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  1. If only the people that make the game would actually test the game for bugs. It's obvious that they don't. Submit a ticket they say? Well I can be the third person to confirm that this bug does indeed exist. And people wonder why I tell them to not spend money on this game and constantly berate flare games like I do. Now ya know. So they haven't had any other reports was their reply? Does that make the bug not exist? JUST PLAY THE DAMN GAME YOURSELF YOU LAZY BLANKETY BLANK DEVELOPERS. ITS ALL THERE FOR YOU TO SEE IF YOU JUST LOOK!!!!!
  2. Stop spending money on this game!!!!!! Go look at the other game forums and you will see that flaregames don't care about the people that play their games. Search my posts going back over a year and you will see that spending money on this game is a fools endeavor.
  3. Yipp


    Didn't you learn anything from nonstop knight? Don't ask them for an update because they will eff it up and ruin yet another game. Dear flare games. Please don't update this game. EVER! You guys can't be trusted with updates to your games
  4. Why spend money on this game? You get more from your money by tossing it in the ocean.
  5. Hey flare games. Remember me? I'm one of your fans from way back. You know, back before you guys got greedy and destroyed your fan base. I get it, this game is a business. The bottom line is the law. People have to get paid. Again, I get it. But take a step back from the bottom line for a bit. You guys have made changes geared towards protecting the profit margins that in the process of doing so has caused hundreds of people to uninstall the game. You made changes that you advertised as improvements that sadly were reductions In what made this game fun in the first place. So in the interest of returning this game to the fun it once was why don't you take the advice of your hardcore fans who are still here? So here goes it people. Your chance to help flare games return on stop knight to something fun again. What would it take? 1. Stop updating the game with bug riddled updates. Test before you release instead of letting the users be your beta testers. 2. Stop giving us new meaningless pets. Make pet shards worth more when we have maxed out pets. 3. Remove boss hunts. Group events that only happen weekly are not something everyone can do. And honestly, they are more trouble than they are worth. 4. Listen to your fan base here in these forums. Negativity is contagious. If nonone is posting positive comments about your updates here then you should take it to heart. Knock yourself out guys. Post more. And flare games take heed. Your fan base shrinks daily. It's up to you to fix it or the game will continue to die.
  6. No. That's it. And don't spend money on this game.
  7. People here harassed me a year ago when I said only fools spend money on this game. Haven't seen those fools post here in months.
  8. Haha, Yet another update that takes away gold and makes it even harder to grind. Seriously, what did you expect since every update does something similar. They play it up as an improvement yet make it harder to succeed unless you pay to play.
  9. Wtf is Senpai? Not a quarrel, but truth. Deal with it.
  10. You said it yourself in your first post Fred, they are losing customers due to their own incompetence. I chose to vote with my wallet by not financially supporting a game full of bugs that take months to get fixed and by refusing to watch ads that also generate income revenue to the developers. You appear to be equally frustrated by theses bugs as you, and I'm quoting you here, "don't feel like spending your money on the game anymore". So clear up my confusion Fred, are you helping the developers make a living now or not? Do whatever you want Fred, but it's still my opinion that only fools spend their money on this game.
  11. Anyone that spends money on this game is a fool. Been saying that for 6 months.
  12. It's a percentage of the value of your most valuable item. Item being weapon/cape/helmet. At least that's my understanding of it.
  13. Yipp

    13th IMGA

    Voted for Pokémon. They at least make an effort to fix their bugs.
  14. Similar situations have been reported many times. Yet again they acknowledge the issue but never correct it. And people look down on me when I sugestban ad boycott or to not spend a dime on this game. You make your own choice.
  15. Go browse the bugs section of this forum. We have been reaching out to them for many months with little results.
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