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  1. I think the admin said there will be Boss Hunt every weekend until the devs are satisfied with the game patch
  2. Ikr i hate ppl who dont participate
  3. I always thought about this and now I am curious. I have 3 Questions that I really would like to know. 1. Is clone attack damage based on your Knight's Weapon Damage or Cloak Damage? 2. Is the Clone's healing time stable or depends of level of Cloak? e.g- Does lvl 300 Cloak heals faster than lvl 1 Cloak or is it the same? 3. In Boss Hunt, if someone upgraded their stuff via each milestone completion, will is also affect me? e.g- If one player upgraded 'Doge Change 1%', will it also be appiled to me and the rest of the groupmates?
  4. I love the Boss Hunt feature since it is a new concept (Was getting kinda dull repeating the Ascend button before the update) But I believe it will be much more better and will compell more players to actively play it if- -Added a feature where one can make a Boss Hunt server (maybe requiring gems to make a server) and invite friends or allowing random people to join -Kick inactive people who does not participate (Fill the remaining spot with another person/people) -Make the Boss Hunt frequency more often (I barely get the Boss Hunt mode) -Make the donation feature cheaper (100 Gems... Kidding me?) -If possible, add Global chat or just a mere group chat in Boss Hunt
  5. I thought today was going to be an ordinary day like usual... You know, hunting minions, collecting chests, roaming around from place to place with my cute pet 'Dag'... But, somewhat, today was different. After Dag woke me up in the middle of the night, I don't really know how to explain but...I felt creepy and spooky. I normally see smashable barrels everytime I wake up but guess what...There was a pumpkin...Yeap, a pumpkin. I didn't feel surprised since this is a dungeon where I nonstoply roam around and kill a virtually gigantic monster with a Golden Fish that I found in the fishmen chest. So I just ignored. Little did I know, there was pumpkin everywhere which made me feel sick. If I did forgot to mention, I have a fever of colour 'Orange' I didn't want to be afraid of mere pumpkins so I thought of a poem inside my head--- Dozens of barrels, where did it go? Had no choice, but had to go Things will turn good, bad things will go And shall I will forget, now I will go Bark of my pet, I had to stop But who is the king here? I did not stop My hand did stop, but reason did not My maxim to all, is always nonstop ID: Hellel (E37C16CB)
  6. Would definitely be awesome and will compell substantial amount of people if Flaregames add ONLINE MODE. The idea about is to make random search system where you get paired with a similar stat player as you are and fight together through dungeon but obviously the minions and boss will be much stronger. I know it will be hard to apply it to the game but, damn. "Online" is the main concept of gaming.
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