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  1. Hi, ***** position for the snooze button if you want to trigger the battle cry!
  2. Hier mein Feedback ... Es ist zu viel ! so it would be better : Krieg -> Ninja -> Eroberung -> Feiertag -> Krieg ..... Das ist ein guter Plan 👍
  3. Has anyone else that now the screen constantly freezes?
  4. RentelRR2

    solved Server problems

    Same here ??
  5. RentelRR2

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My biggest achievement was winning the diamond league ??
  6. RentelRR2

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    Same here ... i wait ?
  7. RentelRR2

    Top 10 Tips for Conquest

    Thx for this ?
  8. Why ??? Not helpful for strategic! Means only the tickets I buy with gems or the *monthly free ... *in the chest ... *from subscription too? More feedback after playing the conquer, but looks like a great update ?
  9. RentelRR2

    One more update on the ad issue

    Many watch them for fights ?
  10. RentelRR2

    One more update on the ad issue

    Okay but that's not good! Flare has many players right now against them and then makes something like this?! Sry But that's unsurpassed (just *****)!
  11. RentelRR2

    UPDATE: Blacksmith Event extended

    Hi folks, I doubt that people really want to read these long lyrics here ? @Madlen I think you should think again if you want to keep in official announcements the answer function! For feedback and suggestions good and nice but what's going on here ... ?♂️ 20180830135259-9c289d5b8e.[].mp4
  12. Hi, first you should tap at 1st then at 2nd, then when it returns to the main screen it should be gone! hope that helps ? would have this error often ?
  13. RentelRR2

    Upcoming balancing changes offense

    Hi Madlen, you want constructive feedback .... give the pal Ceres more moral than just 15 ... like to happen ? !!! Have a nice day