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  1. luismi1

    solved Impossible to connect

    Same for me. Windows phone
  2. I think could be a good idea that players could see when the monthly pro ticket is available, something like the pro icon flashing, or similar. Sorry if this was asked before ☺
  3. luismi1

    Summer festival details

    Festivals never were easy, and this id not an exception...
  4. well, for many people I know the cooldown has gone. But for me has changed again like almost all the time since I play this game: The message no videos avalaible always appears. Not even using a vpn, changing my ip to Canada, for example, solves this; the No videos avalaible appears too.
  5. well, my leader said last night that cooldown was finally gone. I tried to watch video without using vpn and see it was true. For me cooldown was gone, yes, I received the message No videos available at this moment. after that, I returned to vpn again and... Same message appeared. Thought maybe I should let time pass and have waited till next morning. Result? No videos avalaible even using vpn.
  6. I strongly believe this problem depends on the country you live. Before update, there was the problem of watching video and get no ads, specifically for Windows, pc and mobile, into EU. Was suggested to use a VPN in order to locate you out of EU, and worked for me. I live in Spain and after locating myself in Canada, I received boosts after watching videos. I've been on holidays and just played rr2 using data and without VPN. Obviously I could not receive boosts. Now I'm back home, and after updating, I see the same 6h cd. I've used the VPN to locate me in Canada again, and I've made all boosts work again. So the conclusion is clear: depending on where you live, you'll have cooldown or not.
  7. luismi1

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Same here. Windows 10 phone. Nick: Luismi1. Never saw it before, and been more than two weeks without ads, so I doubt is because I watched videos massively. Just for be more specific. I rode some pals get cool down after watching one single video. I can watch three before cooldown appears.
  8. luismi1

    Counting down to the new update

    Damm, Friday no! If something goes wrong, won't be fixed till Monday ?
  9. luismi1

    not much gold around

    yep. In higher levels, 4200 and higher, it's usual find 200k gold, even 800k
  10. yes, did a serie of raids, matchmaking a lot and seems is fine. Thanks.
  11. i'm having connection problems again, time later today's server update.
  12. luismi1

    Windows Advertising Problem

    Looks like i solved it for now. A couple day ago I installed hide me (the another program you mention can't be found in my mobile Windows store). But even locating myself outside EU I got no boosts anyway. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled rr2. A message for accepting new privacy European law appeared ( never saw it before, but I don't usually reinstall rr2, anyway). Once done this, I installed again hide me, chosing Singapore as country, played again rr2 and now ads are working...
  13. luismi1

    Windows Advertising Problem

    i installed yesterday a vpn app por Windows mobile, hide me, i think. The free option was change the country to canada and singapore. But none of both worked. tried to boost a farm, watched video but no boost. Just after tried with another farm and the no videos avalaible appeared. And same till now, so i uninstalled the app and i remain as i was before...