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  1. Would be fun to see how are Flare will take back all prhoebes which was got but not clear way and VL/RL/VN( and many others) will wake up with lvl 2 phoeba beastšŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  2. But flare did. And its ofc is the topicz flare have their own value as you said. so they banned and forever( there were a lot of this guys) and just for pro( when the cheats are do not hard, like multiaccs). so not, ofc they shouldnt bann for it from the game. and Lacuna, to bann for the multiaccings is not smart
  3. Flare doing it now they banning guys who are using cheat engine and do not bann for multiacc
  4. Lacuna how will you recognize the value of cheat? as example i know a lot about the cheaters and users of exploits. i would say 90% of top 5 alliances used them is it time to bann? bann for multicaccing ( the main pro cheat) is not smart idea
  5. Sometimes we forced to have montly subšŸ¤£
  6. Yeah. Seems we talks about different things. Im forced by my mates cuz i have a responsibility. its ok, you do not forced to do something- just cuz you havent it. nothing simply laughable if you play good. Bit if you play bad- ofc you can laught and have fun only. Its a different between the players every alliance want and *****ty ones
  7. Nope. We foreced to play, cuz only here we can find the boosts let me just prolong them and i will not play with my alliance
  8. Really? We are forced to play. alliance should have good players, good players want rewards
  9. Team want rewards. Have no idea why others talks about none force. players force the leaders cuz rewards. but as event CQ is bad
  10. Guys have been reading all this tread and i can not understand the points. which strategy in CQ do you talk? strategy is a story about the deals and money. Deals even more. none can survive vs 2 enemies in CQ. If you have 2 fronts against the teams which have 1 front mean you lose. its a story about the money.
  11. cr1

    Shield for Towers

    Sometimes after the night attack you have no ability to attack back
  12. All i need is ability to prolong boosts . thats all. This CQ is bad
  13. cr1

    Shield for Towers

    And champions and shields for fights in conquestšŸ¤£
  14. cr1

    Research tree

    Yeah but i think top- CQ researches are bad idea
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