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  1. support ticket

    HI All @GalaMorgane..I have a question I have raised a ticket by flaregmes support regarding suddenly kick from the game without any reason when gate was already falling down playing challenge 9 on pro league .. lost over 100 points cause of it. I wrote with Ana and she told me to give all details regarding this issue..I send my response on Saturday. from that no answer form your side..and current Pro league edition will be finished in 19 hours. why it is taking so long ?? tomorrow will be already too late to do anything.. Is that what u call "support"????
  2. Community Week 😍

    HI All I wrote already about it in one of my post.. last community week was in summer last year.. so it is time for it. But I think we will never see CW here anymore. And what make me angry that we even do not know why not .. zero communication.
  3. trophy bug

    Ahh . OK . pretty strange.. High rank player can abuse u and u can not do nothing to kick him back Thanks for answers @Dena4 @Fourofjacks
  4. trophy bug

    Yes .. I have heard about it.. But I thought it is in both direction
  5. trophy bug

    HI Flaregames support.. I have faced a situation which I can not understand. Player -Turk_Muhendis (5722 trophy ..defense strength is showing 1248 medals atm ) attacking player Misi. (4741 trophy and defense strength only 234 medals). So diffrence bettwenn those 2 players is almost 1000 trophys.. So for every attack none of the trophys should be taken.. So how u can explain situation below???? When -Turk is attacking Misi. he get for every attack 3 trophys and when Misi. attack back he do not get any trophy ...How it is possible ?? Be aware that also Defence strenght is over 1k for player -Turk. Please answer asap.. thanks in Advance
  6. For Delete Topic

    Hej.. Widze masz jakies problemy ze swoja osobowoscia..LOL. Zycze ci dobrze i to bez zadnej ironii a ty o jakis "podsmiechujkach" piszesz.. Wez sie ogarnij czlowieku
  7. No PL rewards again

  8. For Delete Topic

    Powodzenia w szukaniu nowych graczy
  9. No pro league rewards

    Hallo @Nikko @FTB Again..NO pro league rewards. Please check.Thanks
  10. Pro Phoenix cup

    OK ..maybe u right i this case.. that was not a big mistake..Maybe it was over reaction.. but it came from frustration what is happening here last time
  11. Pro Phoenix cup

    continual dropping wears away a stone
  12. Pro Phoenix cup

    Good that u are not complaining .LOL. and second thing..even if something if for free it does not mean that it should work like this. And when we as a plyer stop complaining this game will go fast down..
  13. Pro Phoenix cup

    1. First ..I play this game bcoz I like THIS GAME .. and for 3 years when I started to play game was not so buggy like now . people who want sell some products has not enough know how to do this .so they should change this people and make this game playable like before..We should I quit with sth that I like?? 2. Commercials should work on every platform BECAUSE game is also to buy for Windows users . 3. Are u masochist?? NO i.m not!!! I'm only complaining with bad support.what is normally..or not?? When u for example buy a Laptop and this Laptop is crashing .,has different problems, not working etc..u will be not complaining? u will not be angry? sorry u are not NORMAL
  14. Pro Phoenix cup

    Of course this one is not a Big problem..but . laast tiome I think everyone has noticwed Come on..u must be joking. I understand that something goes wrong sometimes but last time in this game EVERYTHING goes wrong . @Maerique has post already 7 pages of problems here..Every change last time it is a fail..problems with pro rewards which are not activated after end of pro-league but I see this boost already active in other alliances even before end of the league. LOL. Commercials are not working.. Game is constantly crashing since week and they can not find solution..etc..etc. So please @Cromka1 do not defend Flaregames..As u said also world is made on money so if they wan to earn money they should hire developers with KNOW-HOW because obviously Developers who are siting there ATM have no fckn clue what they are doing there..How may fails we should accept more?? I know some people here who are also working as a Developers and they all laughing already that after so much fails they will be already workless So I'm not crying ..I want simple play this game..but my frustrations with Flare still raising..and I think i'm not he only one here.......
  15. Pro Phoenix cup

    OF course it is matter for me ..when u pronounce something hold on this. it is normal behavior in this world. When someone send u to buy bread u will not buy and I'm not CRYING LIKE a baby.. i.m just saying that is another fail from do not miss my point @Cromka1. and when u already taking about crying on this forum I think u are talking about yourself. Because everything what hit directly VL it is reason for "cry" in this forum for U ..but post from other people are "small" for U. U are not alone and VL in this not forget this @Cromka1 . and second thing post was directed to flare..not to u. So are u responding ..LOL