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  1. Akshat

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    This whole idea of conquest is boring and pathetic. Personally i dont like it all.
  2. Still a *****ty pal Nemeis..
  3. Something better than nothing. But nothing good for me in these changes. Sorry disappointed!! Next will be increase offense of mortar.
  4. Akshat

    Conquest rewards

    Hats off to flare for rewards at top tier for being online 24*8.. Thank you.
  5. Akshat

    Conquest rewards

    Why hopefully? Aren't you sure about this after this big scam update 4.0
  6. Akshat

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    Do you also work in Flare? ?? I dont have time to read all posts and being a general of VL I am busy in Conquest war while doing office too.. I said my concern thats it.
  7. Akshat

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    You are new to community so you dont know. May be they dont show you right results. They have been doing same every update but this time they were quite high... Thats why they call it most ambitious update ever.
  8. Akshat

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    This stupid conquest mode need alot of changes.. 6 days remain and I am already bored with it. Getting troops, movement cooldown, supreme victory shit and lot other is pathetic. Flare seems to be on drugs while planning this game mode.
  9. Akshat

    Counting down to the new update

    Think it will be tommorow after pro league
  10. Great FAREWELL to Apoc and the leader Eve...!! Thanks for hanging in for long...!! MISS YOU apoc!!!
  11. Very stupid of flare to convert pals into gold. Why on earth a ally which have max beast will ever care about gold.
  12. Hey @Nikko I am Arsènius II, because of your developer account Flothaboss I f**ked up 15k gems and 2 pro chest.. these amount of gems are huge to me. I made a ticket but no solution given to me yet. Either you remove his scores or adjust his scores from leaderboard. And again i wasnt affected by any issue you just to adjust your developer score and give my gems what i deserved. What is taking so long in this. ? I want my 15k gems back thats it!!!
  13. Agree. But stupid flare wont change.
  14. I didnt like the new pal indicator.. they need to change its color itself so its visible like necromancer yellow is visible. I dont look to scream much while raiding.
  15. Akshat

    Summer Festival

    No short if you have money )))