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  1. hello. please fix this bug @Madlen in info show 4x free chest but 3x work it
  2. my ninjas in offense during attacks all time bug and don't run with my hero . i upload video for see you @Madlen and @PaSte Bug.mp4
  3. game crash back after server maintrance. os: windows 10
  4. Crashing not fix it. I use Donkey during Raids . when donkey health is over my yeti jump on king! and game got crash and lost cups. you can see in my picture yetis spawn insta under my king @Madlen
  5. i Buy Glove from Pro Shop but this Item Don't have any effect and don't make translocate please chek and fix it. @Madlen
  6. click on corner tile and easy see when alliance in your map!! please fix for next time @Madlen
  7. no i kill all over but when howl come spawn 7 ninjas
  8. hello all how to flaregame in rr2 use 7 ninjas in deff!? please give use info or metod for use more ninjas in deff and in attack! what search developers in game. i still wait for dev answer me @FTB @PaSte @Madlen please balance game. Festival really hard for more peoples. maybe some alliance have more boosts and can got score (point) but low lvls members now don't like this version.
  9. you guys now see we how try here for fix PL Bugs. and thx @PaSte for tell here to peoples. i think all must know me and my some other friends here try for fix bugs not post for members come and say lie here. me and my Friends all Time and non stop keep eye on PL.
  10. Bye Bye pham khanh 1209. from PL
  11. hey we wait for fix it. we tell To Devs about this and now FG work for fix it. and know they soon fix
  12. after many 3 years play and many messages from gala you don't know multiple = banned? ?
  13. no bro multiple account too = Banned
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