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  1. Curtludwar1337

    Fix the fucking Gold Cap!!!

    The gold cap has been an issue way b4 those games. It's just complete bull shit.
  2. Curtludwar1337

    Fix the fucking Gold Cap!!!

    Wtf! I've hit the gold cap twice! Haha. Do the developers even pay attention to this game anymore? They do useless updates do something important!
  3. Curtludwar1337

    Highest Floor & time played (curious)

    Been playing a long time they need to fix the gold cap!
  4. Curtludwar1337

    Is Game Team Alive?

    I think they died in Epic couch fire! Or they just forgot about this game....
  5. Curtludwar1337

    Gold cap hit!

    Gold cap! 179TTT! wtf I thought this was fixed!
  6. Curtludwar1337

    Help me - I'm new player

    The only way to advance is gold! Buy it with gems. Watch videos. upgrade your coin gain until it becomes useless. The Grande and the Baron are the best items in the game if you get them keep them. Upgrade your weapon mostly and then your armor and pretty much never your cape.
  7. Curtludwar1337

    Wtf pet shards

    Why do I keep getting pet shards for a pet that is already maxed out! Wtf is the point. They should go to pets that need it. Duh!
  8. Curtludwar1337

    POLL...Gold booster

    It's useless except for in Boss hunts where it helps you slightly but since you can only use it once every 6 hours it's pretty much useless haha
  9. Curtludwar1337

    Pet of the week...

    Maybe the Creators should actually play the game?
  10. Curtludwar1337

    Boss hunt strategies!

    For this particular boss hunt (see screen shot) I start off with the crab pet (attack spd +gold) I lvl up my cape and armour. I use the health clone and jump clone and slam stun for spells. I usally end up using the seal pet for armour eventually to survive in later levels and Lvling up weapon for some cases. I see ppl who get alot higher than I tho so wondering what other people have as strategies. Plz post. Post the other types of boss hunts and strategies if u wish. This was my current boss hunt
  11. Curtludwar1337

    Gold zz then back to aa ?

    Oh AA is higher then lower case aa that makes sense.....I thought it would be aaa! Haha
  12. Curtludwar1337

    Gold zz then back to aa ?

    As you can see I'm at zz gold then my next higher gold goes back to aa that doesn't make any sense.
  13. Curtludwar1337

    Miscellaneous Questions (A lot of them!)

    Yes there is a 3 star items list on the forms somewhere lol. The Sureshot (sword lvl 470) and Tree hugger (cape lvl don't remember low tho) are best for bosses. 100% coin thing is useless at higher lvls. Best boss killing spell is stun void, leap clone, and stun slam. Best pet is one that adds dmg. Quick void, whirl wind huge and critical slash are best for friendsies but also useless at higher lvls. The Grande or the Sureshot , The Legionnaire and the Baron are the best items in the game for speeding up the game farming mobs killing bosses and farming mystery chest for big gold videos!!!
  14. Curtludwar1337

    Upgrade cap?

    How many millions of tokens would one need to reach the upgrade cap if their is one
  15. Curtludwar1337

    So glad I finally ascended...

    Good to know boys I was thinking about asending again almost at floor 1000 wanna use all those tokens! And hopefully the next run will be much easier and faster