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  1. I thought you had to win the boosts to prolong them? We are able to prolong the boosts past the end of the conquest. Is this a bug?
  2. I'm surprised there were no comments on this idea.
  3. I was looking for a fighting game to play and this one came up in the search. Decided to install and have been playing ever since.
  4. It seems most people do not like the way the current war and conquest alliances are matched together. It always seems you get a really tough alliance against some that are ranked much lower. My proposal to fix this is that each alliance is given a score based on the XP of its members. To prevent manipulating this, an alliances roster becomes locked 2 days before the event is started. This means no accepting or kicking members. Since XP cannot be manipulated downward like trophies, fiefdoms or conquest scores, it would give a fair and repeatable way to rank each member of an alliance. After each member is ranked, a total score is given to the alliance. Alliances with similar scores will be matched together. Doing this will make every alliance want to participate in each event since what you do in a past event has no bearing on events in the future. Since each alliance matched will have members of equal strength, each alliance has an equal chance to win. Thanks, ign: aldefed
  5. I tried waiting after erasing the files and it still will not provide ads.
  6. This trick does not work for me anymore. I erase the folder and still won't get any ads through Windows 10.
  7. I picked a fight from the global leaderboard and it was worth 439 medals. I got 100% and received 448 medals. This is only 2% (from Pro bonus items). A couple people told me you get the bonus from picking from the leadership board but I don't see it. I tried a matchmaking battle and got the 5% bonus.
  8. Do you only get the medal bonus when a battle is selected through matchmaking? Thanks,
  9. I think if you already have had a dungeon digging for more than 1 day, it should be counted as complete when the event starts. Let everyone take advantage of the one day dig time and not penalize those who keep a worker on dungeons.
  10. Is there a link to download and install RR2 for Windows 10 NOT going thru Windows Store? I've been trying for 2 days to install this update and cannot get Windows Store to work properly. I've tried all the fixes to reset Windows Store and am still having no luck. Very irritated right now. Thanks, Al
  11. This is how the zombies destroyed my kingdom. While I was off fighting enemy kingdoms, 15 zombies came stomping thru my tent. They started attacking my defenses and were thought to be killed off. But what nobody realized, was that one lonely knight got zombie juice on him. There was not enough for instant transformation into a zombie, but a slow painful one. The knight went off to be by himself because he was not feeling well. Hours later, he was converted into a knight zombie. Knowing how the castle defenses worked, he was able to break thru the castle gate with no one knowing. Since I was away fighting, the rest of my defenses were going trick or treating. The zombie knight fit in because everyone thought he was dressed up to go trick or treating. The zombie knight saw what was going on and devised a devious plan on how to convert everyone else into a zombie. He pricked his finger and put a drop of zombie juice on each piece of candy he gave out. Soon, everybody went home after trick or treating and started eating their candy. Two hours later, the screams started to happen, everyone started to turn into zombies. By morning, everyone was transformed and my kingdom was lost. No big battle, no major war but just a knight that got a little too close to a zombie. IGN:aldefed
  12. Hello, The videos no longer work on my Windows 10 computer. The only way I have been able to get them to work in the past is by reinstalling the game. I have been transferring my account to my phone before I reinstall and then transfer back to the computer after the reinstall. It says I can no longer transfer my account. How do I reinstall the game without losing my progress? This seems to happen every time there is a Windows update.
  13. It does not appear so. I tried updating last night and it did the same thing. If I click any other app at the store, it gives me the option to install. When I go to the RR2 page, it sits there with the spinning cursor.
  14. Hello, Anyone else having issues updating RR2 with Windows 10? When I open RR2, it says the update is available and then goes to Windows Store. At Windows Store, it just sits there and does nothing. If I manually look for RR2 at Windows Store, it goes to the RR2 page and then also just sits there and does nothing. Thanks, Al
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