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  1. Positive about the changes, and like the way FG was quick to respond to them. 👍 Also the video was really nice & informative, and good solution on the pro league tickets issue. Will be waiting for further improvements and I hope the conquest this time is better.
  2. KKStar

    Conquest rewards

    Cristiano Ronaldo, his jersey number is 7, so he's known as CR7. Football world cup just happened in Russia
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    Other games.

    I'll shift this to Off-Topic, there is no discussion pertaining to RR2 over here.
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    Did Opelle leave the game?

    Sadly yes 😕 His gameplay tutorials, efforts on Wikia were invaluable, that's why he was the 'Knowledge Base'! Playing under his leadership was a great time (in GoD and MM)! A very good luck to you for the future, Pelle .
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    About the new manager!!

    Welcome to the forums @Madlen!
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    balance changes

    I merged a recently created topic with the main one, so that things are not all over the shop.
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    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    Ceres was definitely OP imo, and a nerf was going to come, but this nerf was harsher than I expected tbh. Ceres got nerfed on all counts, be it damage, howl range, duration, morale, etc. Is it better than other pals, yeah surely better than Archimedes but it does kick up pals like Eldrak and Irmgard that have remained in the shadows. However it is an ethical issue here, most players got Ceres offer pack for 50/100 EUR, so nerfing within a fortnight of those is a bit unfair. Aska lucky to get away, and the reasoning for balancing weren't particularly convincing to me tbh. Anyway, it is just that Ogre and Wolf are like staple boosts, so people continue to use it. (They are still better than other unboosted units). Only top 5-8 can enjoy the luxury of large variety of boosts prolonged for a long time, so it is better to stick to 1 combo and improvise, adapt & overcome. Also, the prime problems - gate towers and imbalance in war was overlooked which was a disappointment.
  8. KKStar

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    I could say your base is easier, because everything in it is weak to ice. So blizz pretty much wrecks your base. 😐 Also, @LacunaC you deserve a gold crown! You are a very good raider, hats off!
  9. KKStar

    Alliance Turnover

    Crashcourse on how to ruin your alliance . You need to be very friendly to members to captivate their attention and make them willing to play and contribute to the alliance. But anyway now it is very hard to manage & lead an alliance without investing real money.
  10. KKStar

    balance changes

    I write my thoughts on this balancing update, as a mid-high level player, who's been lazily playing for more than 2 years . Added one new level to every obstacle and tower Improved pearl upgrades for damage and health for every tower and obstacle Fine, but why didn't this happen for troops and spells? We've had so many levels introduced since forging that some values are a joke, but ignored in this balancing. Howl Beast in defense: Reduced initial Howl range to 3.5 (down from 4) and range increase per Beast level to 3% (down from 6% per beast lvl) Much needed nerf, but surely does not change anything practically. The problem was the bladestorm damage that was deadly and the intense rage that spilled over to necromancer and its skeletons annihilating any army. I still read on with hope. Ceres Pal: Reduced Spirit Howl morale amount on all levels Spirit Health of troops copied -28% Spirit Howl spell range from 5.5 to 4 Reduced effectiveness of Ceres' Troop Boost: Attack Rate -9% Damage reduction -21% Duration -59% Range -20% I'd be honest, Ceres was OP, needed a nerf but did it need a nerf on all stats? Not only the troops copied reduced, but even the bare minimum health they added got reduced. I tried them and even a level 6 'joke' heal tower kills copied, maxed and forged ogres. Now the range was even reduced, seems fine (not sarcastic). I don't understand this however you reduced duration by 59% which was not even like 2s, apart from nerfing the main ability, the secondary ability also got nerfed. Impressive (sarcastic). Barricade and Blockade have increased resistance to Bladestorm Lightning Tower is more resistant to Bladestorm Bladestorm was strong so nerf v barricade, blockade is ok. It could take down only 1 type of tower, but that was too much for it, right . Bladestorm doesn't even kill any unit used in defense these days. Firestorm deals slightly more damage to Lightning and Firebolt Towers Blizzard deals slightly more damage to Skull Towers Not bad, but I like the words 'slightly' Moving towards stronger defense, add 1 level to defense and 'slightly' buff some spells. Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower Hammerstrike was OP, yes but can't understand why nerf it across the board. Straying away from a promised workaround for gate towers. Increased last level Sonic Blast from 11,191 to 14,244 Blunt damage from spells got a nerf, so just lip service? Nemesis: Increased damage of all random attacks 150k crystals far from being justified. And after looking at recent changes, I'd doubt I'd put all eggs in one basket, had enough food to max out Ceres, glad I didn't. Stunning Ogre Elite Boost in offense: Reduced resistances to Piercing damage, Arblasters, Arrow Tower, Castle Gate, Firebolt Tower and Gargoyle Slightly reduced Stun radius While Ceres nerf wasn't enough to tone down POW, Ceres, was this needed? I agree on the stun radius but reduced resistance to FBT? Ill-thought of since less army with Ceres is an automatic buff to FBT. Raging Wolf Elite Boost in offense: Slightly reduced Howl range and duration on all levels Slightly is a bad joke. Range-forged wolf had over 7+ range, now not even 5. Is it slight? Remember, defensive wolves still operate at a high howl range so... Holy Paladin Elite Boost: Reduced resistances to Ice and Poison damage Was OP but seriously, weakness values are sky-rocketing, 300% weakness to poison, 150% to ice, 50%+ to normal. So I was hopeful that there'd be a solution to gate towers, a greater balance between offense and defense, in & out of war, or at least an attempt towards it. Nerfing Paladin, Ogre & Wolf with Ceres was all fine. It was popular? Yes. It was extremely powerful undermining defenses? Probably yes. But with these changes in place isn't defensive Necromancer too powerful? Isn't Tainted Love slowly gnawing away HP of your troops, by the time you reach the U-turn of the base, you are alone. Hasn't the gate tower solution worsened? Apart from an attempt to save skulls, it is really better to place them near the gate to earn you more gems. Why were nerfs excessive and buffs minor? Did FG or whoever scripted these balancing changes know why Ceres was so OP or why Hammer was so much in the meta? Ceres was OP due to the sole existence of Heal Aura and Bomb Kick Aura. You could raid solo with heal aura and heal all the troops summoned by Ceres in no time, and render Snake Towers or Mortars useless. Due to Heal Aura, I would know I can walk into a turn of death as I just need 1 hammer to take a side down and even if I'm reduced to negligible health, I will be healed in no time. Heal Aura made Pro HT's gradual fire effect useless v units. Skull Towers are very deadly in wars, 3 forged skull towers can reduce you to zilch even if bomb kick is equipped, without bomb kick, it is even worse. If I had bomb kick, I knew I just need to stay within my army and kick as many bombs possible. Wouldn't nerfing Heal Aura and Bomb Kick, the root cause of Offense solve most problems? It would. Ask any player before these nerfs to raid top bases without these auras, the difference would be noticeable. What FG did here is a general view from a mountain peak and nerfed anything that was excessively used. All top 10 defenses use Necros as top 1 or 2 unit, no nerf there? The clear evidence, is that FG is reducing the importance of staple elite boosts and shifting the focus to war, pro & conquest boosts. As someone excellently stated, Viking will replace Wolves in top bases and not many can afford to prolong both Viking boosts. Do I literally need to have access to every boost in the game to beat bases. I agree players can't be beating any defense, but when raiding gets excessively hard, it is no longer fun. I wouldn't have written this and instead given a like had there been a concrete solution to other issues. If a player manages to get past a hellish defense, he deserves 100%, achievable with no gate towers. Now you just have to use certain spells & troops to attempt to take down gate towers or SCROLL. I think the promises were a hoax. Why was the watchlist not even updated before waking up and nerfing? Not professional. The rewards for new Tournament Records will now give 1 Gem per every 200 Medals Halved the gem rewards, league records were tedious anyway, and now it just kills the motivation to stitch an effort to break a record. Regards, A despondent and let-down player.
  11. He meant do NOT buy pro tickets
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    Cat windows phone 10

    Locking this one as it is just a spam topic, as reported.
  13. Using abusive language won't get trophies or gems either. So please be civil.
  14. Your frustration is understandable however refrain from using inappropriate language on forums or else it could lead to more warnings.
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    Counting down to the new update

    Lull before the storm