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  1. There are only 2 , take the Desert and u will see 😉
  2. RentelRR2

    War Boosts

    What has changed when extending the war boosts , seemed to me otherwise longer ?!
  3. RentelRR2

    Basilisk Tower Stats

    👍 true story
  4. RentelRR2

    Basilisk Tower Stats

    The resistance on the right not the fire resistance.
  5. RentelRR2

    Basilisk Tower Stats

    The value of the resistance is not displayed after forging !
  6. had both times too late noticed that there was extra time
  7. RentelRR2

    Can Irmgard heal ?

    Thx very helpful 👍
  8. RentelRR2

    Can Irmgard heal ?

    Does Irmgard have the ability to heal me and my troops?
  9. RentelRR2

    German Facebookgroup

    Einige Ihrer deutschen Teammitglieder haben Probleme, da Flaregames nur Englisch spricht und sie es nicht sehr gut verstehen. Lösung: Alle wichtigen Informationen sind jetzt auf Deutsch übersetzt. Helfen Sie Ihren Mitgliedern, bessere Spieler zu sein:
  10. RentelRR2

    Kaiser Goldboost

  11. RentelRR2

    Kaiser Goldboost

    The first image shows the stats of Kaiser (22 % goldboost) , in the second image u can see 26%
  12. RentelRR2

    Beast turn on/Off?

    Certainly misprinted
  13. RentelRR2

    Beast turn on/Off?

    I've seen some players whitout ally and they had beasts in their defence and I thought why ? That's the reason I asked for
  14. RentelRR2

    Beast turn on/Off?

    Hi folks, How can I remove my beast from the defense? is that even possible?
  15. RentelRR2

    Wo sind die Ninja??

    Same problem here