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  1. @CaptainMorgan why the amount of gems required to prolong the prestige on level 30 to 430 gems?? Is that a bug?
  2. Developers has no life ?
  3. I have one more question, As the next war starts early, can we play the odyssey with the war heroes? @CaptainMorgan
  4. Is there any problem with the video? I can't play it.
  5. Sometimes I am facing a glitch in graphics like some white squares are appearing on my screen it's just random, I have tested on my 3 devices Lenovo Z2 plus, xiaomi mi mix2 and OnePlus 5T. The same glitch appears on every device on snapdragon 835 and 810 soc, is it because of hardware or some game issues? But I didn't seen this type of issue in sd625.
  6. This was a feautre in royal revolt 2, when any member in alliance bought the gem pack all other players will get some chests.
  7. Day before yesterday I got asterion for the third time, This is so annoying
  8. I got two unique items duplicate. This need to be stopped. I got asterion for ariadne twice and erymanthian jaws twice for hercules.. We can't use them in forging with different items. Then what is the use of the duplicate unique items? Just for gold?
  9. So the equipment is already having max stats for his level. So there is a less increase in the stats.
  10. I think you got the mirror shield recently.
  11. Ya unique item stats are capped to our current level when you forged. That's really cool.
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