega-archer, but then I'd take the risk if it earns me gems often and it's far superior compared to its peers. It is manageable, but often need to be careful about not triggering a werewolf around. It's easy to say that Phoebe dies in few seconds to archers, but I know lower down the levels (below 2k-3k trophies), Phoebe is a tough nut to crack because without elite boosts, units honestly don't stand a chance, and the hero cannot dance around. The suggested nerf to level 1 and 2 was ok to be very honest, given the fact incremental gains in phoebe stats for every level were not high, somewhere I read it was about +4-5k health (dunno if it's true).