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  1. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Same issue also
  2. Update

    They should change this update from 3.7.0 to Last Nail in the Coffin.
  3. No new dungeon levels which means no new levels for Ogre, Wolf, Garg and Mummies? WHY when everything else got a new level? Ogre and Wolf has to be some of the most used troops in the game.
  4. Way too many blacksmith events lately!

    No such thing as too many blacksmith events imo.
  5. Update

    That's easy, because it costs gems. Which means people who wont have enough to upgrade (which will probably have to be done first to unlock the new unit, tower and spell...knowing FG) will have to BUY more gems.
  6. Yes but we all lost...Uber Granny Days
  7. Server maintenance during war????

    I can log in but, when I go to start a battle in war I get kicked off game...I'll try again later...I'm glad it kicked me before battle and not during or before cof.
  8. Ninja Event

    Its because you fought in a higher level tier before. (same happened to me in a previous event) You have to live with less coins, for an easier chance at 1st place in the lower tier. Funny how they found a way to punish people for dropping trophies in Ninja Event but they don't do anything for wars.
  9. What is Treasure Hunter?

    Yes I agree, hopefully pearl madness will start Saturday. I hope they didn't change all the events. This first one is not too impressive, the last two community events started with boost your defense and then pearl madness followed it.
  10. Couldn't they just leave the cut scene part in the game as is, just make it so the spell/s would reset and be ready to use again immediately? Instead of making the spells end going to the cut scene, just make it so it resets them when the screen returns to the hero. Maybe to OP'd.
  11. I submitted a request, we'll see what comes of it. Seems to be nerfed around 10x from last event.
  12. Only getting @20k in the 4000-4500 bracket for first 9 islands, and in the 2000-2??? bracket members are getting 100k+.
  13. Update is live

    Dena I cant click on my blacksmith until the event starts. I assume it went up one level also, but not sure about slots.
  14. Update is live

    Looks like new levels added to all buildings except spell tower (still looking through them). New dungeons added. New levels to towers and obstacles. Necromancer is unlocked by upgrading troops building after throne room upgrade, and heal tower is unlocked by upgrading inventors workshop after throne upgrade?. AT max is now 1250k. Still looking through it all. Going to be a lot of upgrading to do.
  15. Birthday Chest rewards

    Same for me, only Uber items I got were gems and vouchers.