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  1. Introducing GalaMorgane

    I can imagine a 'tentacle-slash' attack for it, just like OR's Hydra.
  2. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Hello @GalaMorgane! Welcome to the RR2 Community (and OR one too)! I hope you do have a great experience with the community and the benchmark can be raised. On octopi, I just recall Paul , so I think I should expect an octopus pal in rr2 soon ! I do prefer using 'Octopuses' too, but English is a funny language! Also, it is great that you do play RR2 which would make communications better. Regards, KK
  3. Quick one on league records

    Record no. of medals divided by 100 is the gem prize It is very much possible to get those scores, most go on record-breaking spree and when the league is close to ending or people think they've done enough, they hit a good number and stop. I've personally done this as well
  4. Originally all of them were 5.5 range and I assume it to be *level 5 to 7*
  5. 5000 diamant

    Moved to Olympus Rising Forum
  6. what I hate about PL...!!!

    The Pro Shop changes with every update (major one, not bugfix ones). Pro Shop has some items, and some take time to get it, ofc not all end in the top bracket or cannot afford to enter every league. The highest value item in shop is Ceres, if you were to earn 3k crystals per league, about rank 500, it would take 2 months of constant PL play. So imo its fine. Crystals can be accumulated till then.
  7. Just need to confirm how the pro luck bonus is added along with the usual luck bonus.
  8. Defensive Yetis are useless

    True that. Yetis make sure defense wolf in first wave howls, cuz they stand right in the front throwing tiny snowballs having no effect whatsoever, and the transformation is behind the army. So disappointing .
  9. Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

    This is the one!
  10. Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

    Fear Aura does exist, on the Necromancer-festival ring. Fear Aura + BM perk.
  11. Oops, I mis-read it in a hurry! Apologies, 2nd time in a week, maybe I need specs.
  12. Primary attack = Primary damage, not attack rate, so Lightning damage should've increased.
  13. Aska Event for all Players

    So I have to lock this topic here. Before that, I'd sum up the talk about pal chests. You get 1 guaranteed pal from a uber pal chest in daily rewards, the other one need not guarantee, thus pal drop rate is very low. Secondly, there may/may not be pal collector events in a month, and not everyone is lucky enough to get pals very easily from chests. Often, I've only got just 1 pal the whole month, the guaranteed one. About war, it is awarded at 50k, since the start for non-bonus chest wars and it was awarded at 60k to 80/90k for few wars till FG reset it to 60k and 70k only for additional chest wars, so reaching that, you must need to fight out on 14 fronts (not as a champ) assuming you score average 4.5k which is roughly over 30% Skull Perk for a normal player. Pretty unrealistic since generally most teams don't have that many wars on a normal occasion. 50k is rare without champs. Then there are pals from Alliance chests, obtained when someone buy gems during Alliance Party, drop rates low, so need not even be factored in. A person let's assume is lucky enough to obtain 1 pal/m from a free chest, 1 from collector, 1 from daily rewards, 1 from war, unrealistic too, but let's assume, he gets 3 pals only. So it's difficult to get pals. The month of December, many obtained pals as it was a Christmas gift from FG, multiple pal chests guaranteeing a pal in the daily rewards. And PS - You getting a pal might not mean a pal for the alliance, you might get a new pal so still... PS-2. @Play For Fun No Aska for you The state of the thread shows gods don't want you to have Aska! Thread Locked.
  14. Aska Event for all Players

    Just 1 guarantees a pal, the other one mostly pal treats. And Aska is not the rarest pal in the game, I believe Nidhogg is rarer, most players who have it bought the 1 time offer I guess. Anyway there will be a point where diverse strategies will come up, Nidhogg was once considered the best pal to ever exist, and now it's used by few as Aska and Ceres overshadow it. And to be very frank, I was delighted to get Aska, but due to so much hype, while raiding it was kinda a disappointment.
  15. Weekly Trivia Contest!

    I can say, none for the next 2 months as of now.