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    So i was twisting my towers and suddenly i noticed +300 gems got added, We tried the trick on my friend Kortizon's account and it gave him 1000 gems, you just adjust the screen so that the peak of the ice/arthemis/charon tower is hidden by the gem bar and twist it four times. it's really surprising , Kortizon was able to get another 500 gems later. Regards
  2. new chick heroes

    LOLLLLLLL @dumpster
  3. new chick heroes

    LOL @Warriornator , @AwesomestKnightest just to make it clear, i deleted this game some time ago. it's just that there's a huge drama between couple teams in top 10 about who being allied with whom. I really think the suggestion would help reduce the arguments and keep some of the members busy enough not to comment on LINE , it will make them feed their manhood artificially and reduce stress.
  4. new chick heroes

    which part of OR needs more chick heroes is not understandable? more chicks> more motivation> more money for FG win-win for all, new version should include bikini costumes , makeup, body size adjustment ,and taunts helen's hair's been curly for long, she needs some rest
  5. Game on!!

    @Gammal you just spend 15 hours a day playing and call it a skill . Other than that I see nothing else. when there was us (seal) all over the top ten you were yet sucking milk , and none of us, i mean none of us posted shits like this on forums trying to show off our trophies.
  6. Game on!!

    That was fast! goodjob ! Kill Emmm Those Noobs
  7. Game on!!

    there goes OR McGregor
  8. I'm so done with this crying/screaming/howling background music that i prefer playing while on silent mode. it just feels like i'm listening to someone crying their miseries to me. here are some suggestions in case you have no clue. invincible Or victory from Two Steps From hell these guyz have great music and if you can't copy theirs then just make something like them. THank YOU Emmanuel881
  9. new power declares us wide and open not our fame

    didn't want to hurt your feelings @vasudeva1, My apologies for provoking you
  10. new power declares us wide and open not our fame

    i just feel sorry for you @vasudeva1, looks like you will be crying here for the next 6 months asking the devs to nerf everything. good night my friend.
  11. new power declares us wide and open not our fame

    @vasudeva1 I hope you will like our new defences bro
  12. I will be the first one to say it...

    @vasudeva1 i feel like i was talking to a wall for the past 6 hours explaining you the trophy system for top guyz and how hard it is for them to get back their trophies. I feel sorry but you just lack logic and understanding , sad but true.
  13. new power declares us wide and open not our fame

    I'm done with discussions about this topic, got more to do in real life ... hopefully @flaretara will see my post