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  1. Trivia n°11: Phenomenons on Earth

    GAME- royal revolt 2 IGN- ïÿ_h__l ANSWERS Q1.Which wind movement causes aircrafts to enter a downward motion? A1. A wake turbulence causes air crafts to enter a downward motion. Q2.What causes lightning? A2.Heavier, negatively charged particles sink to the bottom of the cloud. When the positive and negative charges grow large enough, a giant spark - lightning - occurs between the two charges within the cloud. This is like a static electricity sparks you see, but much bigger. Q3.The Richter scale, developed in the 1930s, is a base-10 logarithmic scale. What is the max value on a Richter scale? A3. there is no theoretical upper limit to the Richter magnitude scale, but obviously, in practice, the scale is limited both by the Earth's ability to release energy and by its ability to remain in one piece. The Earth could only generate earthquakes beyond a certain level. After that, an asteroid collision could go higher, but eventually the Earth would simply explode.but The biggest quake in recorded history was the 9.5 quake that struck Chile in 1960. Q4.What is a cloudburst and how is it different from rain? A4.A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation in a short period of time,sometimes accompanied by hail and thunder, that is capable of creating flood conditions. A cloudburst can suddenly dump large amounts of water e.g. 25 mm of precipitation corresponds to 25000 metric tons/km2 (1 inch corresponds to 72,300 short tons over one square mile). However, cloudbursts are infrequent as they occur only via orographic lift or occasionally when a warm air parcel mixes with cooler air, resulting in sudden condensation. At times, a large amount of runoff from higher elevations is mistakenly conflated with a cloudburst. The term "cloudburst" arose from the notion that clouds were akin to water balloons and could burst, resulting in rapid precipitation. Though this idea has since been disproven, the term remains in use. A cloudburst is different from rain only in the amount of water that pours down on the earth. if rainfall of about 10 cm or above per hour is recorded over a place that is roughly 10 km x 10 km in area, it is classified as a cloudburst event. Q5.When does a leap year occur? A5.Nearly every four years is a leap year which has 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365 in the Gregorian Calendar. February 29 is a date that usually occurs every four years, and is called leap day. This day is added to the calendar in leap years as a corrective measure, because the Earth does not orbit the sun in precisely 365 days. It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds to circle once around the Sun. Q6.From the photo given above, ascertain the name and describe what's happening in short. Amazing pic, isn't it! A6.A dirty thunderstorm (also volcanic lightning, thunder volcano) is a weather phenomenon that is related to the production of lightning in a volcanic plume. A study in the journal Science indicated that electrical charges are generated when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles in a volcanic plume collide and produce static charges, just as ice particles collide in regular thunderstorms. Volcanic eruptions are sometimes accompanied by flashes of lightning. However, this lightning doesn’t descend from storm clouds in the sky. It is generated within the ash cloud spewing from the volcano, in a process called charge separation. Q7. What is the cause of winds? A7.Wind is caused by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure. Since the Earth is rotating, however, the air does not flow directly from high to low pressure, but it is deflected to the right (in the Northern Hemisphere; to the left in the Southern Hemisphere), so that the wind flows mostly around the high and low pressure areas. Q8.Even though Sun’s light is white, why does it appear to be yellowish when viewed from Earth? A8.Our atmosphere scatters shorter to bigger wavelengths color fromsunlight when the white light travels through it. During day, it scatters violet and blue colors leaving yellowish sunlight (the reason why sky is blue and sunlight is yellow) But when higher in the sky the Sun looks white. Q9.Is the Earth’s magnetic north pole and geological north pole at the same location, if not state why it isn’t the same. A9.the Earth’s magnetic north pole and geological north pole isn't at the same location. Geographic north and south poles are determined by the earth's spin. They are the locations n earth through which the axis of the earth's spin passes. Magnetic north is determined by the direction a compass points. Magnetic variance, or declination, is the difference between geographic north and magnetic north.Geographic north pole: The Earth rotates on the geographic north and south poles. The geographic north and south poles are where lines of longitude (meridians) converge in the north. The south and north poleare directly opposite to one another. The North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Scientists have tried marking the North pole. Because the water here is permanently covered with moving sea ice, it’s practically impossible to construct any type of permanent station at the true North Pole. The Magnetic North Pole: (also known as the North Dip Pole) is a point on Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada where the northern lines of attraction enter the Earth. Q10.Earth is Prolate Spheroid in shape. Yes or No? A10.No, A spheroid has circular symmetry. Because of the combined effects of gravity and rotation, the Earth's shapeis not quite a sphere but instead is slightly flattened in the direction of its axis of rotation. For that reason, in cartography the Earth is often approximated by an oblate spheroidinstead of a sphere.
  2. Lost my gems...

    contact to support and submit a request about your problem
  3. Your Favourite Troop - Forum Contest

    IGN :- ïÿ_h__l 1. why you like the troop. i like pyromancer's so much.because i like the dragons and with the war boost "Dracomancer" the dragon is appear which destroy almost the everything which come in front of dragon. 2. which quality sets this troop apart from the rest. pyromancer's have long life then other troops like other dragon troop "froster(dragon froster )",knight...pyromancer can easily burn the firebolt tower and lightning tower as well as they damage the other tower... also they have long range which is also the other quality of the pyromancer. 3. which is your favourite war boost based on this troop and why. i like the dracomancer boost (war boost) the most because of this boost pyromancer gain the their final form and turns into the dragon which destroy the everything come in front of dragon.... its like dragon apocalypse and after dragon gone the fire and dead troops everywhere......... so its the power of my troop "THE POWER OF DRACOMANCER" STORY:- This story begins with Once Upon A Time, because the best stories do, of course......................... so,once upon a time me and my advisor were walking to kingdom from campingin the forest.As we walking in the forest we stopped and froze.Standing in front of us blocking the path was an enormous fierce looking dragon.We stood panic stricken, horrified at the sight of this unusual looking red creature. It stared at us with black eyes,its white fangs ready for dinner and its long black coloured nails gripping the wood log tightly.In a split second the dragon bounded towards us as its great black wings flapped furiously. We screamed inunison and ran as fast as our legs could carry us,and the dragon was following us. I run in to an old cave and the dragon stop in font of that cave. The dragon come to me and spoke "come out, I mean no harm".At the gentle hiss of his voice I froze.I thought to myself, dragons can't speak! "Please speak to me" dragon said.I raised my head cautiously. The dragon nuzzled my arm, raising my confidence. I raised a trembling hand and touched one of his scales.he told his name is "dracomancer".After a while he explained how he was able to talk to me.It turned out that an evil witch had turned him from a human to a dragon and only the friendship of another human would turn him back into his original human form.he looked so sad and lonely that I reached across and patted his bony back once again. I told him that I would try to help him and he was overjoyed and in a few days he is turns in to the his orignal form of human with a red and blue color outfit and a pointed we make a new name for him "pyromancer" for his new human form.Over the next few days, pyromancer became a great friend of mineand we are going in wars togather and after winning the reward in the war my friend "pyromancer" got the availity to turn in to the "dracomancer" again by collecting the dragon power. Form that day me and "pyromancer" winning the every battle.......
  4. Pick Up Special Items During Raid

    its looks very good idea to improve the game and having more fun. i also saw that chest along the path but its just useless.....
  5. Trivia n°10: Exciting Economics

    IGN :-vinaysir GAME :- royal revolt 2 ANSWERS............ 1.- option A (MH) 2.- option C ( the rate of imported inflation) 3.- option A (cigarettes lack durability) 4.- option B ($30 to $10) 5.- option D (vertical integration forwards) 6.- option A (fixed costs) 7.- option C (The period of training for scientists is longer than that for laboratory technicians) 8.- option C (total fixed cost) 9.- option C (Institutions are established to train flight crew) 10.- option D (structural)
  6. Open bases?

    open base ;- vinaysir upto the war start only 1 tower and few troops..............
  7. is this true

    Looks like this screenshot is too old.......because we already have those 2 features 😕😕😕😕 Attack history And play with Facebook friends These 2 are thier from when i start playing.... 😑😑😑😑😑
  8. Royal revolt 2 best players awards

    most laziest player :- khataronkikhiladi
  9. Trivia n°9: All About Aviation

    ROYAL REVOLT 2 IGN-vinaysir 1.-Air New Zealand 2.-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 3.-800 km/h 4.-False 5.-OPTION-B (Slowly decrease altitude and glide) 6.-OPTION-D (To increase drag) 7.-OPTION-A (With the help of a pushback tug) 8.-OPTION-D (Tilt towards the right and maintain some speed and altitude) 9.-Inertial navigation system (INS) 10.-green light beacon is situated at the right wing tip of an aircraft.
  10. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    NEXT :- when you first saw the pal (guardian) in defence at the time of attacking any player.
  11. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    Next:- when low level player got top 10 alliance invite...
  12. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    😍😘 I like it.....
  13. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    what the f**k..
  14. Not received any Yeti event prizes

    same thing happen with me, i was in the range of 3500-4000 trophy but i got less reward