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  1. cr1

    Make one more lvl to waves!!

    Show it in wars. Its still kinda like a hell
  2. cr1

    in review No Guardian rewards

    Same here. visual bug
  3. cr1

    Subscriptions in RR2

    Alliance sub is good if all alliance doing it. but yes, subs too expensive
  4. Strategy? Really?)
  5. Rpn was banned, if u remember. anyway, flare dnt want to fix it. I think it will be good to use same cheats too.
  6. Flare dnt care about multiaccing now. Seems its the new reality. I think they scare to show the truth- how many still in the game. Fake accounts helps fhem hide it) else i have no idea why we see all this fake accounts. Skip it , it seems better to use cheat engine and fake accounts too. Easy and no punish
  7. A lot of player still dnt know how is looser pool work, or how to calculate the sculls and etc forget it😂
  8. Do not save the tower- awesome advice😂 did you see the top maps at the last days?)
  9. Then the strong team meat the pinning system from low alliance- its like a problem, make players mad and make them want to destroy enemies. And its easy to do against the low or middle alliance, cuz in last day RL or VL usual have all reseaeches.
  10. He just forgot, we are international game. Vl have the guys from everythere. And 1/3 are always asleep) in every time
  11. Pip i can show you how it work imagine you have big fight, like 30 vs 30, cuz you want to save tower( as example). and after you won you immidiatly be attacked by enemie. do not forget- you are low of troops, but ur enemies come with refilled troops and energie. and while your 30 mates be keeped by 5 players- others crushing ur base its easy to manage, not big deal
  12. check this after every battle end whe side who lose immidiatly attack the stuck back. that the point of this idiotic stuff? we had the 35vs 35 and really wish to LOSE, cuz else the feature was to be pinned at least 25 of them. Its absolutly increadeable system, and its bad, really badg
  13. Do not forget that this one top guy will have ALL researches, like attack rate +3, amount of troops 750 and dnt forget to say all those 10 low players will not be able even win vs top guy
  14. There are a lot it problems here but the main is- the players cant be online 24/7. we need sleep, we need work, we have a family, we have a real life. if the game become a work its time to get the salary. the pinning is jot very bad if only we can prevent this spamming when the group is always attavking by one player comquest is broken mode 24/7 ridiculos money need to win we can make attack rate+1 triple bit we cant make defence rate+1 even once. With attavk +3 attacker have a buge advantage( level 4 towers in a forest can be destroed in 6 raids). but the most problem- this mode is not fun for playerswho really move this game😼its not Razz, koonin, k1. Its a thousand players who just want to play for fun a few times at the day, and ready to pay his 100-200 usd per month. but i have no mood to pay right now. Fun was lost cuz this conquest