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  1. cr1

    So long, and thanks for all the fish !

    Agree about being jumper very fun
  2. I want to hear the answer from our new Cm.
  3. cr1

    Conquest rewards

    Yes we have lowest in the game. to upgrade and to spent in war is different
  4. cr1

    Conquest rewards

    Who spended 100000? War wasnt hard for us, we spended much less. But: max tier, only one gems chest and 250? i dnt need 250 gems it doesn't excite me
  5. cr1

    Conquest rewards

    What the reason to post it? we can read and we knows there is you posts your message. everything seems very bad for me now. rewards? Sucks but we didn't get even boosts or rewards. really 8 days of fight, max tier and 250 gems inchest? What do you want i will do with them? 65*250= even not 20000 what a point guys? What a problem to give 2000 gems, for example?
  6. cr1

    Conquest rewards

    250 gems in the chest? Are you joke?
  7. @Madlenit will be good to give them reward we need a luttle fun in the game and they did it, also is a very good sentence)
  8. You need to talk about the thing we bought and which dosnt work. its funny to read that you dnt sure it will be compensated😂😂nice job, what i can tell btw, we understand that you are just a voice and thats why i said you will be the same as others CM we had. Lets see in a month)
  9. We put towers near the clan too😂😂😂
  10. We did the tower which time is 1 d 3 h in a 23.50 before conguest will finish seems strange
  11. cr1

    War Season

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 i didnt check it, but i need a month if holidays after the conguest
  12. Same behavior as every CM before😂😂 if you need to have a really matter answer( not about octopus) you willwait it for years))
  13. cr1

    Nemesis pal, anyone tried it?

    Take everything you can have but now nemesis is a joke