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  1. Halo. Something new?? we have contacted support.. 6 hours gone.. nothing So my question..what is "support" doing by Flare?? LOL.. IT is so hard to activate it again???.. Come on Flare. And BTW it will be nice when we get as alliance so compensation..all others have pro boost..so it is really un-fair. thanks
  2. The same here.. Can not log in to the game.. Wanted to finish PRO.. Fix it please ASAP Flare!!!
  3. HI All.. HI @flaregames.. I have a question to Flare.. But first. I watching some behavior since couple of the last wars .. And about it friends from other Alliance ..and they agreed with me.. So the question why shortly for war u are making Server Maintenance?? Hmm . Wait..I can answer it for u.. Tested with last wars. before playing with SB gear.. to check. So i/m able to win with defenses with 800 medals.. easily . And then suddenly we have a Maintenance.. And then ..hmm. people who plying this game couple of years became in a second NOOB They have Problems with winning at 200 medals lvl.. Army barely Moving .. soldiers are dying within second.. ogres destroying 1 barricade 10 seconds..etc. Why flare is doing this..Answer is simple.. Game is getting old. not so many people buy gems like before.. so what we can do.. FuC.ED up the balance..so they will start using..using gems=they will need to buy new ones.. @Flare u think we are ***** and we do not see it ???? STOP THIS SHI...T PLEASE .. PUT YOU FINGER BACK from war balance. GREED will be punished..remember it!!
  4. Hi All, Completely agree with Sit.. When u do not have clear proof why did u banned someone ?? We are not in middle age anymore😅. Nowadays u should have proofs to judge someone!!!!! Even when Sit has explained what the situation was.. u did not Follow this and did not check if he is telling the True.. Why? The second thing is that your support as Sit already mentioned it is a big joke.. What does this people doing there ??I heard it already from multiply users.. LOL.. Thanks for contacting Flaregames support.. we will investigate your issue...and then ..Quiet..no answer..anymore. typical ostrich technique 😕 And the funniest thing. u did nothing..and next day came second mail from Flare......... How u would rate our Support LOOOOOL.
  5. As soon As I use Donkey.. (Second click) game crashed without any Warning .. Galaxy S8 (Android of course) . Fix it please. every ride -50 trophy.. LOL Thanks..
  6. Can not read the message (friends..alliance) .. when I press on it i.m disconnected immediately form the game
  7. Maybe it is time to replace this Servers??
  8. Every serious company learn from own mistakes......but not flare ....LOL @failgames has his own strategy?
  9. Hi @flareagames Again no rewards to all alliance from conquest.. I think as I know your buggy developers i should write post already before event end?
  10. Hi All, Can Someone explain me meaning of technology Cool down (builders) in compare to upgrade speed (watchtowers) Where is the difference here?? I mean what is it cool down time to workers? Did not see any cool down . Building of next tower can be started immediately after one is finished. So where is cool down here? Thanks for answers in Advance.
  11. Totally agree. How many bugs will we see more? @Failgames . On your developers place i would stick my head in the sand already like a ostrich / LOL
  12. @Flaregames.... can u do something without bugs ???? ??
  13. Can only confirm CR1.. There is a bug ..u can know your all enemy in 3 clicks
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