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  1. KKStar

    solved Tainted Love not rewarded

    Moved this to the bugs section.
  2. I hoped for some new items.. Gold nevertheless would be useful to get those lazy workers going.
  3. I checked the boost costs in my alliance, the elite ones (cannon, wolf, tempest) is the same, 2M for 9h/6h. (Level 80 alliance). I have no control over the cheaper boosts, knights & archers tho.
  4. KKStar

    Conquest map

    Symmetrical does make it very easy to locate special tiles easily, but probably that can't be altered to continue with a level playing field. However, yes I think by itself, there isn't much in the conquest map itself, size is fine, but limited features. Tiles could be more interactive, adding to layers of strategy rather than the standard, vanilla, claim the centre.
  5. KKStar

    Donating troops

    When you donate insta-troops, the receiver gets the troops of the level of the donor's troops, but the receiver retains the forges he/she has done. Hope this helps
  6. KKStar

    Did you notice? No more Uber Pal in Daily Rewards O.O

    In december month you'll get gem, pal and fest chests, and it works according to the date so in next cycle, you'll see that pal chest as @cay pointed out.
  7. On that note, any plans for buffing other scrolls? Because it's not really tw that's overpowered, others are quite bad atm, maybe except bc too. Arma + Apoc don't do anything to towers under howl's buff effect .
  8. KKStar

    Favorite children series and their music

    To do to do to do....
  9. KKStar

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Ahem, storyline of every Pro League for me.
  10. KKStar

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    'You became the very thing you swore to destroy'.
  11. Positive about the changes, and like the way FG was quick to respond to them. ? Also the video was really nice & informative, and good solution on the pro league tickets issue. Will be waiting for further improvements and I hope the conquest this time is better.
  12. KKStar

    Other games.

    I'll shift this to Off-Topic, there is no discussion pertaining to RR2 over here.
  13. KKStar

    Did Opelle leave the game?

    Sadly yes ? His gameplay tutorials, efforts on Wikia were invaluable, that's why he was the 'Knowledge Base'! Playing under his leadership was a great time (in GoD and MM)! A very good luck to you for the future, Pelle .
  14. KKStar

    About the new manager!!

    Welcome to the forums @Madlen!