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  1. Ninja Tiers

    Yes i need to spent like 6 scrolls to beat whole 30 islands. Its seems really hard enough)
  2. Ninja Tiers

    I dnt need my own challenge. I need competition with others top. Thats why i dnt feel i need use all tricks to make my raiding challengable. Btw its not so matter, 15 k pearls and free ubers are good too
  3. No, why? The basilisk towers have no difference with the bomb towers( tgey are better then snake). they are easy killing oneshot with the sonic.use scream to manage troops and push them away of gate. its really not hard to kill those towers if you use smart combo in war its harder, need 1-2 scroll on top bases
  4. Its worth! You are right, cuz thats the really important. We need 30-40 sec near gate, usually its mean you MUST use scrolls
  5. Extra boosts no matter, only scull gears. yes its all i said. Good we fixed it
  6. I answered at question, why its harder to raid in war was the question. still have no idea what are talking about, but ok, let it be.
  7. Changes Needed

    Just skip it and go through it. For sure, i dnt care about anybody opinion here and can have every forum name i want. really, this your post is like a waste, no value in it) good luck
  8. What about are you arguing? i just said its much harder to raid in war, cuz scull gears) thats all)
  9. We are differnt cases. For me is no reason to raid without sculls. In war im fighting and trying to bring max sculls to my team
  10. Changes Needed

    I have the reason. Its not the game reason)
  11. Changes Needed

    Its easy to answer to you and you know this answer. one word- money
  12. Ninja Tiers

    They need make 5600 tier challengable. mostly, all top players are max forged. have no idea, how you can lose 5600 tier, really. Its like a kidwalk
  13. Ninja Tiers

    Hey folks i have no idea what to do in low and middle tiers. But i m really dissopointed with 5600+ tier. Its too easy to be serious. this ninja only hard thing os to get 5600, not partipicate in it. Its killed my interest to it, thats the problem, thats i dnt like
  14. Hey. i have not a big problem with a towers near gate, really. Its no matter which type they are and how many they are, too. you need to train with right combo may be?
  15. Hello the problem mostly is about scull gears. There are no extra perks, low speed( usually), low leadership and etc. thats the main problem and yes, in a usual raid gears and in the scull ones, difference is huge.