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  1. Bug with Pro Boost Activation

    I think it could be we were extending the Mass Hysteria constantly so that could be the reason why this bug occurred. :/ Pls. refund the alliance gold too if this was the case!
  2. We just won Mass Hysteria, Level 4 if I'm right, but it wasn't activated at all. Please fix this issue! Alliance: MASTER MEME
  3. I'm not in the Pro-League ranking!Bug!

    It has been fixed now for me!
  4. I'm not in the Pro-League ranking!Bug!

    It has been fixed now for me!
  5. I'm not in the Pro-League ranking!Bug!

    Hello Gala, My monthly ranking which was fine until the maintenance today, the leaderboard is now showing an erroneous ranking. I was ranked around 125 in the monthly pro leaderboard and now I'm ranked 1,421 with points of 1 pro league missing.
  6. Easter Cup Bug on level X

    Less than 6 hours left, no resolution still. :/
  7. Pal-a-din

    Offensive Beast -
  8. Easter Cup Bug on level X

    Same here, I did stage IX of the ongoing Pro League and I lost all time & the game did not give any points or crystals despite 100% completion. Please fix this, @Archimedes
  9. Irfancastle

    Hello, As per my record, the gems were delivered properly, however I will still cross-check but I cannot provide any further answer as FG officials are not at office due to Easter weekend :/
  10. Pal Colector?

    You got 6 pals from the 20 chests. I don't quite understand what is wrong over there. The 1st chest was a free pal chest which does not guarantee a pal, then the next 20 uber pal chests in which 4 were guaranteed. - Howl - Bucky - Growl - Kaiser - Bucky - Bucky
  11. About frosters' choice of targets

    Yes, this in intended . Lightning Towers and Barricades are completely ignored by frosters partly because both are heavily resistant to ice and probably when this was introduced, frosters were pretty strong back then so might be due to balancing. They'd take ages to take a LT down, so it makes sense.
  12. Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Hello, the rewards should be delivered now. I need the following users to provide the correct in-game name for rewards to be delivered. @Hariharshan30 @Ikos1 @Santhosh @magemall @NjegovaVisostBroj1 Regards.
  13. hello I'm leena1991



  14. The actual players who play well are getting bad rewards thanks to this :/
  15. Bump! The Pro League rewards are currently a joke, I got about rank 110 and the rewards were similar to someone with about rank 250 as per the old system. I see some top 10 entrants getting rewards of top 75 as per the old system. Dunno if the system attempted to make players get better rewards then it has failed. Even with multi-accounts, undetected cheaters, we got better rewards so the benchmark of tiers hasn't been set well enough. Dunno how is the situation down at rank 500 or 1k, but at top 200, it needs to be fixed :/