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  1. My greatest achievement while playing this mobile game is managing to make enough space on my phone for the 100MB updates.
  2. WajDuck

    No Connection

    Once again, Flaregames servers seems to be struggling. I can not connect.
  3. IGN: WajDuck Game: Royal Revolt 2 1. It is "Skeleton" 2. Southampton conceded by Stoke City the longest goal. Begovic scored from 91.9 meters. 3. a. Number of players 20/16, b. The location ice/grass (gravel, turf), c. The Ball Puck/Ball 4. Knight 5. Fencing, freestyle swimming (200m), equestrian show jumping (15 jumps) and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200m). This last event is now referred to as the laser-run 6. Malaysia 11 medals, no gold. 7. Mumbai 41 times . (New South Wales was 46 times, but not always with 4 players) 8. Steffi Graf, 13 times 9. Mumbai + London 10. Maximum was at World Championship 2002, South Korea + Japan (both had 10 venues, so 20 in total)
  4. Knights who say Ni dont have 24/7 blazing KNIGHTS
  5. *I was kidding in the tags (sort of)* Im looking for English alliance that has these boosts: -Blazing Knights -Tough Barricades -Stunning Ogre -Raging Wolf -Storm Cannon -Holy Paladins (This one is optional) I can donate 250k daily and my skull boost is like 4.5% IGN: WajDuck -Lvl92
  6. Your fault for invading Ukraine
  7. Go ahead and scroll in my base so I can have all your remaining gems before you quit. Then I will believe that you are actually quitting, right now, I doubt it. IGN: WajDuck
  8. I fight in war I like boosts (my previous alliance was trash in wars but had 7 boosts)(I liked that) Some boosts that I require are, storm cannon, raging werewolf, stunning ogre, blazing knight, and tough barricade (more the better) So if your alliance has those boosts (and hopefully more)(and also hopefully decent in wars) I am willing to fight 3 battles per war (more when I feel like it)(often) (2% skull perk) and will donate 250k daily (going for 500k but will take a while) I participate in ninja events I have 3300 trophies atm (i think) but my trophies generally range from 3300 to 3000 Im also gonna add that I have no life and play this game way too much
  9. WajDuck

    Quiz - Day 3

    Tower Boosts: Eagle Tower Healer Tower Sniper Hideout Burst Bomber Frozen Spire Gargoyle Nest (if you consider this special) Stargazer Tower Acursed Tower Uber Lightning Tower Dragons entered the game in update 1.9 on September 7 of 2015. Thank you.
  10. So I was just playing Royal Revolt 2, happy about getting tons of pearls from blacksmith (already spent 600 gems) I beat a ninja island, got the chamber of fortune, and went back Thats when I got what I have been looking for, the worker package I didnt think much of it, because normally it was shortly after I put all my workers to work, making it super expensive But thanks to community week, not only were worker prices lowered, the price of skipping all the current jobs was lowered. It all come down to about 2500 gems. Funny because I had more than enough (including quest and dungeon) which, because of flares special mechanics, NEVER happens?! So apparently, flare games likes me now. Dont forget the 2500 pearls I just got. I am now more than halfway to pearl diver. Just goes to show that despite the fact that FlareGames can be extremely greedy sometimes, occasionally something nice happens without you having to spend a dime.
  11. How old is this alliance? If you have never lost a war I assume you are only a few war seasons old?
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