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  1. luismi1

    Windows Advertising Problem

    Looks like i solved it for now. A couple day ago I installed hide me (the another program you mention can't be found in my mobile Windows store). But even locating myself outside EU I got no boosts anyway. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled rr2. A message for accepting new privacy European law appeared ( never saw it before, but I don't usually reinstall rr2, anyway). Once done this, I installed again hide me, chosing Singapore as country, played again rr2 and now ads are working...
  2. luismi1

    Windows Advertising Problem

    i installed yesterday a vpn app por Windows mobile, hide me, i think. The free option was change the country to canada and singapore. But none of both worked. tried to boost a farm, watched video but no boost. Just after tried with another farm and the no videos avalaible appeared. And same till now, so i uninstalled the app and i remain as i was before...
  3. Happens the same to me, in Windows phone 10. Curiously, more or less at the same time the video ads didn't give me boosts nor free chest. Today, appears the message "No videos avalaible at this moment"
  4. luismi1

    Free Chest bug

    Same with Windows 10 phone.
  5. luismi1

    Message bug still not squashed

    well, this happens to me frim time to time from at least one year on Wphone. Compared with another bigger bugs i didn't care too much about it. But i'm glad to hear it doesn't only happens to me...
  6. luismi1

    Videos not working in Windows Phone

    a month without videos
  7. luismi1

    Videos not working in Windows Phone

    12 days since videos stopped working on W. Phone 10 🤔
  8. luismi1

    Videos not working in Windows Phone

    Same here, now since two days ago. W10 phone.
  9. luismi1

    Disconnections after disconnection

    same here. It happens since last hour
  10. luismi1

    Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    seems now works again on w10 phone.
  11. luismi1

    Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Same here in W10 phone. All normal a couple of hours ago, but now is like watch game on tv. Turn off phone didn't solve it, and as i read, reinstall the game does nothing...
  12. luismi1

    WP chat lagging

    It happens to me too
  13. luismi1

    Chests Free

    it happens the same to me. I use a Lumia 520 running Windows phone 8.1. my Nick is Luismi1
  14. luismi1

    No videos available on tablet since the game update

    Same problema in Windows Phone. When i try to click on a video button always says to try later. It began not before this last update; it was even a bit before, when the server update occurred. It´s really annoying.